There are lots of Marvel TPBs at $3-$4 at Barnes and Noble.

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Thanks, Pete!
I was just at B&N, and didn't see any. Were yours on the clearance rack, or a special display, or...?
I saw them at
Sorry, yes, at
Ah! Here we go! I thought Pete meant specifically at the store; thanks for the clarification, Rob.

(Looks like many of the good ones are already sold out...)
Wow, they still have a lot of Crossgen there.
There's IDW and Top Shelf, too (noticed several Eddie Campbell books). Might even be enough to tempt me a little.
I went and ordered a few items (Thanks, Pete!) and not only did they ship for free, they threw in a paperback titled The Glades, promoting a new TV series by the same title that debuts Sunday, July 11 on the A&E channel. The book is the script from the pilot episode plus a few production stills.

From reading it, it seems like the show is going for a Rockford Files kind of vibe. It follows a former homicide detective from the Chicago P.D. now resettled in sunny Florida where he wants to take it easy, play golf and not work that hard ... but this sleepy town is just like Jessica Fletcher's Cabot Cove, where dead bodies show up all the time. Being a former big-city cop, our hero is better equipped to think his way through the investigations, even if on the surface he seems like a smartaleck.

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