Hi folks!

Your friendly neighborhood moderating team have been kicking around some ideas on improving the Board .  You may have noticed some cosmetic changes on the front page and there may be more coming.  We're also tossing around some suggestions on the content.

Now here's where YOU come in.  We want to hear your thoughts too!

This all kicked off with my own personal feeling that our front page was too cluttered.  Some sections were trimmed down and we are toying with changing others.  I felt it looked too busy on my laptop - and it was pointed out it looks very congested on a mobile device.

It was mentioned that if we want to do some pruning, the Latest Activity section and the Forum section were taking up a lot of real estate and doing very similar things.  How would people feel about getting rid of one, or the other?  Are there other front page sections people feel should be on the chopping block?

What other changes would people like to see here?

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With the lack of activity, I can understand Figs not being listed as a columnist anymore, but how come Baron's been removed from that area?

Border Mutt said:

With the lack of activity, I can understand Figs not being listed as a columnist anymore, but how come Baron's been removed from that area?

I was never actually listed as a columnist that I can recall.  I never thought about it that much, I just felt pleased/privileged to have my own little place to play in, and hopefully provide interesting content.

One of the spring cleanup things the Moderating team has done is to eliminate the last two remaining public groups, the Wild Cards group and the Earth-44 Timeline group.  Many of you may recall that a few years back, we had several groups.  Although some people enjoyed participating in them, it was felt by Cap and the Moderating team that it would be better to have one main board and one community rather than splintering off in separate sandboxes as it were.  To the best of my recollection, Wild Cards was kept because it was uniquely its own thing, which didn't really intersect with other discussions; Bob's group was his own space for his Earth-44 topics.  The Wild Cards group hasn't had any activity since April 2014 and Baron moved all of his Earth-44 Timeline material to the main board many months ago.  The group was the reason Bob was previously listed as a columnist on the tab bar.  No disrespect to Bob of course; we call all still enjoy his many and varied contributions to our Cave on the main board.  And yes, Inklings was dropped due to lack of activity.

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