Monsters Unleashed #1 - We get Kid Kaiju's new set up--he's been reloacated by SHIELD, Elsa Bloodstone is his bodyguard. HERBIE has been sent to help educate him, and his group of "monsters" are itching for action--which comes. Story by Cullen Bunn, art by David Baldeon

Part of me thinks this is too cute for it's own good, and part of me wants to just mark out and enjoy the ride for a comic that's unlikely to last 12 issues. Kei is likable, but nobody else around him seems to be with the possible exception of Elsa Bloodstone. The monsters are a tad too glib, and the surprise team of super-villains behind the scenes has some potential, but ultimately I think I'm jumping off of this carousel.

Nick Fury #1 - Fury infiltrates a Hydra casino to acquire intel and is then pursued as he escapes by Hydra agent Noble. Story by James Robinson, art by Aco.

I may be in the minority, but I miss Nick Fury--the cigar chomping, World War Two veteran who simply kicked ass and took names and looked not the slightest bit out of place running around with men wearing iron suits and wielding magical hammers. For what this is, it isn't bad, but it's not that great eiter, adn I didn't particularly like the art or the coloring choices. At the end of the comic, Nick Jr.  is a cipher and by the end of this comic he's still pretty much a cipher. Maybe that will change, maybe not, but I doubt this comic will sell well enough for that development to happen here.

Secret Empire #0 - Hydra, led by Steve Rogers, uses a number of distractions to take over the world. Story by Nick Spencer, art by Danial Acuna.

If this is your thing, you might enjoy it. I'll be ignoring it myself. Also, for some reason, Sharon Carter is drawn to look around 70 in this story,

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If they're aging Sharon Carter based upon when she first appeared, why isn't Peter Parker the same age?

I think I can help.

When Captain America went off to Dimension Z (Arnim Zola-ville) he supposedly spent 10 years plus there and Sharon was with him to begin with and seemingly dies but didn't, so spent 10 years there.

Those ten years only lasted a few days for the rest of Marvel.

Cap returned as old-Man Steve before Kobik rejuvenated him....No one rejuvenated Sharon who's now kind of older than he is, if you see what I mean.

That (I think) explains here 'elder-statesman' look currently.

(Can anyone help me with what happened to son-from-dimension-Z who grew to adult and was becoming the new Nomad? He seems to have been completely ignored since Hydra-Cap started.)

What Richard said , re: new Nomad !!!!!!!!!

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