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Luke Blanchard said:

Are they more fundamental than the number of bytes? I assumed more bytes for the same image = higher resolution.

The number of bytes is dictated by both the resolution and the measurements

My original CBP image is

975 x 1371 pixels   

96 x 96 dpi

bit depth 24

And my original DCM image is

1834 x 2579 pixels     

This is the width x height in pixels. (It is larger so their are more bytes) 

96 x 96 dpi     

The dots per inch is the resolution, which is the same

bit depth 24

I'm not sure how bit depth works, but both are the same

Thanks, Richard.

I just figured out why the Skrulls wanted to invade Earth. It wasn't for the mineral resources; it was for Earth's biosphere. A biosphere like ours produces all kinds of biological forms and substances not found on Skrull planets. So to Skrulls it's a store of ideas and products.

For Skrulls coconut oil might be a new antibiotic. They might have commercial applications for the reaction by which fireflies produce light. Symphonic music, a human product, might make them drunk.

So why conquer Earth, instead of just trading? Because otherwise the Kree would! The Skrulls wouldn't want the Kree to control the source of the best antibiotics and aural alcohol. ("This is great! It's my best Salieri!")

This post displaced the thread "Captain America" by Ta-Nehisi Coates from the homepage.

As for the Kree, they stationed a Sentry here (Fantastic Four #64), so apparently they consider Earth already part of their empire.

Supergirl and her mother learned about Superman when Alura searched the universe for a planet to send Supergirl to while Zor-El was working on the rocket. If Zor-El had switched his efforts to contacting him Superman might've saved the whole city. It wouldn't have been hard. All they needed was some lead. 

Q: What do you get when you run a soccer tournament and you're at Tom Lee Park on the Mississippi River for nine hours on a Sunday?

A: Sunburn.

Q: What adjective best describes a man with an anchor around his waist, standing in my yard on Friday?

A:  Kite-like.

Q: What's the difference between the picture below and my neighborhood on Friday?

A:  The witches in my neighborhood were too scared to go outside.

Glad you're OK, Doctor.

Thanks,  It sounded awful, but there was no appreciable damage in my neighborhood.  No trees (near anything) nor even big limbs down.  Only time I can remember when work and schools were all closed on account of wind.

That one time we had chili for lunch on Wednesday, we had to close school for the rest of the week on account of wind.

Ba-dum! He'll be here all week, folks. Tip your waitress.

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