Story: Jody Houser | Art/Cover: Hunter Bonyun | $17.99

Join Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins writer Jody Houser, along with artist Hunter Bonyun, colorist Cathy Le, letterer Ariana Maher, and Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer and Taliesin Jaffe, as they reveal Mollymauk’s evolution from empty shell to vibrant individual, and the dark corners of his past that even he is afraid to examine. Dark Horse Comics and Critical Role are proud to present the next graphic novel in the Mighty Nein Origins line with Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins — Mollymauk Tealeaf.     

What strange events created Mollymauk Tealeaf?

Entertainer, fighter and performer, “Molly” has a knack for hiding his true self behind the shifting color and shape of a personality he seems to wear like his singular coat. But as with every member of the Mighty Nein, his past will eventually catch up with him … and it's a strange one indeed.

Praise for Critical Role: The Tales of Exandria — The Bright Queen:

“… yet another reason we have grown to love Dark Horse Comics even more, as they continue to work with bringing more of the characters from our favorite Critical Role campaigns to life.” — ComicBuzz

“I love me some derpy murder kitties though, more moorbounders, please.” — The Fandom Post

“… I did find it really interest[ing] to delve more into the parts of the world we had never seen before…” — Sequential Planet



Story: Zack Keller Art: Gabriele Bagnoli | Colors: Valerio Alloro | Letters: Frank Cvetkovic | $14.99

Rembrandt Somner is the happy-go-lucky new owner of Hotel REM, a place for all the fantastic people and creatures in our dreams to hang out when we wake up. Channeling his endless enthusiasm, Rem attempts to balance his unwieldy coworkers and wild guests in order to run a successful business that makes his parents proud. However, a demanding celebrity guest threatens to be the rude awakening that ruins everything!

On Hotel REM, Keller said, “"I have literally been dreaming about this story for over a decade so I'm thrilled readers can finally come visit this wild and wonderful hotel in book-form thanks to Dark Horse!"

Praise for Cuphead Volume 1: Comic Capers & Curios:

“The comics are filled with the same charming vintage art that made Cuphead a stand-out success and throws in some of the game’s signature humor to tie everything together. The artwork is gorgeous, and it perfectly encapsulates what I imagine funny pages from the 1930s look like. All in all, the whole experience is a delight that anyone, regardless of age or prior knowledge of the game, can enjoy, even if it’s on the shorter side.” — Glitched




Story/Cover B: Mike Mignola | Art/Cover A: Jesse Lonergan | 32 pages | $3.99

Dark Horse Comics will publish MISS TRUESDALE AND THE FALL OF HYPERBOREA, a time-traveling supernatural horror series from award-winning writer Mike Mignola (Hellboy, Abe Sapien, B.P.R.D), artist Jesse Lonergan (Hedra, Planet Paradise) and letterer Clem Robins. Mignola, the creator of the Hellboy Universe, and artist Jesse Lonergan, are collaborating for the first time to create a supernatural time-traveling odyssey that expands the Hellboy Universe in strange and startling ways, and showcases Lonergan’s artwork.

“I fell in love with Jesse’s stuff the moment I stumbled across it, but it took a long time for me to wrap my head around a way we could work together,” said writer Mike Mignola. “His storytelling is so great but amazingly unique and I’m such a control freak when it comes to how to pace a story — I didn’t want to tie his hands with the way I structure things. But he is just so good. … Eventually I came up with the idea for Miss Truesdale (an odd one, even for me) and just couldn’t think of anyone better to draw it. We met, we talked, and I think we settled on a way to collaborate. It meant writing a plot that was tight in some places and very, very loose in others. I had to trust Jesse to work his magic — and for me it’s hard to really trust an artist I’ve never worked with, even one as good as Jesse — but I did it and he did what he does and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I think this ends up being one of the most unique extensions of the Hellboy Universe, and after almost thirty years (and some very odd stories) that’s saying something.”

In this four issue miniseries, one of the last followers of a failing Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra, the unassuming Miss Truesdale, finds herself on the receiving end of Brotherhood leader Tefnut Trionus’s final vision. Connecting her life in Victorian London to a young gladiator in ancient Hyperborea, Truesdale discovers she now has the chance to change the future by altering the bygone past.

“When Mike asked me if I would be interested in doing something in the Hellboy universe, it felt a little bit like a dream,” said artist Jesse Lonergan. “He’s one of the artists whose work I revisit the most, and there have been times when I’ve been working on something and asked myself, ‘How would Mignola do this?’ And then to get to do a story that introduces a new character, expands the lore, and has gladiators, Victorian spiritualists, and lizard people — it’s just been so much fun.”

  • I will read this someday, but in what format I canna say.


Story: John Bruno | Art/Cover: Jordi Armengol | 96 pages | $24.99

From Academy Award-winner and Director, John Bruno — the visual effects mastermind behind Avatar, Terminator 2 and The Abyss — comes his first graphic novel, Navigator! Based on an original story by Bruno, Steve Burg and Ron Thornton, with Screenplay by John Bruno and William Wisher (Terminator 2, producer Die Hard 4). Illustrating this epic space adventure is Jordi Armengol who, with his atmospheric work, helps bring the cosmos to life. 

An alien navigator, captured in battle on Jupiter’s fourth moon, Europa, seeks sanctuary. In return, the alien will provide his advanced technology to help defend humankind from the alien force that enslaved him and has come to destroy us. In this backdrop is a story of love and reconciliation between a young Marine officer — placed in command of Earth’s forces — his estranged wife, and Amy, the daughter he’s never met.



Story: Tim Seeley Art/Cover: Fran Galan | 104 pages | $19.99

From the rocking creative team of writer Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Revival), artist Fran Galán (Lucky Devil), and letterer El Torres (Lucky Devil), Dark Horse Books to presents the first volume of The Roadie. The book collects issues #1-4 of the horror-humor-rock and roll comic miniseries.

The Roadie is a horror saga about nostalgia, heavy metal music, hell and redemption.

More than 30 years after his heyday, a former heavy metal roadie must return to the backroads of America to do a job he thought he'd retired from: demon fighter. But this time, he's not saving groupies and drunk bassists. He's trying to save his daughter.

"I wanted to tell the story of the 'unsung hero' of the '80s Satanic Panic era,” Seeley said. “The roadies who supported all those metal bands, not only by tuning their guitars, but by casting out the horrific demons they accidentally summoned with backwards lyrics and screaming riffs. Joe D. is the seventh son of a seventh son, and though once he stood next to greatness, he now wallows in obscurity ... until he gets called upon to return to a past he thought he'd left far behind. THE ROADIE is part Hack/Slash, part Revival, and all heart, with Fran Galán doing some absolutely rockin' art."

