Rocket #1 - Rocket Raccoon teams up with the Technet to pull a heist. Story by Al Ewing, art by Adam Gorham.

As with other times I've encountered members of he Guardians outside of the movies, I find the characters to be less than enthralling. It's a cute storytelling device as the comic is given sort of a crime novel feel, but at the end it's just not interesting enough. There is some nice weirdness, and I do enjoy seeing the Technet again, but ultimately it just fell flat for me.

Secret Warriors #1 - The Secret Warriors--Daisy Johnson, Inferno, Ms. Marvel,Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur--break Karnak out of a Hydra prison camp. Story by Matthew Rosenberg, art by Javier Garron.

Meh. Secret Empire tie-in. It's professionally executed. Not terribly interesting to me, however.

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Who's Inferno? A new Inhuman?

When Guardians were re-configured to be a modern (and not 31st century) team with a hodge-podge of space characters, I thought it was cute, but not riveting. Rocket Raccoon is now and has always been a one-joke character long past his sell-by date. I saw them as supporting characters like the Starjammers.

I still feel that way. What's astonishing is that Marvel Films has made them such an entertaining franchise on film.

Except they can't duplicate the movie personas because the comic versions have far more extensive back stories.

At one point, ALL the Guardians had ongoing books including Groot and will in the future including Groot. That, my friends, is overkill.

Yup. The entire team is composed of new Inhumans. He can generate heat.

Captain Comics said:

Who's Inferno? A new Inhuman?

Not like Marvel doesn't have THREE Human Torches already!

And one is also an Inhuman!

Randy Jackson said:

Yup. The entire team is composed of new Inhumans. He can generate heat.

Captain Comics said:

Who's Inferno? A new Inhuman?

Who's the third? Toro? Is he alive again?

Yup! And he's not a mutant but an Inhuman.

Captain Comics said:

Who's the third? Toro? Is he alive again?

I didn't even catch that they were all Inhumans! But I did enjoy Secret Warriors.

Sadly, they could just as easily be mutants. What a cluster the Inhumans push was.

I think that the deal with Fox was that any mutant Marvel created would fall under their control, movie-wise. Therefore they went to their other "don't-need-a-complex-origin" characters, the Inhumans. In fact, I was afraid that the whole "IVX" thing was a ploy to reclassify all mutants as Inhumans.

btw, what makes you a proper Inhuman? Is it getting exposed to the Terrigen Mists only? Or do you have to be born in Attilan? They always treated the term "Inhuman" as a nationality. Is it now an ethnicity? Do we now have Homo Sapiens, Homo Superior AND Homo Inhumanus

I didn’t buy Rocket, but I did read GotG: Mother Entropy #1-2. It’s funny: I just happened to notice the cover of issue #2 with credits by Starlin and Davis. I read some “new” GotG (the movie line-up, I mean), but I’ll read anything written and drawn by Jim Starlin or drawn by Alan Davis. What’s funny is issue #1 of GotG:MEshipped last week, the same week as the first issue of the new (“latest” I should say) GotG ongoing series, and I didn’t buy it then because I thought it was an alternate cover. If you like “cosmic” by Starlin, you’ll like this.

What else from Marvel? Oh, yes: Silver Surfer #11. Silver Surfer is one of my favorite series, from Marvel or any other publisher. Now it has a Mike Allred DC counterpart, Bug, chosen by ‘Tec, Rob and myself as our “Pick of the Week.” So what are you waiting for?

Jeff of Earth-J said:

.... I didn’t buy it then because I thought it was an alternate cover.

I used to buy comics at the newsstand/drug store in the 60s and 70s. Usually I could remember the covers and only got duplicates a couple of times. When I got back into comics in 1979, gradually the covers turned into posters having nothing to do with the contents and I had to start carrying a list and marking off the ones I bought. Alternate covers just make it worse.

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