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Years ago Groucho Marx gave crazy information on a form when he and his family were returning from an ocean voyage to the America. I think his name and sex were the only things he didn't gave crazy answers to.

"Eyes: All the better to see you with." "Hair: Not much." "Occupation: Smuggler." "Number of items you're bringing into the country and their monetary value: Wouldn't you like to know?" He complained customs had no sense of humor at all and he and his family ended up being strip searched.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Yes, Rachel Kennedy was a very, very special woman. It is a great privilege to have known her.

Each of us, at one time or another, has someone special walk through his life.  Someone who seems a little finer than the rest of us, but seems unaware of it, himself; someone who makes our own mundane lives brighter, better.  Most of the time such people never get the recognition or appreciation they deserve.

I know why you honoured Mrs. Kennedy here and I'm glad you did.  She was a special lady, indeed.

Speaking of the block for indicating one's sex on a form, I have a favourite story in that department.  It goes back thirty years, and the only thing you have to know is that Gordo is a small town in Alabama.

I was the commanding officer of a training facility then, and we shared building space with the Army.  An Army recruiter had her office in the Army's side of the house, and one day, I saw the recruiter walk out into the passageway, pealing with laughter.

"What's the joke?" I asked her.  "It must be a good one."

"This," she said, and handed me a piece of paper.  It was an Army enlistment application.  A young woman had walked into the recruiter's office, interested in joining the Army.

After the girl's name, address, and date-of-birth, it was the next block that was the source of the hilarity.

SEX: ____

where she had written in the blank:

"Once, in Gordo."

Tulips can kill. Link via Wikipedia.

...I just establishedc( (Again , if I ever knew it before .) that Prince Namor's old goil Betty Dean was killed off in the MU in 1974 , saving Namor.

  However , the now-wrapping Subbie story in the Slpider-Man newspaper strip has her (IIRC) long-term - non-violently so - dead , and introductory uced her granddaughter ! Who...Well ,bI won't spoil and you can read the last month...

  Incidentally , one version of Betty's background in 616 I saw had her a British- born emigrant to the U.S. - A tribute to Joan Lee ? - while another ref references that not .

The daily strip continuity does not follow the comic books' continuity.

...I knew that , and rather assumed?? all regulars here know that...I was cmmenting about the Stan-Larry-Alex-Roy-Joe strip's world .

During this political season a couple things have occured to me. It seems like the actual meaning of a couple of terms has been lost:

"Political correctness"

This used to be a term that indicated neutrality, civility or an attempt to be considerate or sensitive to the views of others. Now it seems to be used to indicate some unfair, oppresive rule of law that prevents us from being as vulgar or discriminatory as we want to be.

"Taken out of context"

This used to refer to an instance where someone's statement was removed from its surroundings in a way that changed the perceived meaning of the statement.  Now it seems to function as an excuse any time someone says something stupid and doesn't want to be held accountable for it.

From what I've seen political correctness means you're welcome to your own opinion as long as it agrees with what they tell you your opinion should be.

I believe the same writer killed off Namor's father around the same time Betty Dean was done away with, so maybe Leonard MacKensie will turn up in the comic strip too.

Knowing Stan's bad memory, it's possible he doesn't know she's supposed to be dead. It's also possible he's ignoring things in the comic books that he personally didn't agree with.

Ronald Morgan said:

From what I've seen political correctness means you're welcome to your own opinion as long as it agrees with what they tell you your opinion should be.

I'm not sure if it has to do with what your opinion is. It's more to do with what you are expressing outwardly. In other words, stop and think about whether your opinion might be offensive or intolerant of others before expressing it.

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