Praise for The Roadie:

“A must-read for fans of horror and supernatural detectives. The Roadie rocks!” — Kabooooom

“Galán delivers some beautifully detailed and rousing art throughout the issue. The visuals are fun, sexy and as visually engaging as the story.” — The Super Powered Fancast

“This is an excellent introduction to what feels like a well-balanced story of good vs. evil mixed with some demonic rock and roll.” — Multiversity Comics

  • Now I'm wondering if all roadies aren't part-time demon fighters. I'm already convinced all rock musicians are vampires.








Story: Tom King, Ed Brisson, Christopher Cantwell, Dan Mora | Art: Mitch Gerads, Jeff Spokes, Javier Rodriguez, Dan Mora | Cover: Simone Di Meo | Variants: Jim Cheung, Frank Cho, Bryan Hitch, Nathan Szerdy | 64 pages | Prestige | $7.99

Coming off the spectacular success of Batman: One Bad Day — The Riddler, the Eisner Award-winning team of Tom King and Mitch Gerads reunite for a horrifying four-part retelling of the first bloody clash between The Joker and the Batman. A tale of loathing, lies and laughter, this may be the most frightening Joker story in a generation. Everyone is going to be shocked.

Everyone is going to be talking about it.

The Justice League may be gone, but its enemies aren’t. Who’ll protect the world from the worst of the worst? Ed Brisson and Jeff Spokes pick up the story started in the WildStorm 30th Anniversary Special as Director Bones and his new covert StormWatch team travel the globe on black-ops missions to take super-powered weapons of mass destruction off the board. But this is StormWatch, and as always, not all is as it seems. “Down with the Kings” starts here!

Superstar artist Dan Mora (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, Detective Comics) makes his writing debut kicking off a new series of Batman: Black & White short stories. In a Gotham City overrun by the cybernetic henchmen of The Joker, the only person who can save us is the mysterious motorcycle-riding, bat-costumed hero of urban legend …

In “The Order of the Black Lamp — Part I,” from writer Christopher Cantwell (Halt and Catch Fire co-creator, Briar, Iron Man) and artist Javier Rodríguez (Daredevil, Defenders), Superman finds a decoder ring with a secret message — “Save me” — which sends him on a quest to solve a mystery with ties to the Man of Steel’s past.

  • This is a new anthology series. Let's hope it crushes the idea that anthologies don't sell.



  • Guest stars Metamorpho, and Will Magnus.

BLACK ADAM #11 (OF 12)



CYBORG #1 (OF 6)

Story: Morgan Hampton | Art: Tom Raney | Cover: Edwin Galmon | Variants: Tom Raney, Jorge Corona, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Jorge Corona | $3.99/$4.99 (card stock)

When a family emergency brings Cyborg back home to Detroit, Victor Stone surprisingly finds himself enjoying his return to the simpler life — where everybody sees him for who he really is and always was, rather than as a larger-than-life superhero. It’s been a while since Vic’s been able to lower his guard and seek a purpose outside of being Cyborg 24/7. But a lot has changed in Detroit while Victor’s been away. An aggressive new company is turning the Motor City into an overclocked engine for revolutionary artificial intelligence … and no one knows better than Cyborg that technological transformation always comes at a steep human price!

Milestone Initiative writer Morgan Hampton (DC Power: A Celebration) joins forces with veteran star artist Tom Raney (Green Lantern, Uncanny X-Men) to give Cyborg the Dawn of DC epic he deserves!

  • DC's been trying to make Cyborg a star for decades. It's just never clicked with me. The family drama seems manufactured, and aside from the sonic cannon, what does he do?

FLASH #799





Story: Tom Taylor | Art: Nicola Scott | Cover: Jim Lee | Covers: Jen Bartel, Dan Mora, Simone Di Meo, Nicola Scott | $3.99/$4.99 (card stock)

The Dark Crisis is over, and the Justice League is no more. Now, a new team must rise and protect the Earth … Titans, go!

The Teen Titans are ready to grow up. Each member joined as a much younger hero, certain that one day they’d be invited to join the Justice League. But the time has come for them not to join the League … but to replace it! Are the no-longer-teen heroes ready for the big leagues? Danger lurks around every corner as heroes and villains alike challenge the new team before they’ve even begun. Will the DCU ever be the same? Find out in this landmark first issue brought you by the all-star creative team of Tom Taylor (Nightwing, DCeased) and Nicola Scott (Wonder Woman Historia, Earth 2)!

  • Is Cyborg no longer a founding member of the Justice League? The blurb above kinda implies none of the Titans ever graduated to the League. Maybe they're just glossing over it, since it proved to be an unpopular move that simply pushed Cyborg to the background.


Story: Ram V | Art: Lalit Kumar Sharma | Cover: Sumit Kumar | Variants: Mukesh Singh, Anand Rk, Lalit Kumar Sharma, Pop Mhan | $3.99/$4.99 (card stock)


/Who Are The Vigil?

The shipping vessel Eastwind was taken captive by pirates off the coast of Thailand. 24 hours after the crew had been taken hostage, before communications had been established or any demands made, the crew reported an

intervention by a group of unknown individuals. Amid other bizarre claims by the crew, are reports of an individual who changed his appearance at will and a woman who seemingly dodged bullets. Once the pirates were taken

out, no attempts were made at rescuing the crew.

There have long been rumors rogue metahumans targeting weaponized illegal technology. With some hinting that they call themselves The Vigil. What were they after? Why did they intervene? Are there metas among us?

Stay tuned for more/


/you are being watched./

  • Sure are a lot of first issues in this "Dawn of DC" initiative. They'll either be great jumping-on points, or jumping-off points.





DEJAH THORIS (2023) #3


Story/Art: Soo Lee | Letters: Jeff Eckleberry | Covers: Jae Lee, Soo Lee, Jennifer L. Meyer, Rebeca Puebla, Erica D’Urso, David Nakayama, J. Scott Campbell, Ken Haeser

One of the biggest DISNEY VILLAINS is making her way to comic books, as MALEFICENT rises into the spotlight in her very own complex tale. Fans know her from the iconic debut in Sleeping Beauty and her live action appearances. Now Dynamite and writer/artist Soo Lee bring another iconic chapter to her growing tapestry! The first issue is on "Final Order Cutoff" now, with a spectacular story, gorgeous interiors, jaw-dropping covers, and even a stunner by superstar J. Scott Campbell!

Final preorders are due this weekend for the start of this hotly anticipated series, so contact your favorite retailer ASAP to lock in your copies of the first issue and not miss out!

