AVENGERS. “And There Came Another Day…”

There are some interesting threads on this forum, already covering issues of Marvel’s early series – ‘re-reading’’ of the Avengers and Journey into Mystery/Thor and so on and there was quite a good issue by issue thread on the Invaders around too, until it caught up with the present.
What is more rarely discussed are the later periods when these series were in full flow and while perhaps less iconic still number among them some classics…

I therefore present to you an issue by issue critique/discussion forum for one of these mainstay Marvel titles.
Not beginning at the very debut – as others have that covered well – but (and I hope I don’t step on anyone’s creative toes here!) – I would like to pick up the Avengers title after a watershed/bookend issue provided an opportune point at which to begin …
Issue #100 featured all Avengers to that point together in one tale and everything that goes before it is pretty well easily contained by then. The next issue launches the title into its second century of publishing and its next phase of greatness…

What has gone before…?
And so there came a Day…

The formation of the team.
The Hulk leaving. Captain America’s return. The Original members giving way to Cap’s kooky Quartet.
Goliath and Wasp returning. Hercules coming and going. The creation of Ultron. The arrival of the Vision.
Yellow jacket Hawkeye as Goliath II and then back again. The Squadron Sinister/Supreme. The Kree-Skrull War and of course…the Lady Liberators!
(I’m sure you’ll have your own highlights!)

And so there came ANOTHER Day…

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Richard Mantle said:

Did they somehow collaborate really closely?

They look like everyone was the same scale and Gyrich is the same height compared to the table and so on.


Yeah, it's an iconic image. According to Byrne (on his forum) he drew his page first and then Jim Shooter had Perez copy it for the cover.

Just for fun some more versions by Sal Buscema/Brett Breeding, Fred Hembeck, Essentials retouch and a Deviant art mashup:

At first I thought that was John Belushi.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

At first I thought that was John Belushi.

I thought the same thing.

I wonder if the cover might have been better if it was one of the wrap around covers, both front and back?

I'm sure he would have been the first to leave. And probably make Gyrich hate superheroes even more as he trashed the place while leaving. There was a drawing somewhere of everyone that had ever been an Avenger that crowded the drawing. At one end of the picture the Hulk proclaimed "Bah! Hulk quit again!" Some people don't like crowds.

Did Captain Marvel still have a series at that time? Why didn't he ever join the team?
Philip Portelli said:

It's a bit of a cheat as no one thought that the Guardians, Captain Marvel, Hercules, Moondragon, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel and Quicksilver were going to stay.

And Thor, Black Panther and Jocasta were iffy at best!

Good thing that the Hulk wasn't invited!

Then again, poor Hulk!

“Vicarious self-actualization transferal.” I got a lot of mileage out of that phrase over the years.

#181 is, in fact, the first appearance of Scott Lang.

My favorite scene of this issue is the roll call. (“…and lastly—the Falcon!” “The… WHAT?!”) A few issues from now, someone will protest the removal of Hawkeye from the roster. Michelinie (or whoever was handling the letter col that month) then pointed out that Hawkeye has remained a character and had, in fact, been in every issue since.

“Was this four-part run writer David Michelinie's finest hour?”

On Avengers, perhaps, but I think he achieved his finest on Iron Man. (On which specific issues is a matter up for debate.)

On the bright side if Clint hadn't been thrown out by Gyrich he never would have gotten the job of head of security at Cross (I think that was the name) and he sort of grew with that responsibility.

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