...read out of context of the rest of the series.

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I think you'd enjoy it but would have some questions about some things. I've read some of the issue and flipped through the whole thing though. There might be a page in the front that will fill you in on what's gone on before.


I don't think you'd be lost. I think you'll get a decent idea of what's going on. You'll just be curious why things are the way they are.

A little lost but blown away. Some mighty important stuff happens.

I think you'd be okay. I thought there was a little too much exposition/recapping for the final issue of a 24 issue series, so it might just be enough to get you by.


There's always Wikipedia....


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Here's what I did: I bought issues #23 and #24 yesterday. The only other issue of this series I have read is #0. I'll let you know what I thought of them after I've read 'em.

Here’s why I did it: I’ve been reading through/sorting my Swamp Thing box lately and was wondering how much we’ve seen of Swampy since the demise of his most recent series (V4) in 2006. I thought the cover of Brightest Day #24 would be an appropriate way to end the box, the story itself presenting a new beginning. Also, the splash page of #23 is reminiscent of the cover of the last issue of V3, and the in medias res double page spread on pages 2-3 reminded me of the beginning of Infinite Crisis. I didn’t read any of the lead-in series to that one and could follw it okay, so I figured I’d be okay with “cutting to the chase” with thise series, too.

Here’s what I thought: I thought it was pretty good, but frankly I was less confused before I actually read it; the pictures alone told me everything I wanted/needed to know. I’m sure I’m no more confused than Alec Holland himself; read from his POV, issue #24 makes no sense at all (and I’m saying that as someone who has recently re-read Swamp Thing #1 with the story still fresh in my mind). Also, I know Alec Holland has “appeared” at least once since his death, so he should have memories of that, but for writer’s fiat.

For all intents and purposes, going forward this is an all-new Swamp Thing, the same but different, reset to his very first appearance.

I did read the complete series and there is something that I think didn't make sense, perhaps someone could explain it to me.

Every resurrected character had a mission, once they fulfilled it their life was returned to them, and all of them managed to complete their mission except for Hawk, as a consequence he remains alive, but his life is not him, he will remain an avatar of war.

The thing that didn't make sense to me is his mission, until the last issue we didn't know how were things going to fall together, but once they did I don't understand why did the white lantern needed him to do what he didn't.

Captain Boomerang was supposed to attack Dove with a boomerang wich he did, Hawk was supposed to catch the weapon, wich he tried but failed to do, instead of him Boston Brand gets in the path of the weapon avoiding it to reach the girl and dying in the process, his death results in his life force passing to Alec Holland so he can became the Swamp Thing, it was neccesary that he died, and falling in love with Dove led him to sacrifice his life.

What would have happened if Hawk had been succesful when he attempted to catch the boomerang? neither he, nor Dove, nor Boston Brand would have been killed and therefore Alec Holland would have remained death, unable to be possesed by "the green" and unable to stop Nekron from destroying the world, therefore Hawk mission made no sense at all, is nice to have him around (altought I liked the female Hawk wich no longer is) but why did the white lantern bothered to making him live again?

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