Disney and Dynamite proudly present Maleficent, Queen of the Forbidden Mountain! Her realm is shrouded in darkness, and evil, and full of all things that go bump in the night. Her soul is cold, hardened by a lifetime of small-minded wanderers seeking to steal her powers to satisfy their mortal greed. Her patience wears thin. Her mystical might grows. It is a matter only of time before she descends the mountain and unleashes her horrible magics upon the powerless people below. A stunning vision of villainy from writer and artist Soo Lee!

  • If I was 10 I'd think this was awesome.


Story: David Avallone | Art: Kewber Baal | Cover: Dave Acosta | $3.99

The Mistress of the Dark has been through many adventures in her time with Dynamite, and it's all been leading to this! Her biggest macabre romp is here, as the "Multiverse of Movies" takes on classic monsters, and Elvira faces her nemesis of Vlad the Impaler! Writer David Avallone has cooked up another classic, and he's written a special message for fans about the new series. Plus, we have some pages from the first issue to preview!


Hey, Comics Fans!

I hope 2023 is treating you and yours well.

The folks at Dynamite wanted me to drop you a line, and let you know that Elvira is coming back!

As you’ve likely noticed by now, I’ve been writing Elvira comics since 2018, and having a great time doing it. I’ve sent her on a trip through time, (in TIMESCREAM, aka Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #1-4), sent her to Hell and back (in ELVIRA’S INFERNO, E:MOTD #5-8), cast her in a Del Toro pastiche, (THE SHAPE OF ELVIRA), teamed her up with the ghost of Vincent Price himself (ELVIRA MEETS VINCENT PRICE, natch) and last time around, sent her careening through the “Multiverse of Movies” in ELVIRA IN HORRORLAND.

The premise of ELVIRA IN HORRORLAND was simple: all movies create their own little pocket dimensions, where their stories play out in a loop, for all eternity. Elvira found herself stuck in horror-movie-universes trying to get home … but unable to stop herself from interfering in the plots. So the Mistress of the Dark found herself visiting PSYCHO, THE SHINING, ALIEN, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (plus a few sequels) and finished up with a tour through Cronenberg-land, hitting THE FLY, VIDEODROME, SCANNERS and even a little bit of NAKED LUNCH. Hijinks ensued. Elvira saved Janet Leigh from Anthony Perkins and warned Sigourney Weaver to skip ALIEN3, among other shenanigans. At the risk of blowing my own horn, I’ll mention that the ALIEN story got me one of my favorite reviews ever: “this issue ranks up with the best of MAD magazine’s film parodies.” As a kid who had a subscription to MAD between the ages of 6 and 22, that meant a LOT to me.

At the end of the five-issue series, Elvira was shown how to get home by a time-space agent of Novazone Express, and the magic device propelling her through all those film worlds was returned to its rightful owner. (Federico Fellini, as it turned out.)

So what do to for an encore?

In ELVIRA IN MONSTERLAND, a very bad guy — specifically Elvira’s series-long arch-enemy Vlad the Impaler — gets his grubby vampire claws on that magic device, and takes his own trip through the Multiverse of Movies … for the purpose of kidnapping every scary critter in filmdom and building a Monster Army.

Novazone Express recruits Elvira to stop him, and — over her protests that she’s not a superhero — sends her out to stop the marauding Transylvanian tyrant.

In the first issue, Vlad’s scooping up Draculas at an alarming rate, in a story we call IT’S A VLAD, VLAD, VLAD, VLAD WORLD. The A cover by long-time Elvira artist Dave Acosta is an amazing collage of every significant pop culture vampire you can think of.

The second issue, coming in June, is called FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD. You can probably guess the monster featured in that one, and the same goes for issue three, titled HOWL.

As I’m sure you can imagine, all of these covers, featuring iconic monsters and our equally iconic leading lady, are incredibly eye-catching and fun. And for those fans who can’t get enough of the real thing, each issue, as always, will have a photo cover.

Covers aside, the interior art is going to knock your socks off. Kewber Baal, who I’ve previously only worked with on a single (excellent) issue of BETTIE PAGE UNBOUND, reaches new heights in his art for ELVIRA IN MONSTERLAND. The likenesses are sharp, and in addition to his well-established eye for clear storytelling and action, Kewber demonstrates a previously-unseen talent for comedy. Kewber’s work is complimented by Elvira mainstays Taylor Esposito on letters, and Walter Pereyra on colors, back once again to bring their consummate artistry to the comic.

Finally, this series is for anyone who loves movies, in particular horror movies, and features the world’s best tour guide of the funny and the macabre, facing down the greatest movie monsters of all time. I can’t wait for you to read it.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you enjoy the series as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

Thanks for listening to me blab!

All the best ...

David Avallone, Hollywood, CA, April 19, 2023

  • I think this direction actually works better than trying to keep her a TV host.






Story/Art: Dylan Burnett | Colors: Walter Baiamonte, Sara Antonellini | Letters: AndWorld Design | Covers: Dylan Burnet, Corey Lewis, Jordan Gibson

Today Skybound revealed an exciting new look at Arcade Kings #1, the new prestige series by creator/writer/artist Dylan Burnett (Cosmic Ghost Rider, Ant-Man), colorists Walter Baiamonte (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) and Sara Antonellini (Power Rangers), and letterer AndWorld Design (Excellence). This debut issue is sure to leave readers everywhere amazed.

Arcade Kings #1 introduces a world of fists, family and video game-infused fighting in a knockout debut. The issue features main cover art from series artist and colorist Dylan Burnett and Walter Baiamonte, along with an open to order variant from Corey Lewis. The series will also feature a 1:10 “Fighting Game” Incentive Variant program by Jordan Gibson and a 1:15 “Limited Color” Incentive Variant program featuring the main cover inks by Dylan Burnett.

Joe, a mysterious new face in Infinity City, has suddenly become the hottest new player at the Round House arcade. Anyone can challenge him, but no one can win. Joe’s secret past is about to catch up to him when his most formidable challenge yet rolls into town, forcing Joe to combo his powers with a joystick, his fists ... and his fighting family legacy. 

"Get ready to rumble! I cannot wait for readers to get their hands on Arcade Kings,” said Amanda LaFranco, Editor at Skybound. “Along with some incredible action and unique characters, Dylan has been able to weave a compelling story about family, brotherhood, and going all-in for the people you love. But really, it’s just flat-out fun! Both Walter and Sara’s colors are elevating each page with a vibrancy and emotion that’s inspired by our favorite classic arcade games, but for any fan of epic fights and general awesomeness.”


Covers: Bressan & Lucas, Riccardi, Ganucheau, Ropp & Fleecs

Skybound today revealed a first look at Dark Ride #6, which returned to acclaim last week, kicking off its second story arc. The latest issue of the hit horror comic book series from the iconic Birthright team of writer Joshua Williamson (DC’s Superman, Dark Crisis), artist Andrei Bressan (DC’s Justice League Incarnate), colorist Adriano Lucas (Nightwing), and letterer Pat Brosseau (Creepshow) will be in comic book shops on May 17, 2023. 

