There was an unusual announcement in the Bullpen Page announcement that as of next month Daredevil and Iron Man were going to be combined into the same book, possibly as a split book.

It was odd, as it seemed to come out of the blue, and at a time when Marvel was jumping the price of their books up to 25 cents.

But the change never happened.  That is, the two heroes separate books continued separately.

However, just recently, I was flipping through the covers of Marvel Super-heroes, a reprint book that had variously run the original Avengers and X-men, Sub-Mariner from Tales to Astonish and Daredevil and Incredible Hulk.

But at some point, it would appear that both Iron Man and Daredevil were being run together in reprints.


Could it be that this was the pairing that Marvel's Bullpen Page had  intended in their announcement?

Who knows the story behind this? 

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Thanks for digging that out, Mr SA.

Thanks, Robin.

The Iron Man/Daredevil reprint issues of Marvel Super-Heroes, for which they alternated on the covers, were cover-dated for Oct. 1970 and Jan., Apr., Nov. 1971. According to the GCD, during this period the title reprinted Gene Colan Iron Man stories and Wally Wood, Wood and Bob Powell, and John Romita Daredevil stories. (The Apr. issue also had two 5 pagers, by Stan Lee/Steve Ditko and Larry Lieber/Sol Brodsky, and the Nov. a Ditko one.)


The giant-sized issues of the ongoings were cover-dated for Nov. 1971.


The Nov. 1971 issue of Iron Man was #43 and featured a 20 page new story and an 18 page Giant-Man reprint from Tales to Astonish #52, with art by Dick Ayers. That of Daredevil was #81 and featured a 19 page story (in which the Black Widow was introduced into the feature), a Bill Everett pin-up of the Black Widow, and a 12 page Torch and the Thing reprint from Strange Tales #132 with art by Bob Powell.


The reference to Astonishing Tales in the column is probably a mistake for Amazing Adventures, as that was the Inhumans' title. The Nov. issue of Astonishing Tales, #8, was 25c and featured an 11 page Ka-Zar story, a 10 page Brothers Link story (who?), and a 10 page Doctor Doom story. The Nov. issue of Amazing Adventures was 20c and contained a 20 page Inhumans story (prior to that issue the title was a split book).


I find it odd that the company didn't persistently give readers the same number of story pages for the same price, but that's how the contents of those issues are recorded at the GCD. Astonishing Tales #8 had only 31 story pages, but the pages were all-new. The Brothers Link story may have been intended as the start of an ongoing series, or it may have been an inventory story. Avengers #93 and Fantastic Four #116 had 34 new story pages and no reprints.


I think we can take it that the Iron Man/Daredevil title was planned as a giant-sized one, and never appeared because the 25c giant format was abandoned. The bit about the reprints seems to me garbled, because it initially seems to refer to the reprints planned for Iron Man, Daredevil and Amazing Adventures that month, and later seems to envision a period in which reprints were going to appear. To add to the confusion, the artists' names given don't match the reprints that actually appeared in that month's Iron Man and Daredevil.


It could be that the plan was that reprints were going to appear in that month's Iron Man and Daredevil and behind the new content of Astonishing Tales and Amazing Adventures until new features were ready, and Lee or whoever else wrote the notice got mixed up.


If a team-up book was envisioned, and it was intended that it would begin the next month, a story would have had to have been in preparation by the time the notice was printed. Since as far as I know no such story appeared (the crossover Henry mentioned came out earlier), I think the plan must have been for a split book.



The next issue of Iron Man had a 13 page lead story backed by a 9 page Ant-Man story by Roy Thomas and Ross Andru (featuring the return of the Scarlet Beetle! I never knew that existed). That could mean the Iron Man stories in the combined book were going to be 13 pages, or that Iron Man #44 had a shorter-than-usual lead story for deadline reasons, or that Marvel had an inventory Ant-Man story and wanted to run it somewhere.


The next issue of Daredevil had a 21 page story.

Thanks Mr. S.A..... I knew that I wasn't dreaming when I read it.

Knowing what we know now, I think there was going to be a combining of these two (IM and DD) in one book, but the reprints were the Giant-Man, Strange Tales Torch and Thing, and Ant-Man stories...and the Inhumans story became the 20 page Amazing Adventures #9 and #10.... and the making way for new ideas, new concepts, was in part, The Beast, and Kilraven, etc.

But I don't see a shared buddy book, and the split book of 10 pages each doesn't seem to work anymore.

(Poor Shell-head... going from headlining in Tales of Suspense staring the Power of Ironman... to sharing a split book with Captain America, to headlining is own solo book, only to have this damn announcement pull the rug out from under him!

No wonder Tony Stark when to Stan Lee's office and threatened him if it actually happened!  LOL!)



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