Oh, guys, I'm so sorry.

I was answering questions on my tablet tonight instead of my laptop, and as I thought I was posting the answers, I hit something that said I wanted to delete the whole thread. And since it was waiting on me to post, and I wasn't used to doing this on the tablet, I clicked OK. And then it stalled, I realized what I'd done, and hit Cancel! Cancel! as often as I could...but it was too late. The thread was gone -- not just the post, but the entire thread -- and I don't see any way of bringing it back. I'm going to email Ning's support team to see if there's any way of retrieving it, but I think it's gone. 

In the meantime, all I can do is apologize profusely. Using my laptop, before I do any more damage. I'm so sorry, guys. Believe me when I say I'm mortified.

I'll recap the questions I've been asked down below, so we can proceed, but hopefully I'll get word from Ning on whether anything can be done in the next day or so. 


OK, since Luke had the foresight to keep a copy of the rules handy, I can reproduce them here...in bold!

I thought this game might work. The player holding the chair selects a character. The challenge for the other players is to guess who the character is. They get twenty questions.


All questions have to have to be framed so as to allow the answer "Yes" or "No". The chair can give extra information if he or she chooses, and frame an appropriate response if neither answer fits.


Players may only ask a fifth consecutive question if four hours have passed since their last one. (Since the guess, not the answer.) The first player to guess the answer takes the chair.


Only characters that have made at least two appearances are eligible. So Franklin Storm is, but not Tomazooma. Only characters that first appeared in US comic books are eligible. So not Captain Britain, Dick Tracy, Tarzan, Thor.


(revisions made to rules)

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I took my clue from a line of Churchill's: "It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma."

This post displaced the thread DC's Omnibus line - Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age collections from the homepage.

I was thinking that might be the case.

Was he created or co-created by Steve Ditko?

11) Was he created or co-created by Steve Ditko?


Has the character been written by Roy Thomas?

12) Has the character been written by Roy Thomas?

I don't think so.

Did the character headline his own title pre-Crisis?

13) Did the character headline his own title pre-Crisis?


Did he ever team with Batman in The Brave & the Bold?

14) Did he ever team with Batman in The Brave & the Bold?


Oh, jeez... it's the Unknown Soldier, isn't it? A riddle, wrapped!


The Unknown Soldier debuted in Star Spangled War Stories #151 in 1970. This was several months before the start of Kirby's Jimmy Olsen run.

Arguably, he's not really all that mysterious. His origin was told in Star Spangled War Stories #154. His face, as it appears beneath his bandages, was revealed in Star Spangled War Stories #183, and can be seen on the cover (and subsequent covers).

DC had previously used the name in the title of a Sgt. Rock story, "I Knew the Unknown Soldier!" from Our Army at War #168. The tale's title character is a mysterious GI who assists Easy and Rock. Only Rock sees him, and he might be supernatural.

Star Spangled War Stories #157 reprinted this story with an intro and final panel firmly identifying this character with the Unknown Soldier. This, however, was a retcon.

The comic was retitled Unknown Soldier with #205 in 1977. The title ended in 1982.

After Crisis the feature returned in 1988-89 mini, The Unknown Soldier. Wikipedia says the mini's version of the character was "literally immortal". I counted that as a superpower.

The New 52 version of the character joined the Suicide Squad.

DC Wikia says this version of the character appeared very recently in Damage #8.

I was so hung up on enigma that I kept thinking the person had some relation to the Riddler!

Hmmm... this next character uses flash photography.

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