Daredevil is a great book. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really annoyed that, between double-shipping and a crossover, my $3 commitment to the book is ballooning to $13 in April.

Every time I even consider sampling another Marvel title, I'm going to remember this. With unpredictable shipping, they're pretty impossible to budget for.


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Recent editorial choices at DC are making buying more Daredevil easier and easier for me...

Yeah Marvel often makes it hard for to sample new stuff. With double shipping so many titles and most of their comics at $4 a pop. I can eat a meal at that price, and it takes longer to eat than read a comic. If I bide my time I can buy a lot of them in trades at half price or less at a show.

That's what I usually do with Marvel, too. But when I buy less and less, my interest in the trades, drops, too.

I *may* eventually get some more of Hickman's FF... but only a big chunk, sometime down the line. These 4/5 issue trades don't have enough story in them.

That's why I've pretty well given up on in-continuity super-hero titles. Reading a title doesn't ensure you that you'll read the entire story or understand it, and then the commitment starts getting way more expensive. 

I think DD is worth it, but if it becomes part of one of Marvel's regular mega-events, I'll drop it at least until it's past. And then if I can't follow it, I'll drop it altogether.

I'm not sure those marketing moves really pay off over the long run, but Marvel seems to think they do.

-- MSA

Daredevil can steal my wallet any time. I never really got into his series before but this new one by Mark Waid is a ton of fun. I wasn't sold on it after issue 1 but issue 2 had me on board. I love the art and this story he's telling of the crime factions after DD and DD's psycholgical issues after being possessed. I'm looking forward to the crossover with Avenging Spider-man and Punisher. Punisher is the only one of those I don't get but I'll make an exception this month.


I agree double shipping puts a strain on the wallet. Several of Marvel's series have been doing that like Uncanny X-men. Uncanny is on the fence for me but DD is worth it.

I'm not reading any of this stuff, but I wanted to mention how much I enjoy the title of the thread. Gives me a little chuckle every time I see it. Bravo, Rob!

Thanks, Mark. Glad I managed a grabber headline!

And Jason, I have to agree that the quality is wonderful -- and I expect high quality from the crossover, too. That's why I'm putting up with this.

The first crossover, with Amazing Spider-Man, was written completely by Waid. This one's by Waid and Rucka. If there's a next one, though... that might be the straw that breaks this camel's back.

I was able to read only the Daredevil half of the recent Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover without feeling I was getting only part of the story, and I intend to buy only the Daredevil chapter of the upcoming three-part crossover as well. Mark Waid is one of a select few writers who "get" how to write a standalone chapter of a three-part crossover. You wait and see if I'm not proven right.

You know, that's a good point. I'll be buying the whole thing, but I'll keep an eye out for that.

Well, I read the whole thing, and don't regret a bit of it. It was an excellent story, very well told. There was enough of a recap on the Daredevil issue that I probably would have enjoyed the issue without the other two, as well... but it was a richer experience to read all three.

Next month will have two Daredevil issues, but no crossovers.  

I read just Daredevil #11 and I hav no regrets, either.One small quibble: on page eight, Daredevil and Spider-Man are shown swinging through mid-town Manhatten in from of three distinctive landmarks: the Met Life Building, the Chysler Building and Grand Central Terminal. Daredevil is saying, "Head uptown. I want to check out a hunch," but they are clearly heading downtown!

What's a matter?  Is the guy blind or somethin'?

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