"'Cause they taped it on only one day..." - NBC's The Sound of Music

...The NBC-TV remake of Rogers & Hammerstein's THE SOUND OF MUSIC as a " live play " production's airing is about one month in the past now , and I meant to post about it here before that ! But I didn't...

  With 18 million viewers IIRC , it certainly qualified as " a hit " . NBC even repeated it a week-and-a-halfish later .

  I saw it both times:-) .

  It was meant to be a " TV play/live production " in the mode of the PLAYHOUSE 90/BELL TELEPHONE HOURs of yore , NBC claiming " For the first time in fifty years..." . I , myself , on the West Coast of the continguous 48 states of the USA (California) saw it as an immediate taped repeat , anyway , being 3 time zones to the west of the Eastern Time Zone , where it would have indeed shown live ~ along with the Central Time Zone .

  The Mountain Time Zone , especially for such a " holiday special " as this , I am not so sure about . Anyone ?????

  Has it shown outside of the U.S,. yet ~ I know we have Australian and Canadian residents here , others ???

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...Luke , did " And Then There Were None..." go under , in any of its versions , its now-taboo original non-North American title , (to expurgate) " Ten Little N*gg*rs " ? Or the " *nd**ns..." title as well ~ ??? At least one of the legit film versions even went out under that title outside of America  ! As well as , translated into Russian , a Soviet Union-era film Russian version (I think the SU , when it used Western work , at best paid in Russian material that couldn't be removed from the USSR - Lots of caviar and sheep) .

  Apparently Lifetime here in the US is doing a new , mini-series , adaptation of " And Then Were..." .

  Presumably it will (not  precisely spoiling but) soften the ending/solution , as Christie's own stage adaptation , reflecting what she felt was needed for World War II Britain , did , and thus so did (I guess - I've never seen them) the film versions .

  That's an interesting thought , about how theater , for better or worse , was once (musicals perhaps aside) far more of a popular form than it is now) .

Luke Blanchard said:

There was an active popular theatre into at least the middle of last century, and I've not found it very easy to find out about. (My interest is in quality popular theatre, as opposed to art theatre. I want to read the mystery plays!) Interesting films based on plays that leap to mind include two of Hitchcock's, Rope and Dial ‘M’ for Murder (note that Hitchcock filmed these like plays); two of Capra's, You Can’t Take it With You and Arsenic and Old Lace; And Then There Were None(1) and Witness for the Prosecution, both based on plays by Agatha Christie; and The Odd Couple, Wait Until Dark, The Anniversary, Sleuth, and Deathtrap. His Girl Friday is a version of The Front Page(2) and Thunder on the Hill of Bonaventure(3). Gene Wilder starred in a really good version of Rhinoceros.

Irma la Douce is a rare case of a film version of a stage musical that dropped all the songs. The 1931 version of Dracula was based on a stage version, in which Lugosi had starred. And how could I neglect to mention Devil Girl from Mars?

(1) The René Clair version is in the public domain.

(2) With Hildy Johnson's gender switched. 

(3) I only mention this one because I saw an amateur production of Bonaventure once.

-Wikipedia has a page on the play as well as the book. Apparently in the US the book has always been And Then There Were None, but the play first appeared as Ten Little Indians in the US, having earlier appeared under the unmentionable title in Britain.

There are quite a number of movie and TV versions (including, the IMDB tells me, an uncredited Indian version in the 60s). Wikipedia has a page on a Soviet version which used the unmentionable title (in Russian) from 1987, a decade after Christie's death.

Further examples of filmed plays I could've mentioned include Abe Lincoln in Illinois, The Philadelphia Story, A Man for All Seasons, The Lion in Winter (Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close did a TV version of this), Agnes of God, Other People's MoneySix Degrees of Separation. Several of Richard Burton's films were filmed plays.

The original film included a song, Ten Little Indians. (Topper was one of the ten. Just as he figured out who the killer was some kind of statue or something was dropped on his head.) I think it appeared in the book but it's been over twenty years since I read it. "One little Indian left all alone, he went and hanged himself and then there were none."

Back in the last 60s Disney released a similar song on one of their records. "Once upon a time there were ten little cannibals swinging on a vine. One tried to pat a big wild cat, and then there were nine." Cliff Edwards made comments about how stupid they were to do that sort of thing. "Then there was only one, and he ate himself all up." Jiminy Cricket: "What a silly thing to do!"

Christie used a traditional rhyme.

The Miracle Worker was another filmed play. Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke played the roles on stage before doing the film.

...Luke , are you saying that the The Miracle Worker movie was (1) literally some kind of " filmed performance of the play " or (2) a regular movie version that followed the custom of some " opening up " but tends to come off , to our modern eyes , as somewhat stagy ?

