So are we going to talk about the finale to Blackest Night, or what? Lighting the White Lantern of Spoiler Alerts here...

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I've decided to re-post my 'score-sheet' of the various Lantern Corps here. Let me know if I missed anything & I'll update my files.

Red Lantern Corps (Rage/Hate)
Power Source: Central Battery on Ysmalt, Sector 2814
Entity/Avatar: Unnamed
Noted Agent(s): Atrocitus, Dex-Starr, Ratchet, Skallox, Bleez, Zilius Zox, Fury-6, Vice, Haggor, Veom.
NOTE: Upon induction, the agent's blood is replaced by a napalm-like plasma, which can be spat as a weapon. As long as anger is present, the red fire burns. The blue light extinguishes the red flame. If the ring is removed, the agent dies.

Orange Lantern (Avarice/Greed)
Power Source: Battery possessed by Larfleeze on Okaara, Sector 2828
Entity/Avatar: Unnamed
Primary Agent: Larfleeze aka "Agent Orange" is the only living Orange Lantern. Others that appear are energy-constructs of those he’s slain & stolen the identity of. The orange ring cannot draw power from a blue ring. The orange ring also has an addictive side-effect that manifest as an insatiable hunger.

Sinestro Corps (Fear)
Power Source: Central Battery on Qward in the anti-matter universe aka Sector –1
Entity/Avatar: Parallax
Noted Agent(s): Thaal Sinestro, Arkillo, Low, Tekik, Maash, Tri-Eye, Murr the Melting Man, Bedovian, Slushh, Kara-Sil, Romat-Ru, Mongul II, other Sinestro Corps members
NOTE: Inducted agents undergo intense physical & psychological reconditioning to enable them to inspire fear in others. Yellow rings have same limitations & functions as the GLC rings.

Green Lantern Corps (Willpower)
Power Source: GLC Central Battery on Oa, Sector 0; Guardians (male former Maltusians)
Entity/Avatar: Ion (embodiment of Willpower)
Noted Agent(s): Green Lantern Corps.
NOTE: GL rings provide flight, force fields, energy constructs from imagination of wielder, protection from space, universal-translations of spoken languages, interstellar communications & access to the knowledge of the Book of Oa. Rings must be charged at least every 24 Earth-standard hours to maintain these functions.

Blue Lanterns (Hope)
Power Source: Central Battery on Odym, Sector 2682; Banished Oans Ganthet & Sayd
Entity/Avatar: Unnamed
Noted Agent(s): Saint Walker, Brother Warth, Sister Sercy, Brother Hymm
NOTE: Blue energy can bolster & overcharge GL rings when working in concert with the GL. Blue rings can also drain Sinestro Corps rings. The rings are fueled by the hope of all living beings. Rings only provide basic functions when not in close proximity to a GLC ring. The previously accepted Blue Lantern must enter the adjoining Sector & choose the new agent for that Sector.

Indigo Tribe (Compassion)
Power Source: Unrevealed, members use a walking-staff with a large open-mouth & crystal at the top (which acts as the ‘lantern’) along with a ring.
Entity/Avatar: Unnamed
Noted Agent(s): Indigo-1, others; members have Tribe symbol tattooed visibly on their bodies.
NOTE: Members take no active role in the War of Light, except to tend to the wounded or dying. Native language spoken by the Indigo Tribe is unknown, but members can speak English at any time. Indigo-1 has shown ability to manipulate/absorb(?) Green & Yellow energy. Combining Green energy with other ring-energies can destroy a Black Lantern ring.

Star Sapphires (Love)
Power Source: Zamarons (female former Maltusians), Central Battery on Zamaron, Sector 1416
Entity/Avatar: “Predator” (not the alien from the 20th Century Fox films)
Noted Agent(s): Queen Aga'Po, Miri Riam, Yrra Cynril, Carol Ferris, Dela Pharon, Race, Miss Bloss, “The Lost Sapphire”
NOTE: Agents' crystal in the headband/tiara can reveal the viewer's 'true love' to them. Unrevealed if the Star Sapphire Corps is strictly-female staffed.