In this issue, Sam must survive the nightmarish underbelly of Devil Land and the crazed intentions of one of the park’s oldest employees, who is intent on ridding the world of another Dante. 

Dark Ride #6 continues the impressive variant cover lineup that has run throughout the series. In addition to the main cover by Bressan and series colorist Adriano Lucas, Dark Ride’s Cover B variant spotlights park mascot Danny D. Evil, with an issue #6 cover by Vincenzo Riccardi, while Cover C showcases Devil Land’s resident femme fatale and horror aficionado, Halloween, with the second of four new covers by Paulina Ganucheau (Zodiac Starforce). 

Additionally, megastar creator Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs, Star Wars Adventures) continues art directing the classic homage poster variant program that ran throughout the series’ first arc. The 1:25 incentives will also span the Cover D slot of Dark Ride’s second arc, bringing on a new guest artist for each cover. Adrian Ropp is the artist at the helm for issue #6.

"The second act of Dark Ride manages to continue the horrific ante of its initial issues, while near-effortlessly weaving in a new set of stakes." — ComicBook.com

"A can’t-miss monthly comic” — The Beat

















Story: Jed Mackay | Art: C.F. Villa | Cover:  Cover By Stuart Immonen | Variants: Mark Brooks, Kael Ngu, Daniel Acuña, Marco Checchetto, Paul Smith, Skottie Young, Derrick Chew, John Tyler Christopher | 40 pages | Teen+ | $4.99



The Star. The Icon. The Witch. The Construct. The God. The Engineer. The King.

The world is ever in peril, and a new team of Avengers mobilizes to meet any dangers that dare threaten the planet. But when TERMINUS attacks, a new and insidious danger rears its head: one that the Avengers know all too well, and one that comes to them in the most dangerous of guises — that of a friend.

Just in time for the title’s 60th anniversary, a new run of AVENGERS will launch later this year by superstar creators writer Jed MacKay and Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist C.F. Villa! Fans have seen the new team lineup in action in exciting cover reveals by some of the industry’s hottest artists including Stuart Immonen, Daniel Acuña, Kael Ngu, Derrick Chew and John Tyler Christopher! Today, check out an all-new Hidden Gem Variant Cover by legendary artist Paul Smith AND get your first glimpse at interior artwork from the debut issue! The breathtaking pages showcase Captain Marvel, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Vision assembling against classic Avengers foe TERMINUS, the first of many epic challenges that await the team in the title’s opening issues.

Fans can see the team’s unmatched strength in the all-new AVENGERS #1 TRAILER, featuring never-before-seen artwork of the new lineup flying into action against Terminus. Under the inspirational leadership of Carol Danvers, the AVENGERS are ready to confront anyone and anything that dare to endanger the planet, but the cosmic significance and insurmountable stakes of their new mission threaten to take a heavy toll on even the mightiest of super heroes.

“Putting her [Captain Marvel] in the big seat of the Avengers is a logical progression for the character, to my mind, and applying the challenges of leading a team like the Avengers to a character with the sensibilities of a brash fighter pilot has been a lot of fun,” MacKay told Polygon in an interview earlier today which also included an exclusive preview of the debut issue.

In MacKay and Villa’s AVENGERS saga, the team will embrace a new divine purpose after they’re gifted with knowledge of THE TRIBULATION EVENTS, a series of grand-scale disasters that will spark upheaval throughout the known universe. Fans got their first glimpse at MacKay’s overarching AVENGERS plan in last month’s year-ending one-shot, TIMELESS, where readers followed Kang in his hunt for the unobtainable “MISSING MOMENT.” Now, a dangerous game is afoot and the prize is greater than anything imaginable. … Will the Avengers be able to triumph in the face of the Tribulation Events and learn the connection behind these earth-shattering threats and Kang’s quest? Or will they be reduced to mere pawns in an extraordinary scheme beyond their comprehension?

“For me it's about a question of scale — the bulk of my work has been on the scrappy, weirdo, street-level end where a guy with a mask and some goons is a major problem,” MacKay explained to ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview. “With Avengers, we're looking at not one, but seven people who work at a much larger scale than Black Cat, Taskmaster or Moon Knight do, and in a much bigger and louder way than Doctor Strange and Clea. So, going into Avengers, I've been restructuring how I look at a comic book — the stakes are higher, the threats are bigger and the heroes are Earth's Mightiest.”

  • The team sure has come a long way, power-wise, since Cap's Kooky Quartet. But can all these heavy hitters get along? How about ex-spouses Vision and Wanda? Carol and Tony? And will the Black guy with no super-powers be able to command their respect?
  • Here's a trailer.




Story: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing | Art: Alina Erofeeva | Covers: Carmen Carnero, 

Carlos Gómez | Teen+ | $3.99

In CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #12, Kelly and Lanzing will be joined by guest artist Alina Erofeeva as they bring Black Widow into the action! When Bucky Barnes and White Wolf team up to strike at the heart of the Outer Circle conspiracy, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and their allies are caught in the crossfire! As the heroes fight their way across the war-torn Alaskan tundra to rescue Ian Rogers, Black Widow attempts to stop Bucky’s descent into villainy — at any cost!

  • "Cold War" Part 3



Story: Howard Mackie | Art: Daniel Picciotto | Cover: Ben Harvey | Variants: Javier Saltares, Mark  Texeria, Logan Lubera, Federico Vicentini | 40 pages | Parental Advisory | $4.99


Flashback to a time when innocent blood was spilled, a Spirit of Vengenace was born, and Danny Ketch found himself transformed into the GHOST RIDER! A gang war is breaking out across New York City, with Ghost Rider caught in the middle! But if it’s just rival gangs killing each other, does Ghost Rider need to get involved? Join us for an untold tale written by Danny Ketch co-creator HOWARD MACKIE and artist DANIEL PICCIOTTO!

  • I remember when Marvel started launching one interchangeable, angsty teen hero after another, from Rich Ryder to Danny Ketch to Rick Sheridan to Robby Baldwin to Christopher Powell ... and I didn't see the point in any of them.


Story: Ryan North | Art: Iban Coello | Cover: Alex Ross | Variants: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Greg Land, Rob Liefeld, Jack Kirby | Wraparound Variant Cover: Scott Koblish | 56 pages | Teen+ | $5.99


  • FANTASTIC FOUR #7 is also FANTASTIC FOUR #700, which means we’re ABSOLUTELY going huge.
  • It’s an over-sized spectacular as the Fantastic Four reach their new home – not knowing that a mysterious threat has made it there first!
  • As their knowledge of LANGUAGE ITSELF begins to melt from their minds, the Four are in disarray as their existence hangs in the balance...
  • ...and the greatest villain of all time finally seals their DOOM.

