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Best Writer- Scott Snyder

The writer of American Vampire and Swamp Thing held off a strong challenge by Daredevil scribe Mark Waid to win his first Cappie as Best Writer.  Snyder is the first new winner in this category since 2006, as Geoff Johns and Ed Brubaker have dominated the award for six straight years.  Runner-up Mark Waid won the inaugural award in 2003.

Most Underrated Artist- Francesco Francavilla

The new Swamp Thing is 2 for 2 so far.  Francesco Francavilla has won the 2011 Cappie for the most underrated artist.  Francavilla ends a four-year streak in which this award had been won by a female artist. 

Best Story Arc- "James Gordon Jr.," Detective Comics

Detective Comics went out on a high note as one of the last story-lines before the New 52 re-launch has won the Cappie for best story arc.  A Batman title has won this award two years running and DC has won this award all 7 years that it's been offered, though Marvel put up a strong fight this year with runner-up "Spider-Island."   

Best Limited Series- The Red Wing

This is another category that DC has dominated over the years... but no more.  IDW broke DC's eight-year streak with Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra's tale of time-spanning pilots.  IDW also had a co-runner-up in this category with The Rocketeer Adventures.

Best Ongoing Series- Daredevil

Best New Series- Daredevil

Marvel pulled off an impressive double-double this year as Daredevil won the Cappie for both Best New Series and Best Ongoing series.  Marvel last won Best Ongoing in 2007 (Captain America) and Best New Title in 2009 (Secret Warriors).

Most Underrated Title- OMAC

DC chief Dan DiDio must be doing something right.  Not only did the company revitalize their sales with the new 52, but DiDio's own title, OMAC, has won the Cappie for the most underrated title.  

Best Original Graphic Novel- New Teen Titans: Games

I guess it was worth the wait.  The long-delayed New Teen Titans graphic novel, Games, won this year's Cappie in convincing fashion, taking almost 80% of the vote.

Best Webcomic- Garfield Minus Garfield

The newspaper strip standard took on new life after a cartoonist removed the title character from the strip.  Suddenly, the strip was an amusing commentary on the lonely state of one sad man. 

Best Reprint or Archive- Sugar and Spike Archives

This category turned into a two-horse race of children's favorites, with DC's Sugar and Spike Archives narrowly beating Mickey Mouse Vol. 1: Race to Death Valley. 

Best Female Character- Barbara Gordon

DC may have lost control of a couple of other categories but they still have a strong hand on this one.  They've won the award for the seventh year in a row with their seventh different character.  This time, the winner is Barbara Gordon whether in her wheelchair as Oracle or out of it as Batgirl. 

Best Villain- James Gordon Jr.

The Gordon family has a lot to celebrate this year.  Daughter Barbara won best female character.  And son James Jr. won best villain.  Oh. 

Best New Character- Miles Morales

Brian Michael Bendis successfully revamped Ultimate Spider-Man when he killed off Peter Parker and introduced a new Spider-Man, Miles Morales.  Morales was a news channel phenomenon when he was introduced.  And apparently the fans like him too as he was named this year's Best New Character. 

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