While going through Marvel's Book of the Dead--2004, I came across one of the few super-villains with the good taste to stay dead: the original Baron Zemo or Doctor Zemo as he was called. In Avengers #6, he formed the Masters of Evil which for some reason, included the Melter but I digress. Zemo's backstory was that he was an important Nazi scientist who invented an early laser aka the "death-ray". He became so hated by even the Germans that he hid his face with a funky magenta hood though never changed his name! He created a super-strong glue, Adhesive X, with no way to dissolve it. In a battle with Captain America and Bucky, he gets doused with the stuff and his hood is permanently glued to his head! Other Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe have stated that he had to get his nourishment and hydration intravenously, making him a poor dinner guest.

It was Zemo who was responsible for the bomb-plot that resulted in Cap being frozen for decades and Bucky being killed. (Since this is for the Mister Silver Age forum, Bucky is hereby declared D-E-A-D!) The Nazi With No Face flees Germany after the war and founds a small empire in South America, keeping himself fit with Compound X. When Cap is revived in Avengers #4, Zemo somehow knows it's his enemy, not one of the three men that assumed the identity! In #6, with the afore-mentioned Masters of Evil, he paralizes Manhatten with Advesive X which he has no way to reverse! Cap and Giant-Man are stuck to the pavement as the uber-glue soaks through their boots! All seems grim until the Wasp remembers the runt of Marvel's recurring villains, Paste-Pot Pete, later the Trapster, as an expert on glues and adhesives. Pete, still in jail, co-operates with the Avengers, telling them that he has an universal solvent already made that should work. And it does and Zemo even wonders if it could allow him to remove that foul-smelling hood! But he does nothing to try it and escapes to bemoan his fate!

Props for Stan Lee for using a villain from Strange Tales with no connection to the Avengers play a part in this battle between super-groups! But C'mon! Zemo had decades to try to counteract Advesive X and Paste-Pot Pete had the solution (barrels full) just lying around! It just seemed a quick way to solve a problem in the story. Almost as quickly as they killed Zemo off on the last page of #15, an ill-conceived end for the foe who dominated the first two years of the title!

There were Zemo imposters, stints in the Legion of the Unliving and his son the second Baron Zemo who as the Phoenix in Captain America #168 also ran afoul with Adhesive X in a very different way!

But Zemo started Marvel's best villain group, invented the process that created Wonder Man and the first Power Man/Smuggler/Goliath III/Atlas and keeps popping up. In the Avengers' current cartoon, they merged the two Zemos.

Two things though, even if they got the hood off, what condition would his skin be in? And how was he able to stop his beard and hair from growing long and out?

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Randy Jackson said:

Peter did make the webbing temporary deliberately, as he didn't want anyone to be stuck in it forever..  At one point when he was hard up for money, he wanted to sell his webbing.  The people he showed it to were extremely impressed until they discovered that it dissolved after an hour, at which point they sent him on his way.

And, of course, Peter wasn't diligent enough to take his invention to the next laboratory down the road, where they wanted a strong fabric that dissolved in an hour, which would have wonderful uses in construction, medicine, all kinds of places ...
As I'm sure Stan and Jack would tell you: Never let logic get in the way of a memorable character design.
ClarkKent_DC said:
And, of course, Peter wasn't diligent enough to take his invention to the next laboratory down the road, where they wanted a strong fabric that dissolved in an hour, which would have wonderful uses in construction, medicine, all kinds of places ...

Likewise, the super-fabric in The Man in the White Suit could be very beneficial, despite its decomposition problem. I imagine it would be of interest to firemen.
Commander Benson said:
But if the mask is thin enough to be porous and the adhesive did not harden, why the blazes did Zemo not just cut a slit in the blasted thing right where his mouth was?  Then he could have chowed down at the Pizza Hut buffet to his heart's content.

It was visibly only stuck to his skin in places. He should have been able to cut out whole sections. Unless he did, and the mask we know was a mask he wore over his mask, because those sections stuck to his face and scalp looked so goofy.

where they wanted a strong fabric that dissolved in an hour, which would have wonderful uses in construction, medicine, all kinds of places ...

It's hard to believe a guy like Peter couldn't have gotten richer putting his web-expertise to work creating something useful than taking photos for Jonah. Admittedly, he was probably afraid that the lab would either figure out who he was or give the webbing to a villain. But I'd think he could've gotten some help (or a blind) from his buddy Mr. Fantastic.

There no doubt were lots of places interested in any of his variations on webbing, even if they weren't useful to him. I'm reminded of the 3M scientist who had an experiment go wrong and he created an adhesive that was only slightly sticky, which wasn't what he wanted at all. But he put a little on a piece of paper and created a Post-It.

-- MSA

Occam’s razor slices through Baron Zemo’s intravenous feeding tube just as easily as an ordinary straight razor would cut a mouth slit in his hood. Here’s how it plays out on Earth-J: the hood is attached to his head, not his face (at least not all of it). There’s enough of it loose on his jaws to allow him to lift to eat and shave. Consider: when Captain America and the Black Panther encountered Zemo’s pilot disguised as the Baron, Cap immediately knew he was an imposter because the real Zemo always kept his hood “as tight as a drum.” Well, yeah, it was glued to his head (which Captain America of all people certainly knew). Why would Cap have said that unless he knew the hood at least partially loose? What Cap (obviously) meant was that, whereas the hood was glued tightly to the top of Zemo’s head (and perhaps portions of his upper face as well), he kept the lower part tucked in “as tight as a drum.”

The story of how Zemo's mask got stuck on his face but without damaging his eyes is rather absurd but about par the course for origins of that era.  It was rather silly that he never slit an opening for his mouth, but of course it just looked cooler to have that hood cover his entire face which takes precedence over sense!  His death was essentially pre-ordained from the moment it was revealed that he was responsible for Bucky's death and the fact that despite his reputed scientific genius, he was still a bargain basement version of the Red Skull.  With Herr Schmidt due to make his long delayed return to modern stories, the wretched Doctor von Zemo had no choice but to make a dramatic exit under a cloud of boulders.  And so ended the initial era of the Avengers over which Zemo presided as the arch-nemesis.

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