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Coincidentally, I was just reviewing the Big Finish web-site earlier today. Ever since I realized their "per order" charge was eating me alive, I've been putting together one big order per year (or so). It also saves $ to order "bundles" and, if you order in advance, your shipments may be spaced out over the course of a year or even two. I tend not to look at the website until I'm ready to order; I rely on the "Vortex" magazine, free with each shipment (or free online). I received an order yesterday and discovered there was a ton of stuff I was interested in, too much to even post about (some of it's listed above), so I figured I'd wait to post in dribs and drabs (as I've been doing) whenever it arrives. 

A month later, I just put together the order that will carry me through the next couple of years.

I've ordered stories of the 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th and War Doctors among others. 

Add Martha Jones to the list of former companions who have been awarded their own solo series.

This one is set during the year the Master held the (Tenth) Doctor captive and Martha travelled the world telling stories of the Doctor so as to keep hope alive. 

Susan, too...

This one is set after the Doctor left her behind and deals with her efforts to rebuild society.

(I did not order the Martha one, but I do have the Susan one and will get to it eventually.) 

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