"'Cause they taped it on only one day..." - NBC's The Sound of Music

...The NBC-TV remake of Rogers & Hammerstein's THE SOUND OF MUSIC as a " live play " production's airing is about one month in the past now , and I meant to post about it here before that ! But I didn't...

  With 18 million viewers IIRC , it certainly qualified as " a hit " . NBC even repeated it a week-and-a-halfish later .

  I saw it both times:-) .

  It was meant to be a " TV play/live production " in the mode of the PLAYHOUSE 90/BELL TELEPHONE HOURs of yore , NBC claiming " For the first time in fifty years..." . I , myself , on the West Coast of the continguous 48 states of the USA (California) saw it as an immediate taped repeat , anyway , being 3 time zones to the west of the Eastern Time Zone , where it would have indeed shown live ~ along with the Central Time Zone .

  The Mountain Time Zone , especially for such a " holiday special " as this , I am not so sure about . Anyone ?????

  Has it shown outside of the U.S,. yet ~ I know we have Australian and Canadian residents here , others ???

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...NBC is doing a - live version - redo of HAIRSPRAY , with original co-star and book author Harvey Firstein (him of incredibly horrible singing voice , I'm afraid) - in just a couple of days !!!!!!!!!!!

It's on Wednesday December 7.

...No-one saw it ? I didn't :-()

I saw the very beginning of it, but I didn't watch past the first five minutes. 

It wasn't too long ago that we saw the 2007 movie and also a stage version, so we're not in a big rush to watch it. I'm sure it will be available in some form. I understand it was pretty good.

I taped Hairspray Live! because I wasn't home when it was on. Plus, I wanted to get The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake off my plate first. Although Vulture says the numbers were a little disappointing.

I finally (finally!) got around to watching Hairspray Live! It was fun, and compared well with the two previous movie versions, the original non-musical and the musical. This version stuck with the ending of the original non-musical version, as to who won the big contest at the end. 

Did anybody else watch it?

No, only part of it, but I did record it, and may watch it yet.(Rather strange use for a "live" production, but indicative of our attempts to keep up with the technology!) What I did see was suitably outrageous.

I do note that the original movie emphasized the beauty contest, whereas the musical brought back the weightier civil rights aspect.

ClarkKent_DC said:


Did anybody else watch it?

I heard Tim Curry took over the part of the expert and was wondering how he did. The expert is supposed to get on his table to do the Time Warp and last I heard Curry was in a wheelchair.

...ABC runs a filmed remake of DIRTY DANCING tonight . I have never seen the original , incidentally . There was a stage remake of it , it played here though 8 did not see it .
...It did not play Broadway , either , and according to what I've read about it , used the actual recordings , both of the oldies heard in the movie and the new songs , instead of having them sing live , for part of the musical​ .
However , the stage version had at least some songs sing live - Only by secondary characters , however , the boy/girl characters created by Grey and Swayse did not sing in the theater version . Well , it still counts .

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