Catch Mr. Silver Age This Fall, Maybe Winter, Hard to Say

This is just a quick reminder for both of my fans out there.

By an amazing coincidence, after a considerable hiatus this year, Mr. Silver Age returns in TWO magazines in November!

His final Ask Mr. Silver Age article, planned for CBG #1700, is scheduled to appear in A/E's salute to CBG in #122, while his look at why comic book writers hate marriage appears in Hogan's Alley #19. Both are being solicited in this month's Previews.

Ask your newsdealer to reserve your copies today!

-- MSA

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Was only going to get the one, but now I'll get both.

I don't know which it was, but they both should be good. As an added bonus, CapCom's Dave Blanchard wrote the survey of post-Code Horror Comics in HA.

-- MSA

Thanks, Mr. S.A.   As one of your two fans, I appreciate learning where I can read your final column!

I used to be one of Mr. Age's two fans, but a number of years ago I was honored at a function promoting me to the status of acolyte. It's a rare honor, but one I treasure (almost as much as I treasure the copy of Harvey's Bunny that Mr. Age gave me at the conclusion of the ceremony). Becoming an acolyte takes many years of study, service and solemn devotion to honoring every aspect of the Silver Age. I must admit, it took me longer than most to complete the acolyte program because I was asked to take a leave of absence and contemplate exactly why it was that I harbored ill will in my heart for Prince Ra-Man and refused to accept him as an authentic Silver Age hero. I still have difficulty in keeping down my lunch whenever somebody mentions the Prince, but I found redemption of sorts by reading a long run of Bob Haney's Teen Titans.

That's all true, Dave. Your indoctrination into the Prince's fan club was a hard-won effort we wouldn't want to relive. I know we're still working on your membership in the Green Glob Guild, but that's to be expected.

However, I have been hearing rumblings from the review committee about that avatar of yours. Your devotion to the SA is undoubted, but there are concerns that you may inadvertently be contributing to that lunch-keeping-down phenomenon.

-- MSA

I, too, am looking forward to the special Alter Ego issue and hope that it eventually will become the new home to Ask Mr. Silver Age. Perhaps a surge in orders for this issue followed up with emails to Mr. Roy Thomas might bring this about.

As for Prince Ra-Man, here he is and you're welcome.


You all might want to step back a few paces... there's a PBJ sandwich doing a reverse in my stomach at the moment...

Prince Ra-Man as in ramin noddles?  Never heard of him!

(Sorry Dave. You may not want lunch anytime soon.)

Don't say that, Kirk. It may prompt me to post my well-loved column on the Prince and start a long discussion of him. It's been known to happen.

-- MSA

I thought I'd let people know that AE #122 is now shipping, as some people, including contributors, have received their copy. It's supposed to be on newsstands Dec. 11, so keep an eye out. I haven't gotten it yet, but there's a preview online where you can see pages, including the first pages of a number of the CBG columnist's contributions, including mine.

So if  you didn't order it already, check it out here: and then order it!

And then don't forget to write to Roy and tell him you want to see more MSA! I don't know that it will make a difference, but it can't hurt.

-- MSA

I can't believe they actually put out this book!  What bizarre covers!

I've not read a Prince Ra-Man story, but from what I've seen of him I'd say he might be more fondly remembered today if he'd had a different name, appearance and characterisation and different powers, supporting characters and opponents. A different origin might've helped too.


Congratulations and best of luck Mr SA, Dave.

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