See Batman, Inc. #4...


I love you, Grant Morrison...oh, and your fantastic artist this time, Chris Burnham!

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...I must admit , I tend to like the sort of thing that other fans my general age tend to disparage as " more boring continuity bowing " .   Why not use it ?

  They may just come out with something else a mo-  uh , year later , anyway...

I took out Batwoman: Elegy from the library and must concur with Doc and Figs. This is great stuff and I read her origin and felt it was believable. There is that pseudo-mystical nature of her foes that gives her a fantasy-based edge but her emotions are raw. I never "got" her paleness but it does work on her. Now I am hoping her series will finally come out!

But my quibbles about her are minor. Her appropiating the Bat title rankled me a bit but it's part of her nature to creatvely "borrow" what she needs. That she is gay doesn't matter but must she meet every lesbian DC has? I half-expected Shrinking Violet and Lightning Lass to show up! Seriously, she has major relationship issues, just as bad any hetero hero. I don't think she needs a lover as much as she needs a friend.

The twist ending about High Madame Alice would be shocking except that it's based on a classic comic book cliche. Hopefully she'll expand her own villain roster and not fight the standard Bat-foes, though I wouldn't mind seeing her take on Talia.

Has she, as Batwoman, encountered Batman again? I loved the scenes in 52 where a clearly smitten Nightwing is chasing her! 

So thanks, guys, for helping me rediscover the new Batwoman!

Yay! Another follower of the Twice-Named!


A gay character is always going to be problematic, even just on the level of setting up obligatory romances, but they seem to be handling Batwoman's relationships well so far.  In any case, she is teetering on the brink of being like Batman pre-COIE, where he was so keen on busting criminal heads that he had no time for the fairer sex. 


Her very much off-again romance with the Question is one of the great romances in the DCU at the moment, even though they are apart.  The greatest romances have that passionate/tragic/impossible dimension to them anyway.  The Question: Books of Blood explores it a bit further.  (That's a good 'serious' superhero comic btw)


The pale complexion makes total sense for a creature of the night.  I like the way she just came along and appropriated Batman's schtick like that without his permission.  She is always trying to prove herself to - or just provoke - powerful men/authority figures.


After Rucka, Morrison has handled her best.  She appears in the Blackest Knight issues of Batman and Robin and shows up in the latest arc of Batman inc.  In all of them, Morrison pushes her character forward a tiny bit more.


I like how Batwoman reveals her secrets very slowly.


I'm going to reread 52 once I have finsihed all my current reading projects. So sometime in 2019!

A few things about this new issue. 


1.) The Kingdom Come Bat-robots are now in current continuity and watching over Gotham along with Kate, Babs, Jim, Alfred, Dick, and Damian.


2.) I love that Bruce is making lots of weird comments on Batman fan sites to throw off any one idea regarding what Batman Inc. is from taking hold.


3.) Hey, Cassandra Cain is still in the Bat Family!


4.) Tim is now with the Teen Titans AND leading the Outsiders...who is that big Red Hulk-looking guy on the team?


5.) I love the Ordinary Joes and the Emoti-Cons as villain teams.


6.) Batman...still the king of disguise since Sherlock retired.


7.) The Oracle face now has bat ears.


8.) Leviathan is using young as 18 do their dirty work.  They know that Batman and company won't break kid bones.


9.) Africa...was that a Tractor-dude/Spider-woman team?  Awesome...



OK...who was the group of cats...literally...that freed Jason at the end of this week's Batman and Robin?

Issue 7 hits stands today, so here are the annotations for issues 5 and 6.
This week's issue featuring Man-of-Bats and Raven, a physician father and son team taking care of crime on a reservation in South Dakota, was another fantastic issue.  I liked how Morrison put us in Raven's mindset early on...thinking that maybe his father had lost it...only to have everything cleared up in the last act.  This artist, Chris Burnham, is a great Frank Quitely-inspired artist without being a copy cat.  I'm going to really miss this series during its hiatus.
...So , now ???????????
It'll be continued in a one-shot in December, followed by a new series in 2012.
...Oh , thank you , Rob .
Sure thing. The one-shot will comprise the remaining pre-reboot issues, I think. (Steph being Spoiler instead of Batgirl, etc.)

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