OK, so I'm doing research for my book about journalism in comics, with an April 15 deadline and zero vacation time (thanks, Gannett). It will be peer reviewed, so even if I was inclined to be sloppy, I can't be.

I'm focusing on the interregnum between superhero regimes for now. I'm pretty much ignoring funny animal, teen humor and science fiction, since those generally don't have reporters in them. So it's mostly horror (and whatever EC's SuspenStories were) that I'm looking at.

I'm plowing through all my 1950s collections looking for stories where journalists or journalism play an important role. (Such as the lead character being a reporter, even if he/she doesn't do much reporting.) I'm also interested in stories that simply end with a reporter/editor hearing the tale and saying "I can't print that!" because it happened a lot, and I'm interested in counting those times.

A lot of this horror material is in public domain or has been reprinted by PS Artbooks, Luke Blanchard has pointed me to some online sites that might have some material PS hasn't gotten around to yet. (Thanks, Luke!)

So that's where I am (and if anyone wants to suggest some reporter story out of the blue, I won't turn it down). Where I've got a problem is with EC books that haven't been reprinted by Gladstone/Dark Horse yet. I think I've got a complete Tales from the Crypt, but both Haunt of Fear and Vault of Horror are at Vol. 4, at least one volume (six issues or so) from completion. Both Crime SuspenStories and Shock SuspenStories are at Volume 3, and I don't think that's near the end. There might even be some good material in the war books, but Frontline Combat is only at Vol. 1, and Two-Fisted Tales is at Vol. 2. Of the "New Direction" books, only Valor and Aces High are out.

Fortunately, I've got the B&W reprint of Extra! around here somewhere. But all those other books would be costly and time-consuming to find in any format.

So, I'm asking the Legion: If you have any reprints that haven't been collected in EC Archives yet, can you flip through them and see if there's anything I should know about? I'm especially concerned about prose stories, since the Grand Comics Database doesn't do summaries of those.

I don't know what to do about crime comics. DH collected nine volumes of Crime Does Not Pay!, but that's only about half the run. That's really the only one I'm familiar with, so I guess I'll just go through Luke's sites and look for the words "crime" and "police" in the title.

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