"'Cause they taped it on only one day..." - NBC's The Sound of Music

...The NBC-TV remake of Rogers & Hammerstein's THE SOUND OF MUSIC as a " live play " production's airing is about one month in the past now , and I meant to post about it here before that ! But I didn't...

  With 18 million viewers IIRC , it certainly qualified as " a hit " . NBC even repeated it a week-and-a-halfish later .

  I saw it both times:-) .

  It was meant to be a " TV play/live production " in the mode of the PLAYHOUSE 90/BELL TELEPHONE HOURs of yore , NBC claiming " For the first time in fifty years..." . I , myself , on the West Coast of the continguous 48 states of the USA (California) saw it as an immediate taped repeat , anyway , being 3 time zones to the west of the Eastern Time Zone , where it would have indeed shown live ~ along with the Central Time Zone .

  The Mountain Time Zone , especially for such a " holiday special " as this , I am not so sure about . Anyone ?????

  Has it shown outside of the U.S,. yet ~ I know we have Australian and Canadian residents here , others ???

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Armstrong Tile sponsored TV remakes of this one and also Carousel, Kismet and Kiss Me Kate. You could get the soundtrack LPs for a dollar at their stores, and can still find used copies of these  in thrift stores.

They never had video releases, which is too bad.

Luke Blanchard said:

A TV version of Brigadoon appeared in 1966. Robert Goulet played Tommy and Sally Ann Howes played Fiona. Peter Falk played Jeff.

The part that's unsaid so far is that the networks like to bring in the 18 to 49 demographic in prime time in order to justify the higher cost charged for the advertisement. Ideally, they need a musical that will appeal to all ages. It has to be tough to find one.

Sure. And so far, NBC has found that the really old chestnuts like Peter Pan don't cut it. That's why they put on The Wiz Live!, which was a big hit, and did Hairspray Live! and Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert and are planning to do Hair.

...There was a TV Damn Yankees in the 60s.

  Would.Cole Porter"the s ANYTHING GOES be too much of another time?

  BTW, I recall a previous wave of TV musical remakes in more modern times - In the 90s, I remember the same producer/s?? for all of this series doing TV-movie - not live - remakes of Bye Bye Birdie (with Vanessa Williams), The Music Man, others. I mean the same producer did all of these.

A TV version of Annie appeared in 1999. Wikipedia lists four producers. The net tells me it had multiple producers. The late Craig Zadan might be the one you have in mind.

Damn Yankees was done on NBC, 1966 I think, when the real Yankees were terrible, so it had to run on nostalgia. The stars were Lee Remick and Phil Silvers, with Joe Garagiola introducing it. I remember that it was a curious production. Much of the scenery was flat cutouts, much as in a stage production. Yet some action scenes were animated. Very messy.

One of the networks did the Broadway show It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman sometime in the 1970s, They shouldn't have bothered. I suspect that a good version could be made out of this if they spent some $ on it. (I got the punctuation correct in that title. Honest, that's how it was.)

...Some months ago, RIVERDALE ran a musical episode ~ revolving around the gang putting on a production of an already-existing musical...the musical based on Stephen King's CARRIE, to be precise...which was " a Notorious/Fabulous Flop Of Broadway " in the 80s - and had a revision produced this millenium that, though not a hit, I guess rescued its reputation.  I presume the Archie gang would have done the 2000s version.

  I only found out about this later...when I found an LP version of a soundtrack LP of the episode on sale at Urban Outfitters, with bonus track and colored vinyl!!!!! I bought it, but haven't been able to play it yet. I presume that there would be a shorter digital download and CD version of the soundtrack LP, as well. Did  anyone here see ~ or hear ~ it?

I found the bits of the Carrie musical interesting, but it was very fragmentary within the Riverdale episode.

Fox announces the cast for the live TV musical of Rent, which includes Vanessa Hudgens from Grease! Live and Powerless.

From Vulture:  "Brandon Victor Dixon, Vanessa Hudgens to Go Ouuuuut Tonight With Live Rent Musical"

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