Ryan North and Iban Coello will celebrate 700 awe-inspiring issues of FANTASTIC FOUR with a giant-sized throwdown against the team’s legendary archnemesis: DOCTOR DOOM!

Making his first appearance in North and Coello’s run, Doom will attempt to use his unmatched expertise to fix the fatal misstep that kicked off the Fantastic Four’s new era. Still haunting the team and causing a dramatic rift between Marvel’s first family, readers are only just starting to put the pieces of the mystery together. After it’s fully revealed later this month in FANTASTIC FOUR #4, the team will be reunited at last just in time for Doom to rock their world once more! The iconic villain will embark on an epic journey across space and time to reverse the damage that his most bitter foes have unleashed on the Marvel Universe. Will he be able to succeed where Reed Richards failed? Or will his meddling make matters far, far worse?

The over-sized spectacular will also see the Fantastic Four reach their new base of operations — not knowing that their greatest threat has made it there first! As their knowledge of LANGUAGE ITSELF begins to melt from their minds, the Four are in disarray as their existence hangs in the balance ... and the greatest villain of all time finally seals their DOOM.

“I feel privileged to be writing the Fantastic Four at any time, honestly, but getting to have a big milestone issue happen on my watch is certainly lucky — and it's an opportunity I didn't want to waste,” North said. “A big anniversary issue like this demands a similarly big story, something meaningful, impactful, and memorable.  And given that it's a supersized issue with more room to play, everything aligned to do a story with the Fantastic Four's most meaningful, impactful, memorable and supersized villain: Doctor Doom. Doom demands nothing less than the biggest issue of the year being dedicated to him, and I dare not defy Doom. It's a big twisty story that brings the Fantastic Four to their new home and views what's happened to both families over the past year in a new light. The Fantastic Four are down, but not out, and Doom senses an opportunity...”

Since launching last year, North and Coello have kept readers on the edge of their seats with world-class sci-fi storytelling that only the Fantastic Four can deliver! Don’t dare miss a single issue as the true depths of the Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben’s current predicament have only begun to unravel!



Story: David Pepose | Art: Caio Majado | Cover: Gary Frank | Variants: David Pepose, Cully Hamner, Guile Sharp | 40 pages | Teen+ | $4.99


  • A documentary crew is on the hunt for a monster at the heart of a gamma radiation leak, but they get much more than they bargained for when they end up on Hulk’s angry side — and caught in the middle of a brawl between two unstoppable giants, as Hulk battles an unleashed Giganto!
  • Plus: A special preview, exclusive to this issue, of the shocking new direction Hulk is headed in this summer!

Readers will get a chance to witness the Hulk’s fury from a horrifying new perspective in a fascinating new HULK ANNUAL this May! Written by David Pepose (Savage Avengers) and drawn by Caio Majado (Edge of Spider-Verse), the oversized issue will present “The Viridian Project,” a terrifying tale stitched together from found footage. Set in the town that birthed the Hulk, the story will introduce a ragtag group of young filmmakers who set out to uncover the truth behind the green goliath’s origin but end up getting a firsthand look at his deadly rage! The terrifying tale will keep readers on the edge of their seat with thrills as well as thought-provoking insights into Hulk’s effect on the world around him. 

A documentary crew is on the hunt for a monster at the heart of a gamma radiation leak, but they get much more than they bargained for when they’re caught in the middle of a brawl between two unstoppable giants, as Hulk battles an unleashed Giganto!

"When my editor Wil Moss first reached out to me about writing this HULK ANNUAL, it took me a beat to wrap my head around the enormity of it all,” Pepose said. “The Hulk is such a massive character, just this larger-than-life figure who is equal parts man, monster and unstoppable force of nature. And it's that feeling of unfathomable scale that we're looking to explore in 'The Viridian Project,' our found-footage story about a team of filmmakers shooting a documentary on the legacy of Bruce Banner ... and the horrors they discover when they actually find him. It's been incredibly exciting to dive into the Hulk's adventures through this truly human lens, and I can't wait for readers to witness first-hand what it's like to ride out an encounter with The Strongest One There Is!"

In addition, HULK ANNUAL #1 will include an exclusive preview of the Hulk’s next era that a new creative team will be kicking off this summer! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the full announcement!



  • When I talk about terrible comics in the '90s, this is one of stories I'm talking about. If you've not read it, "The Crossing" (1995) reveals that, with zero foreshadowing, Tony Stark is revealed to have been a sleeper agent for Kang since Avengers #8 in 1964. Yellowjacket II comes back from the future (where she was with the original Guardians of the Galaxy) to warn the Avengers, but Tony kills her. I don't remember the actual mechanics, but murder-y present Tony is killed and replaced by his less murder-y teenage self from earlier in the timestream. Teen Tony was the Iron Man of the Avengers until the title was leased out to Image in 1996 (which was going from bad to worse). When the Avengers returned to Marvel in 1998, all of this was Mopeed. And thank God it was. For about half the decade, '90s Avengers was all but unreadable.



Story: Cody Ziglar | Art: Federico Vicentini | Cover: Dike Ruan | Variants: Takashi Okazaki | Taurin Clarke | Stefano Caselli | Teen | $3.99

No matter what MILES MORALES throws at CLETUS KASADY, the Extrembiote-powered monstrosity just keeps coming. And Cletus is only getting stronger. But how? Spider-Man needs help. A distraction, a second to breathe. Anything, or anyone, to give him a chance — any chance — at slowing Cletus down. But Miles can’t rest. Help isn’t coming. He’s the only thing standing between New York City and maximum carnage … and if the heroes aren’t answering Miles’ calls … who’s left on Spidey’s speed dial?

  • "Carnage Reigns" Part 2





Story: Alex Paknadel | Art: Jan Bazaldua | Cover: InHyuk Lee | Variants: Mike McKone, Sunghan Yune | Teen+ | $3.99

FAMILY BUSINESS! Norman Osborn and his grandson reach a tacit agreement - but as good-natured as Norman may be now, when has an agreement ANYONE has made with him turned out well?

  • "Summer of Symbiotes" tie-in.



Story: Steve Orlando | Art: Justin Mason | Cover: Nick Bradshaw | Variants: Ken Lashley, Rod Reis, Justin Mason | Teen+ | $3.99


  • "Dark Genesis" Part 3.




Story: Al Ewing | Art: CAFU | Cover; Bryan Hitch | Variants: Marco Mastrazzo, Dan Panosian, Ryan Stegman | Teen+ | $3.99


Battered, beaten and brutalized across nearly all of space and time, Eddie Brock’s grit, determination and faith have wavered at times, but never broken. Here he reaches TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT, and you Venomaniacs will meet his most powerful form yet.

