While I was flipping channels, I saw one of those Hollywood bar fights and I was reminded of the "Beat It" music video and a joke I made at the time that if I were in a street fight, I would want Michael Jackson on the other side! In that spirit, who would you rather have on your side in a bar fight:

  • (I am deliberately using "real" names here---makes it more honest in a way!)
  • Han Solo or Indiana Jones?
  • Daniel Rand or Val Armorr?
  • Oliver Queen or Clint Barton?
  • Natasha Romanova or Kathy Kane?
  • Moose Mason or Flash Thompson?
  • Strider or Hogun the Grim?
  • Popeye or Asterix?
  • James T. Kirk or Nick Fury?
  • Hal Jordan (no ring) or Ben Grimm (no cosmic rays)
  • John Clayton or Kent Allard or Clark Savage, Jr.?

I left off Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne because, quite frankly, they have been discussed to death and I would merely follow the path that they cleared away!

Your choices or picks of your own? Any genre goes!

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  • Han Solo or Indiana Jones?    Han Solo! More experience!
  • Daniel Rand or Val Armorr?    Danny Rand! Much cooler guy and much better fighter.
  • Oliver Queen or Clint Barton?    Clint Barton! He's walked the wrong side of the law. Always a plus in these circumstances.
  • Natasha Romanova or Kathy Kane?    Natasha Romanova! One tough lady!
  • Moose Mason or Flash Thompson?    Moose Mason! Nuff said!
  • James T. Kirk or Nick Fury?    Nick Fury! You don't mess with Fury.
  • Hal Jordan (no ring) or Ben Grimm (no cosmic rays)    Ben Grimm! Easy. He grew up on the streets of New York and doesn't seem demasculated when he shows emotion the way Hal does.

Han Solo

Danny Rand

Clint Barton

Natasha...although she'd likely stab me in the back at some point.

Moose. Flash doesn't make good decisions, and I think Moose is more physically intimidating.


Popeye. Event without spinach.

Fury.  Kirk wouldn't be in the discussion.

Ben Grimm.  Hal--ring or no ring--is an idiot, and more likely to escalate the situation.  Ben would likely attempt to talk his way out.

Doc Savage.

Buffy Summers, Xena, Beatrix Kiddo, and Diana Prince.

Indiana Jones is much the more impressive fighter than Han.

Val Armorr knows many systems of martial art, including those of other planets, and has fought Superboy hand-to-hand on at least one occasion.

70s Oliver Queen was a good scrapper. I don’t know Hawkeye would do as well without his arrows.

Ben Grimm comes from a tougher background than Hal.

I'm not sufficiently familiar with Clayton's and Savage's adventures to say which has performed the most impressive feats. Savage on the theory that he’d be less likely to do something that might cause legal difficulties.

What was I thinking? Savage would kidnap our opponents and change their personalities with illegal brain surgery.I could be held as an accessory. Clayton by a country mile.


Not Allard, as I don't want gunplay.

I originally wrote that Natasha was probably a better fighter than Kathy, and Kathy would distract me when she swung from the chandelier. But the truth is I wouldn't be able to see her from my place under the table.

Han - Hes a real member of the underworld and had probably been in more fistfights than Indy

Val - A universe of training takes this one.

Clint - Another former criminal who takes this one.

Natasha - Easily

Flash - Just because I like his name better

Strider - No reason, I have no dog in this fight.

Popeye - Uh because hes a sailor?

Fury - Because Kirk can suck it.

Ben - Hes a real scrapper, and I don't even like the guy.

Clark - He won the coin flip.

  • Han Solo or Indiana Jones? I'd say Indiana Jones.
  • Daniel Rand or Val Armorr? Val Armorr. The guy who's been at it since childhood is the obvious choice over the Johnny-come-lately.
  • Oliver Queen or Clint Barton? Clint Barton. Between the two, he's the one always more desperate to prove his worthiness.
  • Natasha Romanova or Kathy Kane? The Black Widow, always.
  • Moose Mason or Flash Thompson? Hmmm ... I don't now.
  • Strider or Hogun the Grim? I don't know who Strider is, so I'll skip this one. 
  • Popeye or Asterix? Popeye, hands down.
  • James T. Kirk or Nick Fury? Nick Fury, a brawler from way back.
  • Hal Jordan (no ring) or Ben Grimm (no cosmic rays)? Ben, a brawler from even further back.
  • John Clayton or Kent Allard or Clark Savage, Jr.? Hey! That's three! I'll go with Clark Savage, Jr. for this one.

And, although this isn't part of this survey, you know Captain America beats Batman any six days of the week, and twice on Sunday ... 

Gut reactions, and without reading any other replies:

  • Han Solo or Indiana Jones? -- Indy.  He's at least as resourceful as Han, and definitely smarter.
  • Daniel Rand or Val Armorr?  Val.
  • Oliver Queen or Clint Barton?  Ollie.  When push comes to shove, more ruthless.
  • Natasha Romanova or Kathy Kane?  Tasha
  • Moose Mason or Flash Thompson?  Flash
  • Strider or Hogun the Grim?  That's a toughie, but I'll go with Hogun.
  • Popeye or Asterix?  Popeye
  • James T. Kirk or Nick Fury?  Nick.  I love me some Kirk, but I'd rather the guy at my back be a little less worried about getting his hands dirty.
  • Hal Jordan (no ring) or Ben Grimm (no cosmic rays)  Ben
  • John Clayton or Kent Allard or Clark Savage, Jr.?  There is no one more resourceful in a fight than The Shadow.

My thinking of my picks:

  • Indy over Han because Indy has more brawling experience though Han has better back-up!
  • Val Armorr has no fear, took on Superboy and will forego fancy moves for straight punches.
  • I pick Clint over Ollie because Clint would be more inclined to start a fight!
  • Obviously Natasha though I was thinking about the current Kathy.
  • Moose, though I'm no expert on Archie comics but everytime there was a bully story, Moose was absent. For a reason!
  • Hogun would bash your skull on principle but Strider would watch your back.
  • Well yeah Popeye but then in a brawl, a little Gaul goes a long way!
  • Kirk is fine but if he goes that backflip thing.....
  • No matter how Ben looks, it's always Clobberin' Time!
  • Hard not to go with Doc. No one has mentioned who Clayton is so I won't. Safe to say we all know but.....


More picks later!

And then on the 8th day, Batman shows Captain America that he's been letting him win in order to trick the Joker and the Red Skull...

ClarkKent_DC said:

And, although this isn't part of this survey, you know Captain America beats Batman any six days of the week, and twice on Sunday ... 


Danny Rand



Flash Thompson




Ben Grimm

John Clayton ( I didn't know who any of them were but I do now.)

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