OK, so having read #0, I see several plot threads:

1)Jennifer is in court, defending the Jester.  I wonder what the legal complications would be of a lawyer acting as an amateur law enforcer.

2)Rhodey is keeping the peace in Latveria. I don't know why they don't just hand control of Latveria over to Victor in perpetuity. He always ends up in charge there eventually, anyhow.

3)Later, the President offers Rhodey SecDef, as a stepping stone to the Presidency, since if a super-hero is going to be President someday, he doesn't want it to be Tony.  Surely Stark has so many skeletons in the closet that if he ran for anything, they'd need to summon the Ghost of Ray Harryhausen to animate them when they all came dancing out?

4)At Ohio State University, a girl and a boy who had just worked up the nerve to ask her out are Terrigen-cocooned.  Do they really just let the Terrigen float around, mutating whom it will?  Surely, one of the MU's many science geniuses could knock up a giant fan to blow it away from populated areas?

5)Leonard Samson visits Carol Danvers, to make sure she hasn't gone nuts.  She is concerned about the menace that they will not be able to stop.

6)Maria Hill informs Jennifer that the Jester - who was convicted- has been killed in prison. Jennifer is outraged, but Maria is all like "He would have recidivated anyway, they always do."  Was Maria always an @$$hole, or did she become one at some point?

7)Back at OSU the kids hatch out of their cocoons. (They just leave these cocoons lying around? they don't collect them and take them somewhere, or at least cordon them off?)  The boy looks normal-ish, but the girl looks demonic and flies away, yowling.  There is some kind of an episode - it's unclear what - and the boy (and the reader) is left wondering what the Hell happened.  He is alone in a devastated city - presumably Columbus, since that's where OSU is in the "real" world.

I'll tell you my main concern - years ago, I was just starting to really get into the Avengers book, and the first Civil War came along and blew it all up, souring me on Marvel for years. I sure hope that's not about to happen all over again.

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  So they are all going to have a big superhero battle, destroy a lot of real estate over a bank teller who may or may not have done anything?

No, no, it's over a great moral principle, because that's how adults settle moral arguments, apparently.

More seriously, I suppose if one set of super-heroes is holding someone captive that another set of super-heroes thinks is innocent, I suppose that super-heroes, being the way they are, are going to resort to violence, rather than, I don't know, exhaust all other legal options first.

Of course, it would be an interesting twist if the banker lady turns out to be guilty after all.

  But if she is an hydra agent wouldn't it be smarter to investigate her, keep her under surveillance, maybe find out what a hydra agent is doing in a bank?  If she's helping them to launder money wouldn't that be a way to find out more about how hydra operates financially?  Put an under cover agent next to her, watch her, wait for evidence, maybe find out that she's not working alone... 

In the story, they say she's part of a plot to bring down the financial system and wreck the economy.

Well her accomplices have fair warning and time to run now.

I could see some interesting stories coming out of this development, if they choose to tell them. first and foremost will what happens when Jennifer catches up with Clint. they used to be buddies at one point, as I recall.

There will also be the issue of how Bruce's other friends and supporting cast react to this occurrence. Heck, even his enemies, for that matter.

How being known as "the man who killed the Hulk and got away with it" will affect Clint, could be an interesting storyline, too.  How will it affect Kate Bishop, for that matter?

I think Clint owes Bobbie a big apology about the whole "Avengers don't kill" thing.

Spider-Man #6: I have a confession to make. I don't like Ganke. I just don't like him at all. He's the annoying kid who hangs out with someone who is cooler than him at all times, and therefor never becomes his own person; he is nothing without Miles. That being said, I have to say that I cannot blame Miles for being angry at Ganke for telling someone else (Goldballs) that he is Spider-Man. Anyway, that's only a subplot of this packed issue. There is an apparent stalker listening in on Miles from across the street. This turns out to be a private investigator hired by Miles's grandma because he got a C in a class. I'm annoyed by not only the P.I., but also the grandma. I'm pretty much annoyed with everyone who is obsessed with Miles. The cool parts of this issue? Miles is confronted by Iron Man who asks him to take a side in the Civil War II. I feel for Miles, who just wants to be his own person and wants everyone else to just leave him alone and concentrate on their own lives.

Deadpool #16: Deadpool breaks in to the Triskelion to kill Ulysses, the future-seer who is at the center of the whole Civil War II thing. Before he can do so, though, he is confronted by Black Panther, who gives him quite a fight. This was very entertainingly written, as usual. Gerry Duggan is a great writer, and Mike Hawthorne is a masterful artist. I have come to love and appreciate his work more and more recently. Great issue.

My opinion is that Carol is still in the wrong (after having read issue 4), and I feel bad for Tony. Tony is truly trying to avoid making the mistakes he did during the first CW, and is doing his best to take all precautions against it.

I liked how they showed the way the social media-obsessed public doesn't hold back from weighing in on the Hawkeye verdict.

Brian Michael Bendis, by the way, is absolutely in love with his own dialog, but this is nothing new.

Journalism isn't what it used to be. It's not even what we thought it used to be.

  As I recall the press was written horribly in cw1, this time around I don't think they have a Front Line equivalent.

Captain Comics said:

Journalism isn't what it used to be. It's not even what we thought it used to be.

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