  • "Summer of Symbiotes" tie-in.


X-MEN #22






Story/Art: Don Brown | Clarion Books | $22.99

A city ruined. In once quiet residential streets, two armies battle, driving people into cellars and basements with little food or water. No lights or heat. Dwindling medical supplies. Shells and bullets deliver cruel, random death to the young and old, men, women, and children. 

This is Mariupol, a Ukrainian city and early target of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The coastal city seemed doomed to a defeat that would come within days, if not hours. Could Mariupol, and Ukraine, survive?

As Russian rockets threatened the city, Ukrainians resisted, and with a heroic combination of sacrifice and bravery, the besieged city endured ... for months. But it all came at a steep cost. With compassion and his keen journalist's eye, Sibert Honor creator Don Brown illuminates the horrors of Mariupol and the depredations of its people not seen in the city since World War II.

  • It seems like the only battles the Russian Army can win are against civilians.




Story/Art: Damian Connelly | Fairsquare Comics | 64 pages | $9.99

Off of the huge successes of his previous comics, You Promised Me Darkness and Follow me Into Darkness, here's a little gem Damian Connelly saved for last...

Blood, Love, Ghosts, and a Deadly Spell is a dark, atmospheric 64 page volume filled with horrific tales. The book contains four never-seen-before self-contained horror short stories and an illustrated poem that will terrify, unsettle and astonish!

  • Interesting covers, but I don't know anything about Fairsquare Comics.
  • Here's a preview.




Story/Art: Miel Vandepitte | $35.00

The earth in and around Centralia has warmed so much, it's impossible to stand on without melting. Those who survive long enough will be confronted with carnivorous birds, collapsing buildings, and the trigger-happy Simia Nasalis, armed with bazookas and stilts. Against their better judgement, a group of adventurers set out to discover the treasure of gold hidden away at the heart of the abandoned town.



Story: Magdalene Visaggio | Art: Craig Cermack | Colors: Ellie Wright | Letters: Jack Morelli | Covers: Craig Cermak, Reiko Murakami | 32 pages | $3.99

Jinx Holliday, the new scream queen of the Archie Horror imprint from Archie Comics, returns with an all-new terrifying tale of rock ‘n’ roll necromancy in CHILLING ADVENTURES PRESENTS ... JINX: A CURSED LIFE, a one-shot comic releasing in May.

Writer Magdalene Visaggio (Eternity Girl) and artist Craig Cermak (Red Team) reunite in a book-length sequel to their short story in the bestselling anthology JINX: GRIM FAIRY TALES. That sold-out special issue introduced a modernized take on the classic character as a horror icon, sharing stories from her chilling collection of arcane books which continues to play a role in the new comic.

"We're so excited to return to the world of JINX horror," said Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante, "Magdalene Visaggio brought the character to life so well in last year's JINX: GRIM FAIRY TALES one-shot, that we knew we wanted her back for more. This time, we get more of a look at Jinx's personal life — her relationship with her father, her best friend Danni, and her being the go-to exorcist in Riverdale. OK, that last one is a newer development for our Jinx.”

Li’l Jinx first appeared in Pep Comics #62 by Joe Edwards back in 1946, and headlined a decades-long run of exuberant mischief throughout various Archie titles. In a version of Riverdale haunted by monsters and demons, someone with Jinx's spirit comes in handy, and the new one-shot hints at a growing continuity between the various Archie Horror titles that Jinx is especially equipped to manage. This will be further explored in THE CURSED LIBRARY, another Jinx-led one-shot distributed for free at participating comic shops on May 6th, also known as Free Comic Book Day.

“It is a blast to not only continue Jinx’s exploits but to now venture into the occult and otherworldly!" Cermak said about the Jinx world-building they've undertaken. "Throughout this tale’s hellish predicament, getting to develop the charmingly hilarious interplay between Jinx and Danni is a particular stand-out as an artist—so much room for very fun expressions and mannerisms. Modernizing both characters has been a true honor. The scripts by Magdalene continue to be sharp, fast-paced delights, providing a great mix of humor and horror for me to go wild. Rock ’n’ roll, flying burgers, possession, and friends who’ve got your back — what more could you ask for?”

“This is a wonderful coming-of-age story that deftly blends humor and horror," Rotante added, "and Craig Cermak's larger-than-life art brings it all together beautifully."

JINX: A CURSED LIFE, with an open-to-order variant cover by Reiko Murakami, colors by Ellie Wright, and lettering by Jack Morelli, releases May 17 in comic shops nationwide and will be available for pre-order in comics shops this Friday.

Visit the official Archie Comics website for more information, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest news and updates!

Jinx Holliday is a firecracker and a firestarter. Destruction always follows in her wake. And sometimes weirdos stop her and talk about her “destiny.” It’s all combined to create quite the aura of mystery around a 14-year-old girl who just wants some pizza rolls, and while her soul might belong to Satan, her heart belongs to the electric guitar. But one day, when Archie and company come looking for her help because Jughead is acting weird, Jinx and her BFF Danni embark on a mission to exorcize Jughead. It’s the two BFFs vs. Satan for the good of humanity — or at very least, for Jinx to just be free to be a normal 14-year-old girl who just happens to dabble in necromancy and rock ‘n’ roll.

  • Another Golden Age character reboot, although this one may have appeared once or twice already. 




Story: Che Grayson | Art/Cover: Kelsey Ramsay | IDW-PRH | Mature | $3.99

IDW is proud and excited to announce the first project in an upcoming lineup of comic books curated by New York Times best-selling author and Dark Spaces: Wildfire creator Scott Snyder. Dark Spaces: Good Deeds will feature a new story written by Che Grayson (Batman: Urban Legends, Bitch Planet) with art by Kelsey Ramsay (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 40x40).  

​​Good Deeds tells a haunting story of historical sins and a supernatural legend out for revenge. When teenager Cheyenne Collins and her mother move to St. Augustine, Florida, on the eve of the town’s anniversary, the community begins to die off one by one and a disgraced journalist steps in to seize the story and redeem her career. As the women are drawn together in the investigation, they uncover the town’s violent obsession with its founding mythology and the Fountain of Youth, as well as their own roles in the reckoning to come.

“Like Dark Spaces: Wildfire, Good Deeds is a harrowing, character-driven exploration of the personal, ethical and material consequences of the choices desperate people make under extreme pressure,” Snyder says. “One of our primary goals with the Dark Spaces line is to champion up-and-coming talent and I’m particularly thrilled to be working with Che Grayson, an explosively talented writer and filmmaker, and the exceptional artist Kelsey Ramsay. I can’t wait for readers to experience what they each bring to this series!”