Black Lanterns (Death)
Power Source: Anti-Monitor, trapped in Central Battery on Ryut, Sector 666; Rogue Oan 'Scar'
Entity/Avatar: Nekron (“Lord of the Unliving”, demon from Hell)
Noted Agent(s): Members are reanimated dead
NOTE: BL rings ‘wear’ the dead. Agents are apparently devoid of emotion (soul?) & can detect the 'dominant' emotion in their target. Rings download the memories of the one to be resurrected prior to reanimation. Rings provide flight & hard-energy constructs. Magic has no effect on BL rings. BL rings failed to reanimate Don Hall (Dove I). Agents retain any powers they previously had, but still suffer from decay & can be reconstituted, even from total destruction, if the ring is still active. BL ring must be destroyed for the agent to be stopped. Agents apparently cannot see/scan through thick ice.

White Lantern Corps (Life)
Power Source: all life in the DC universe
Entity/Avatar: “The Entity” (full name unrevealed)
Noted Agent(s): Thaal Sinestro (first modern host), anyone in the entire DC universe
NOTE: Thaal Sinestro, former GL, leader of the Sinestro Corps, became the first modern era person the become a host to ‘The Entity’ of Life, and thus the first White Lantern. Later it was revealed that anyone living can become a White Lantern. After the War of Light & the revival of several previously deceased heroes, a White lantern power battery landed on Earth.
OK, here's a few more questions for those who have been keeping up with the series;

1) Will other Corps clash over the same potential agent?

2) Are there any Black Lanterns straggling about? They'd make good recurring baddies, as do the Red Lanterns and Sinestro Corps.

3) Will we FINALLY get a translation of the Indigo Tribe's oath?
Horn'd One said:
3) Will we FINALLY get a translation of the Indigo Tribe's oath?

I'm betting it turns out to be a cosmic "Nok, nok" joke.
OK, I fully admit I walked into that one.

Here's another question: Scar named Black Hand as the 'entity' of Death, in the same league as Ion is for Willpower & Parallax is for Fear. Now that he's alive again, will we see a different 'entity of Death'?
Geoff Johns has stated (somewhere) that Deadman will be a primary character in Brightest Day.

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Does anyone have a spare, or can get ahold of an Indigo Tribe symbol button? Now that I've scored a full set of rings (save for the White one coming out), I need to put matching symbol buttons to it, & my FLCS has all the rememing ones I need except for the Indigo one. Please contact me by PM. I already have the Green and Black ones.
"Because shut up, that's why!" :)
Doc Beechler said:

I'm just going to print that out and file it in my longbox under "Blackest Night".
Me too. Me too.

And you can add Jade to that list as well.

Doc Beechler said:
That 4 (!) page spread...Arthur/Mera and the Hawks reunited and it feels so good scenes...Firestorm and J'onn back from the dead...excuse me, I have some sentiment in my eye...
in what I hope launches an excellent story -- the resurrection of Boston Brand. (Strangely enough, this has the effect of a "death" for most characters, which I think will be fun for writers to play with.)

I agree. I'm not a Deadman fan but I thought that was a great move. It sets up new possibilities and shows some unintended consequences. I also liked that the Anti-Monitor was brought back, for very similar reasons. Blackest Night ended up, but that doesn't mean everything was tied up with a big happy bow on top.

Resurrections I'm not sold on: Ronnie Raymond -- though if he and Jason are teamed for the new Firestorm, that has potential -- and Jade,

And those are my two favorites. Along with Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

I do wish they'd have resurrected Ralph and Sue, or at least *do something* with them as ghosts.

I think that the reason they didn't had to do with Hal's "we chose to live" speech. Ralph chose to die so that he could be with Sue.
Well I did score the Indigo Tribe symbol button today, along with the White Lantern symbol button at Midtown Comics. Cost me $2 each.

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