Apparently, Brian Michael Bendis has signed with DC Comics.   So, which DC characters would you like to see him getting their "voices" wrong working on?

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Will he do to Wonder Woman or Black Canary what he did to Scarlet Witch or Tigra?

You know, I was wondering within the past few weeks whether he would ever go over to DC. I honestly think his work over at Marvel was getting stale.

While I am much more invested in books from Image, Dark Horse, Boom, etc. right now, DC has always been my "home base" for better or--in the past decade--worse (overall). I look forward to seeing what he brings to the DC table. I would imagine that I will like some of it and not like some of it, but I can't wait to see what he does.

Or will he do to Black Canary what he did to Daredevil?

Just the possibility of that has me ridiculously excited.

"So, which DC characters would you like to see him getting their "voices" wrong working on?"

One I have no interest in, I hope.

Wow, it's pretty rare that I'm so out of step with how the rest of the group feels. 

I'm looking forward to some fun discussions, guys!

I'm not as much of a Bendis fan as I used to be, primarily because -- as noted -- his Marvel work seemed to be getting stale. I'm with you, Rob -- let's see what he does before we pass judgment.

Rob and Cap, you're not alone! :)

Yep! And I’ll bet most people who are planning to hate it are going to buy his work anyway (which reinforces the decision in the only sense that matters—the business sense), and complain about it. Can’t wait to read those complaints and laugh while everyone kicks that wall repeatedly and talks about how much their foot hurts!

I'm not planning on yelling at anybody about Bendis. Screaming anger and hate is not how I roll. If people don't like what he writes, or don't even want to give it a try, that's their lookout.

I've bought enough BMB comics in the past to know I simply don't like his dialogue. I don't intend to complain about his upcoming work for DC, I simlply intend not to buy it.

The only Bendis-written books I've actually read are the Powers TPBs, but I've read a lot of positive and negative things about his writing of pre-existing Marvel characters. It kinda reminds me of when J. Michael Straczynski  began writing Spider-Man a few years back. I think these guys are much better at writing their own characters. The problem is that they aren't going to give away new characters to the Big Two, so they assign them to existing characters expecting a sales bump..

I'd be a little surprised if he doesn't wind up writing a new character in a New Age of DC Heroes title. And Bendis has also contributed quite a few new characters to the Marvel Universe, most notably Miles Morales and Jessica Jones. (Less notably and successfully, IMO: The Sentry.) But Miles and Jessica are probably two of the most successful characters introduced at the Big Two in the last 25 years. That's nothing to sneeze at.

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