Good Deeds follows hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed Dark Spaces: Wildfire, a scorching five-part heist written by Snyder, with painstakingly detailed artwork by rising star Hayden Sherman and colors by Ronda Pattison.

“I wanted to tell an elemental and chilling story about the entangled nature of American history and the marginalized groups often erased from the narrative,” says Grayson. “Good Deeds exists at the intersection of revisionism, legend and truth, and my characters are motivated by a desire to either uncover or hide that truth. I’m so excited to partner with Kelsey on the project, an incredible artist whose evocative line work and character design made her the clear pick to help bring this supernatural thriller to life.”

“Thrillers grounded in reality spook me in the best way,” Ramsay says, “so I was thrilled for the opportunity to become a part of realizing this bleak, enigmatic story. With Che’s incredible voice, infectious energy, and thoughtfulness, it wasn’t difficult to mirror their dazzling creative flourishes in the murky artwork and swampy Southern designs. I’m very excited to be part of this remarkable team, and I can’t wait to share Dark Spaces: Good Deeds!

“The Dark Spaces line was built to shine a light on the industry’s most exciting and talented new writers and artists,” says editor Maggie Howell, “and Good Deeds is a perfect example of the top-tier work that grows out of that goal. Che and Kelsey immediately flourished as a creative team. The story they’re telling together is rich and haunting, and their vision is so cohesive and satisfying that it’s hard to believe they haven’t been lifelong collaborators. It’s been a great experience to watch that unfold, and I know readers will sense it on the page."

  • Eagle-eyed readers will note that IDW isn't in its usual spot above with Dark Horse, DC Comics, Dynamite, Image and Marvel. Instead, Diamond listed all of IDW's books in the "Comics & Graphic Novels" category, with the publisher name listed as IDW-RPH. I haven't seen any news to this effect, but this leads one to wonder if Penguin Random House isn't a part or total owner now of IDW's publishing line (its only profitable part). 






Sam Szabo | Silver Sprocket | 128 Pages | $24.99

A psychedelic stew of social satire and gonzo gender theory!

The year is 2023. The astral plane has entered a tailspin. Fortunately, an ancient cosmological entity is on a mission to spread her fluidity across the galaxy. Our raw, uncut heroine roams the wasteland in defense of trans rights and trans wrongs. Will the Enlightened Transsexual convince humanity to chill out at last? Or will the planet choke on her filthy gags?


Story: Mike Birchall | Art: J.J. Birch | Webtoon Unscrolled | $19.99

We need to forget. You know as well as I do. Sam and Maggie are a normal couple, in a normal house, in a normal neighborhood. There is nothing strange about their heads, their neighbors, or their sweet little dog. Everything is fine. This is the story of a couple doing their best to get by in a world where things are absolutely, totally and unquestionably fine. Collecting episodes 1-16 of the WEBTOON comic.






Story/Art/Covers: Steve Mannion | Asylum Press | 32 pages | $4.99

Asylum Press announces the release of Fearless Dawn: The Bomb, the long awaited origin story of Steve Mannion’s signature character.

The origin of Fearless Dawn is finally told! This is a great jumping-on point for any comic book fans who are not familiar with this funny, sexy, stumbling superheroine. Learn how the awkward Prissy Jones gets her super-powers and how she creates her own costume of moose elks, action gloves and whoop-ass utility belt! Fearless Dawn comics have always been about great art and fun frolics and this latest offering is no exception! Artist/writer Steven Mannion whips up some of the craziest comic book tales this side of The GOON and MAD MAGAZINE in this brilliantly executed high octane project FEARLESS DAWN (Origin Story), BROWNHOLE JONES (Zombie Island Party) and introduces the R. Crumbesque JUNGLE CHICK and the DINOSAUR.

“We are very excited to offer comic fans Fearless Dawn: The Bomb, a four-issue limited series from Asylum Press. Fearless dawn has been around since the early 2000s in various forms, first appearing in Strange Battle Tales #1, a small press one-shot published by Big Ape Comics, explains publisher Frank Forte. Steve Mannion had then published Fearless Dawn’s origin in a comic book entitled THE BOMB in the early 2000s. This was a  4-issue mini-series that Steve Mannion had self-published under the banner Atom Bomb Comics. This book had limited exposure as it was a POD (print on demand) book.

"It took me a year to sell 100 issues ... on foot ... at local comic book shows," says Steve Mannion, "and on Ebay. I had to put an original drawing on them to sell 'em on Ebay! My motto was "Atom Bomb Comics ... One fan at a time." It was very hard introducing a new character into the comic book market at the time. But I stuck with it, and we developed a small, loyal audience.”

“When I saw Strange Pirate Tales and The Bomb, I knew I wanted to publish Fearless Dawn," says publisher Frank Forte. “That’s when we did the 4-issue color mini-series titled Fearless Dawn, which we now sometimes call Fearless Dawn: the Belly of The Beast.

“Asylum Press collected The Bomb into a trade paper back in 2010 and it quickly became a fan favorite,” Frank Forte continues, ”but because we never titled it with Fearless Dawn: The Bomb, fans never knew it was part of the canon. The Bomb TPB is long out of print and is hard to come by. With Fearless Dawn: The Bomb #1 fans of Fearless Dawn and Steve Mannion can finally read the origin story at the low introductory price of $4.99. The book is 32 pages and has 30 pages of comic content, including the origin story, back-up stories and character bios, so fans can get a glimpse of who’s who in the Fearless Dawn Universe.”

  • I love Mannion's art style, which seems to be one part Mort Drucker, one part Will Eisner and one part Eric Powell.






Story: Adam Bessie | Art: Peter Glanting | Seven Stories Press | $18.95

With Peter Glanting's powerful illustrations, author Adam Bessie, an English professor and graphic essayist, uses the unique historical moment of the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst to explore the existing inequalities and student struggles that plague the public education system. This graphic memoir chronicles the reverberations from the onset of the pandemic in 2020 when students and educators left their physical classrooms for remote learning. As a professor at a community college, Bessie shows how despite these challenges, teachers work tirelessly to create a more equitable educational system by responding to mental health issues and student needs.

  • Yes, all those years in public school, my overriding concern was "What's it like for the teachers?"




