According to this, a new feature film is in development without Whedon's involvement or any of the characters from the series NOT Buffy. This is a bad, bad idea, man...

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I can't see it flying. It's not just that it's no Whedon, it's no Xander, Willow, Giles, Angel...any of the supporting cast from the show. They might as well call it "Bitsy, the Vampire Destroyer."
Ahem...let me clear my throat first before replying...ahem...

This is hard. We try to be open-minded around here. Sometimes an idea is announced and we, fandom, just groan. And sometimes we are pleasantly wrong. When Star Trek was announced, I was a bit apprehensive. As it came closer, I started to be more interested. I ended up loving it.

But I can't see that happening with this. This is just a zarking bad idea. We're talking Halle Berry Catwoman bad. Worst idea ever? Nah. But it's up there.
I'm not a Buffy fan by any means but this just sounds like an odd idea. Wait at least 10 or 20 years before you decide to remake something. Buffy ended in what 2003? And Angel a few years later right? It doesn't seem like they've been off the air that long.
I don't know.

I've said on the old board that maybe Buffy is joining the big leagues Like Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan etc. She may be about to have an existence beyond her original incarnation and each generation will have their own version.

That's the most positive spin I can put on it. I love Buffy but if this turns out to be a stinker, Buffy is big enough to withstand it and we'll always have the original format shows, comics and whatnot.

Its also worth pointing out that the original producers/director took a punt on a very oddball concept at the time from a young writer and let Whedon establish a minor multi-media empire off it too. If they think they can legally make a few bucks off it after the dust has settled on Whedon's vision, perhaps they are owed that...

Big Media companies are often leary of having two versions of the same character out there if they have control over it, and the definite downside is that this might affect the ongoing production of the season 8+ comics.
The other comment worth making is that this may be another example of things 'speeding up' these days.

Just as reboots get closer and closer in comics and whatnot, this seems like a very short time for a new version of something to pop up. The dust has hardly settled on the SMG Buffy, and she's still going strong in the comics.
It looks as if this has just gotten one step closer to becoming a reality.
Jason Marconnet said:
I'm not a Buffy fan by any means but this just sounds like an odd idea. Wait at least 10 or 20 years before you decide to remake something. Buffy ended in what 2003? And Angel a few years later right? It doesn't seem like they've been off the air that long.

By the time this movie gets into your friendly neighborhood cinema, it will be about 10 years after the TV show went off the air and 20 years since the first movie was in theaters.
I still think there might be mileage in it. There certainly needs to be something out there to counter the simpering creepy oddball whimper-fest that is Twilight. Buffy might do that, so long as she's still got the kick-ass 'tude.

It would take great film-making though.
Might as well strike while the vampires are hot. Pop culture cycles faster and faster these days. It might already be too late.

I doubt it will work for them, but I'm willing to be surprised.
Mark S. Ogilvie said:
I wonder if this is how Kristy Swanson felt when the tv show was announced? I think Stan Lee was right when he said that in Hollywood no one wants to be first but everyone wants to be second. Buffy is currently on two channels on my system, Thiller and Bravo. Usually at the same time, with earlier and later seasons.

They can do this but they can't make a Wonder Woman movie?

For the answer to that question, go take a gander at the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly -- that's issue #1130, Nov. 30, the one with Jake Gyllenhaal groping Anne Hathaway on the cover -- there's a lengthy article inside that details the various failed efforts to get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground. (I'd link to it, but it doesn't appear to be online.) Plus, it has an Alex Ross picture of Diana, to boot!
One, how do I get a job that requires groping Anne Hathaway?

Two, when they announced Star Trek: The Next Generation, they moaned, laughed and said it wouldn't work.

Three, when they announced Buffy the TV series, they moaned, laughed and said it wouldn't work.

Four, the very name "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" speaks volumes to the myriad of directions a new series/movie could go.

And lastly, though I enjoy watching Angel with Spike, Harmony and other "good" vamps, I am so tired of romantic, noble, conflicted, angst driven pretty boy nosferatu that I want to see some serious staking for a change!

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