Today and Tomorrow (Wednesday & Thurs), Comixology is having a big sale on its Digital comics.

If you've any interest -- I'm going to be picking up Mark Waid's BOOM output for 99 cents an issue, 75% off of the print cover price -- you might want to head on over there.


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Now there's a HUGE IDW bundle:

There are a number of things I haven't read. But getting the whole Joe Hill Locke & Key series and all of the Darwyn Cooke Parker books would have been enough.

Little Digital Comics Discount!

For the next 3 days, if you use the code CMXFBK25 at checkout, you'll get $2 off your Comixology order (of at least $5). You can probably combine this discount with the current Jodorowski sale, DC rebirth sale, Aftershock sale, or something else. (I didn't double up on a sale -- I bought the first three issue of Arion instead.)

I just tried this on the Comixology.UK site...unfortunately doesn't work for 'this site'  but thsnaks for the info - it was worth a try.

Aw, sorry to hear that!

Through the end of the month, Dark Horse is having a sale on its mysteries.There are a couple of ones that interest me -- Dead Inside, about a murder in a prison (one I'm not sure I'm going to buy as I'm writing a book with a similar premise), and Weird Detective, which is an alien masquerading as a cop, Martian Manhunter-style. 

But the one I urge YOU to get is Resident Alien: The Man With No Name. Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse continue their series about an alien trying to live incognito as a small-town doctor that solves mysteries. It's Northern Exposure meets The X-Files meets Diagnosis: Murder. It's consistently one of my absolute favorite books. And it's just a buck an issue! It's a four-part story, so it'll set you back $4.


Not only is Comixology having a sale on the early issues of DC's Rebirth line this week, but also they're running a sale on Dynamite's James Bond comics, which look awfully good. (Bond was relaunched at Dynamite with two series by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters, the collections of which are $4.99 each.)

There's another Top Shelf offer on Humble Bundle. I went all in even though I owned some of them already. I'll just borrow Top Shelf''s description:

Erin Nations' powerfully personal GumballsNate Powell's Eisner-Award-winning Swallow Me WholeJeff Lemire's heartbreaking Essex CountyJennifer Hayden's profoundly moving The Story of My TitsAlan Moore & Kevin O'Neill's jaw-dropping League of Extraordinary GentlemenRobert Venditti & Brett Weldele's bestselling The SurrogatesAlex Robinson's beloved Box Office PoisonShannon Wheeler's hilarious Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. TrumpEddie Campbell's life-changing Alec: The Years Have Pants [that's the omnibus with the entire brilliant autobiographical comic series]

I have a number of those -- that's a really great collection, there.

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