  For a decades-ago example I suppose of the 2 I'm remembering , from the same timeframe , the movie of INHERIT THE WIND .

  I do assume that most , if not all , posters here remember this " one little , two little , three little Indians...Ten little Indian boys " that , while I do not recall it having any greater offensive language beyond that , is presumably effectively banned to-day . I recall Christie's novel quoting ~ The same song , with different ethnic terms ? Two different songs ? ~ " Ten Little ......." songs that went into more lyrical depth than the American one I remember with " Indians " and were presumably more Commonwealth in usage , I never heard of them before I read Christie's novel .

  I may have once found some vintage British kiddie 78 recording of the " N______ " song up on YT .

  I'll also point out that , when I was a lil' kiddie , " Little Black Sambo " was ~ just MARGINALLY ! ~ still around .

  I sort of come from a transitional sub-generation:-)...........

  BTW , to continue - belatedly - this line's tradition of osting early notifications of these projects when they're first announced , ABC?? has announced a non-live , conventionally taped I suppose , production of DIRTY DANCING's stage musical version .

About all I remember about "One Little, Two Little" is they all jumped into a boat and the boat tipped over in the second verse.

A Goofy like guy sings the first verse in an old Porky Pig cartoon about Native Americans invading a fort. I remember the last time it aired the song had been cut out. I'm surprised it wasn't completely taken off the air sooner since there was so much killing in it. The Goofy guy marks on the wall how many he shoots (off camera) as he sings it. At the end an Indian hits him in the head with his tomahawk while singing the last line then makes a mark for his side. Oddly he sounds like Rochester.

There are several videos of that song on youtube. Didn't know there was a song about Little Black Sambo.

...Luke , are you saying that the The Miracle Worker movie was (1) literally some kind of " filmed performance of the play " or (2) a regular movie version that followed the custom of some " opening up " but tends to come off , to our modern eyes , as somewhat stagy ?

It's a long time since I saw the movie, and I missed part of it. It's "opened up", but the film's makers may not have changed it essentially. I've not seen the play.

NBC gets big-name talent for Hairspray:

From USA TODAY: "Jennifer Hudson, Harvey Fierstein join NBC's 'Hairspray Live!'"

...I don't mean that there was a L. B. Sambo , just that the book was still ~ marginally ~ to be found .

  There have always been film versions of plays , whether standard/full-fledged theatrical releases or  (for instance , HBO , shows) that were filmed " filmed performances " ,as far back at last as the Eddie Cantor movie WHOOPIE ! (which involved blackface) just as there were ~ the majority of film versions of plays , certainly in earlier years ~ film versions of plays that were meant as more standard movies ,~ AFFM , A Full-Fledged Movie , even if some of them may have come off as a touch slow-paced/stagy  by today's idea of film pacing and/or sets , or might've had an occasional acknowledgement of their stage origins (Which may have been partly that earlier audiences didn't demand surface realism quite to the extent that we do , and were more used to stage customs) - I may be wrong , but in my memory of the (last sequence lost) part-lost early sound musical GOOD NEWS (With future Blondie Penny Singleton !!!) at least one big production number , after it starts , expands from supposedly being in a college classroom to pretty clearly being on a stage/sound stage .

  In the 60s , I am aware of a Richard Burton filmed stage performance movie of HAMLET that was shown for one one night only?? in theaters , was supposed to have its tapes (It may have been on videotape , not film , a greater distinctionthen .) destroyed , but was found years later .

  Conversely , Burton in the 60s also starred in the movie ofthe play WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLFF , which was AFFM all the way .

Burton's Hamlet was recorded (1964 I think)  in "Electronovision," a process involving multiple cameras, video tape and kinescope. (It was used for the Classic 39 Honeymooners episodes!) The black-and-white result was eventually released on DVD. It doesn't look too good.

...I won't be able to see it , but the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW remake that airs from Las Vegas too-morr- Oooper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's Hillary-Trump III ! I sowwy~:-)

  Um , the RHPS re-vamp that airs on Fox to-nite belongs here , as RHPS was a - Successful in London , in New York not so , IIRC - stage show before the movie , thus the " Rocky Horror PICTURE Show " in the title .

  It's not a live show , I guess , no .

  ABC annouced , FTM , plans for a taped TV production of the stage musicalization of DIRTY DANCING , too a while back , I guess it never got posted here , by me nor nobody:-( . Boo hoo .

Haven't watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show yet. It wasn't live, so I wasn't compelled to see it right away.

Plus, I don't have the ... affection ... that some have for the movie. When I saw it, many moons ago, it was at a midnight show where there was no crowd; a half-dozen people present, at most. So I got to watch the movie not as an audience-participation spectacle, but as a movie -- and as a movie, it's pretty lousy.

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