Video Series Based on Best-Selling Archie Comic Book Latest Forward-Thinking Move by Publisher


July 31, 2018 – Archie Comics and Spotify have teamed to adapt the publisher’s critically acclaimed and bestselling comics into a video series streaming live on the music platform. The new six episode series, live now only on Spotify, is the next part of Archie’s continued effort to expand to new audiences and story-telling mediums with its wide array of world famous characters.

“Archie has always been about trying to find new ways to get comics to fans and readers,” said Archie Comics Publisher/CEO Jon Goldwater. “And when the opportunity to work with Spotify arose, it was a perfect match. Being able to reposition these modern classics for new readers in this unique, motion comic format makes perfect sense and we can’t wait for fans to experience these beloved Archie stories in a new way.”

The series will be based on the internationally bestselling ARCHIE comic book by writer Mark Waid and artists Fiona Staples, Annie Wu, and Veronica Fish. The series debuted in 2015 and ushered in a new era for Archie and his friends, reintroducing the beloved cast with a modern twist. Each of the first six issues will be adapted into its own motion comic episode, only available on Spotify. The series, entitled “Spotlight Archie -- The New Riverdale,” will be created by Madefire, the technology enabled content company specializing in digital and motion comics.

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For Archie Comics's sake, I hope these motion comics are better than the ones Marvel used to do. They did nothing to add to what's already there.

I took a look at it. Left, and went to look again. And again. Not impressed, and I always had a fondness for Archie. It's not like it is a real departure from comics' basic structure or adds to the storytelling in some new way. I mean, you had Han Hoogerbrugge do Hotel in 2004, and that was trippy and different. I mean twenty years of escape the room games, and this is still behind that. 

I mean, this is Archie, pretty much always a property where we had more than one character with his or her own book -- and we can't see the same story from different perspectives? No exploring? No Easter eggs? 

Remember Night Trap? Loopy hysteria over nothing aside, it was an interactive movie/video game, and that was in 1992.

You do not have to have a video game, but an interactive story. The fanbase love their characters and the tiniest of details. There could be something more, but this isn't likely to spark much interest. It doesn't actually take advantage of the medium, just sees it as a souped up comic book.

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