"Batman on Turner Classic Movies tomorrow at 10 am, not sure what it is."

 I was going through the guide and spotted it, at first I thought it might be one of the serials but it's only set for a half hour.  According to the description Batman battles a Japanese scientist who turns people into zombies.

It's on at 10 am I've set the dvr, but anyone know what it is?  Doesn't sound like any episode of the 1966 show, it's not listed as a cartoon.

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They're in a hurry and not having time to think about what they're writing or fix errors. I believe it was filmed in about five or six weeks.

  I saw it this morning and I was disappointed that it was the serial.  Every so often TCM finds an obscure film that sounds like one thing and turns out to be another.  It was definitely low budget, rushed and no really up to the standards of a Captain Marvel or a Superman.  I wish that TCM had the rights to the Captain America serial, that I'd be curious to see.

Here's the Captain America serial at archive.org: link

By the way, now that it's aired, your thread title doesn't work.

I didn't know that title threads could be changed.

To what would you like it changed?

I haven't seen the Captain America serial, but from what I have read and heard, it's not better than the Batman serial, which I quite like, actually.

I;'d suggest that it say something like "1943 Batman serial playing on TCM Saturdays," so that anyone interested in that will pick up.

PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

To what would you like it changed?

This thread was originally titled "Batman on Turner Classic Movies tomorrow at 10 am, not sure what it is."

  Thanks for the title change.  

  I just saw parts of Batman and Robin on Discovery Family, I don't think the serial was the worst Batman ever made.

I'd say the worst was the one with Poison Ivy, but then I haven't seen the later films.

This week's Batman (Chapter 6, I think) on TCM had a fight scene I've never forgotten.

Batman and Dick (or rather Bruce and Robin*) are duking it out with several bad guys. One thug maneuvers Batman under a shelf on the wall and pulls it down on him. Okay, smart move, but Batman shrugs it off. Immediately thereafter, the hood grabs a small wooden chair and positions the object between himself and the hero, then stands there as if business it taken care of. Without having to move, Batman swings a punch to the guy's head, leaving one to wonder just what protection the guy expected from the chair.

*They tend to use each other's dual names interchangeably.

I've read the last chapter is about half flashbacks of the entire series up to that point.

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