Story: Ollie Hicks | Art: Emma Oosterhous | Abrams ComicArts-Surely | Mature | $24.99

In this queer graphic novel that's equal parts romance, softball, and magical girl drama, Mickey Monsoon is the hotshot pitcher for the Belle City Broads, and their team is poised to sweep the league this season. But Micky is thrown off their game when Astra Maxima shows up to catch for the Gaiety Gals, the Broads' fiercest rival. Years ago Mickey and Astra were best friends ... and maybe more. That was, until Astra unceremoniously dumped Mickey to become a softball wunderkind at a private girl's school in Switzerland. Now, Astra is flirty, arrogant and reckless on the field — everything the rule-abiding Mickey hates. Astra thinks Mickey's cute and wants to fool around, even despite their rocky history and the trail of jilted softballers that Astra leaves in her wake. Too bad the only thing Mickey wants is vengeance for their broken heart and wounded pride! Full of wet mitts, hard hits and a bevy of softball-playing babes, Grand Slam Romance: Book 1 is a flawless home run that is sure to knock readers out of the park.


Story: Angel Fuentes | Art/Cover: Nahuel Sb | Blood Moon Comics | $3.99

The wonders of steampunk technology have reached the old west! It is 1879 and the world is about to meet Ranger ONE, the first self-aware automaton programmed to eradicate crime in the town of Steam's Eddy. But what happened in the next few years that made the federal government ban the existence of self-aware automatons? And whatever happened to the hero Ranger ONE? There are whispers of a grifter automaton named Screw Driver who's saving humans and automatons alike. He's a machine wanted by the law — functional or dismantled.






Story: Mark Pellegrini, Timothy Lim | Art: Timothy Lim | Antarctic Press | $9.99

Carly and the Kamen Corps are in an awkward, precarious position as they must face the reality that one of their friends is the villainous Vermillion Masquerade! Conflicted with the need to take down her friend-turned-foe, Kamen America is faced with the decisions she'll have to make to stop Vermillion's destructive rampage while salvaging what's left of their relationship! It's Kamen America versus Vermillion Masquerade in their final confrontation, culminating in the epic finale of the Stars and Strife Saga — and Carly's story is just getting started!

  • This looks like manga and has the Japanese word for mask in the title (kamen). But it's a superhero book and the creators have Western names. Maybe it's a fusion.





  • Zenescope making it clear what they’re all about.

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It wasn't a problem for me, but we don't know what input they had from some hyper-critical letter-writers.

Cap, you mentioned that Elvira's new dimension-hopping schtick is serving her better than being a horror host, and I definitely agree! I first started picking up her book when she was teaming up with Vincent Price, and I liked Elvira in Horrorland just as much. David Avallone is pretty much the perfect writer for that book -- he's a sci-fi/horror fan who's well versed in all the weirdness that surrounds Elvira, and he also has a background in burlesque, which means he's good at making jokes about Elvira's sex appeal without making her the butt of the joke. (It's a skill I recognized because I had to walk the same tightrope when writing up burlesque shows for the Village Voice several years ago.) 

As for Cyborg, I've always liked him, but have never been impressed with his solo comics either. Hopefully this one will do it.  I don't think I'm going to buy it, but I'm looking forward to reading it on DCUI Ultra a month after its release. I wouldn't put too much stock in solicitation copy that Cyborg (or Nightwing, for that matter, or Wally) wasn't ever a member of the Justice League. Whatever else marketing copy is, it's not canon.

Also, DCUI has the first (and hopefully more) issues of Spirit World and The Vigil up on the site on day of release. I assume they'll do the same for City Boy. So far I liked both books more than I did in the short stories they appeared in in the Lazarus Rain crossover. 

I'd say one aspect of Cyborg being perpetually angry with his father and his lot in life in all those early New Teen Titans stories that made it redundant was not just that we got a few panel of that ever issue ... it's that we'd seen it countless times in Fantastic Four with Ben Grimm and Reed.

Plus, Ben had the girlfriend who was a one-dimensional character who was so perfect as to be boring. (She's beautiful! She has a big heart! She accepts The Thing as he is! She doesn't mind him disappearing for weeks at a time to fight bad guys! She's blind! She poops rainbows!)

I have to say that "pooping rainbows" is not something that I look for in a girlfriend, myself.  I'd at least suggest that she see a doctor.

Maybe that's what Danny Thomas was looking for all those years!

The Baron wrote:

I have to say that "pooping rainbows" is not something that I look for in a girlfriend, myself.  I'd at least suggest that she see a doctor.

...or the Rolling Stones.

CAP: "Cyborg's anger at his father quickly became a few redundant and seeming required panels in each issue, which got boring. However, if he got over it, there's be no story at all! So it went on and on, with the unintended consequence that Cyborg ended up looking pig-headed, angry at his father for that father saving his life and giving him super-powers. As for Sarah, she was a one-dimensional character who was so perfect as to be boring... She poops rainbows!"

ME: "I really can't dispute any of that. I just started a comprehensive New Teen Titans re-read this morning."

KELVIN: "I'd say one aspect of Cyborg being perpetually angry with his father and his lot in life in all those early New Teen Titans stories that made it redundant was not just that we got a few panel of that ever issue ... it's that we'd seen it countless times in Fantastic Four with Ben Grimm and Reed."

It has been a long time since I first read New Teen Titans (and although I reread three volumes of DC Archives a bout 10 or 15 years ago, I read so quickly little of it "stuck") but, now that I am rereading the series, I'm in a better position to "dispute" your assertions. (Admittedly, I have an unfair advantage at this point, but I'd like to take this opportunity to comment on a few things.) First, Victor reconciled (completely,  via Raven) with his father in #7, and after a month getting to know each other again, Silas Stone died at the end of the issue. Second, Sarah Simms makes her first appearance in #8, pooping rainbows the whole time. Third, in that same issue, Victor's former girlfriend cruelly rejects him after seeing him for the first time since his accident. I don't remember precisely how this arc plays out over the next few years, but I suspect you're conflating Cyborg's "I-hate-my-father" angst with his "Woe-is-me-Ben-Grimm" angst. 

Just setting the record straight.

Speaking of Ben Grimm, Cyborg very much plays that role (to Changeling's Johnny Storm), right down to his dialect, which I hadn't noticed before.

Plus, Ben had the girlfriend who was a one-dimensional character who was so perfect as to be boring.

It is true that Alicia Masters poops rainbows. Tragically, though, she can't see them, and wasn't aware for many years why the other children were laughing.

I suspect you're conflating Cyborg's "I-hate-my-father" angst with his "Woe-is-me-Ben-Grimm" angst. 

Probably not Ben Grimm, as my strongest Fantastic Four memories are primarily '60s-based. I didn't think much of the series between Lee/Kirby and Byrne, and very little of it after that. My strongest '70s FF memory is not a good one: the team fighting a villain named Gaard who dressed like a hockey player. Ugh. Those were some bad comics all around, so Ben's repetitive dialogue wouldn't stand out.

But if Cyborg's hate-my-father bit ended that soon, then I am conflating it with something else. There are plenty of candidates, many more contemporary with New Teen Titans. Which I first read (gulp) more than 40 years ago.

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