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I get the feeling Snyder has started his own universe here. As much as it may splinter off and affect that official "DCU", the multiverse will surely play out in many ways throughout this series. I like the idea of the "Dark Multiverse", which makes me wonder if this is a separate, dark version of the 52 universes (making 104 universes?), or whether the dark multiverse is just one of the 52. Either way, it will probably play out the same. I'm looking forward to whatever plays out.

I think we got the answer to this question in the first issue of this series. 

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series. It looks like it's going to be a ton of bombastic fun. Anyone else read it yet?

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I've passes on that one so far -- I'm lukewarm on both Hawkman and Lemire, so I figured I'd wait and see what I heard before buying it. I do like Bryan Hitch & Kevin Nowlan, though, but I doubt that'll be enough to turn the tide.

Dark Knights: Metal #5 was scheduled for Wednesday, but it wasn't in my review material. Delayed?

DC's website lists it as coming out Jan 31. So it looks like it was delayed somewhere along the line. 

I'm shocked -- shocked! -- that a major event book would be delayed.

Here's where Metal is all going, evidently:

Additional artwork available at






Artist Francis Manapul Delivers Epic Action Featuring The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes


Weekly Four-Issue Miniseries Follows Events from the Cataclysmic Conclusion of DARK NIGHTS: METAL


(BURBANK, CA) – (January 26, 2018) – At the conclusion of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo’s DARK NIGHTS: METAL (issue #6 on sale March 14), the bestselling BATMAN talent team will shake the DC Universe to its deepest foundations and do something that even the most passionate fans will characterize as unimaginable and utterly audacious.

This event sets the stage for even more bold and daring storytelling, as Snyder, along with co-writers James Tynion IV (DETECTIVE COMICS) and Joshua Williamson (THE FLASH, Vertigo’s DEATHBED) plus all-star artist Francis Manapul (TRINITY) take readers on an adventure that will break the very boundaries of the DC Universe in JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, a four-issue weekly miniseries, beginning May 9.

“We thought we knew the entire map of the DC cosmos,” says Snyder. “We thought we had explored all there was to explore. But now we know that all this time the Multiverse was nothing but a fishbowl, and now we’ve been dumped into the ocean, unleashing terrifying new threats, and wondrous new possibilities. METAL opened up channels of storytelling that Francis, James, Joshua and I are excited to explore in a big way. When we’re finished, fans will never look at the Justice League in the same way again.”

In this four-issue miniseries, the super-villain Brainiac arrives on Earth with a dire warning for the Justice League: there’s a threat coming to destroy Earth, one that the heroes are ill-equipped to handle.  Brainiac thinks he holds the key to victory, but it means combining members of the League with some of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe and sending them into battle against this extinction-level menace. The stakes are at their absolute highest; if one of these teams fail. It’s game over.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE promises to deliver over-the-top blockbuster action, courtesy of artist Francis Manapul.

“I’m laying out the biggest action of my life,” says Manapul. “The Justice League realizes that they need to expand their reach to become something bigger than they have ever been before. If you thought my work for JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR was huge, I’m taking the League to the edge of the cosmos with NO JUSTICE. Anyone who has asked for Harley Quinn, Martian Manhunter, Starfire, Zatanna, the Atom, Raven, or Doctor Fate to be in their personal Justice League will stand up and cheer.”

This can’t-miss miniseries sets the stage for a “family” of Justice League titles, beginning in June, headlined by Snyder on JUSTICE LEAGUE with additional titles written by James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and more in the coming months.

For  more breaking news about the greatest and most recognizable characters in the comic book industry, check out the website at or the DC YouTube channel.

Sounds interesting -- but I'm really sorry that Priest is being pulled off of Justice League. I've been really enjoying his run with Pete Woods. 

Same, but once Priest was put on Justice League with so much going on (Justice League had to be low-selling, Brian Bendis coming to DC, Metal and Doomsday Clock both going on...), I knew that Priest was most likely a temporary band-aid on the title to help it limp along until an inevitable relaunch. I figure at least we can hope it's an underrated run that will be looked back on fondly.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Sounds interesting -- but I'm really sorry that Priest is being pulled off of Justice League. I've been really enjoying his run with Pete Woods. 

Was Justice League low-selling? That wasn't my impression.

In September, it was selling about 50K (according to the charts at The Beat) -- not low-selling by any means, but I could understand DC thinking it could do more with some star power behind it. 

Inkadently, isn't metal #5 out tomorrow (Jan. 31)? 

It is! And I think this is right around the time that I should reread issues 1-4 to get back into the swing of it! Probably the two prequels, and Batman: Found, too. Less likely the evil Batmen crossovers (I only bought the Flash one) and the JLA/Flash "Bats out of Hell" crossover (I didn't buy the other crossover, Gotham Resistance).

Just to reacquaint myself with the bizarre throughline of this story. 

Well, I reread all of the main parts of Metal so far, and I discovered something: It really hangs together better if you're blasting Metallica while you're reading it. (Disclaimer: I'm in no way a heavy metal fan. I'm generally into folk and funk, with a little alternative and pop and rock. But this book is begging for it. And it's PERFECT that way, it really is. I found a Metallica album streaming on Amazon Prime music, and went to town.)

The books is still loose and fun in anything set in the present day, and ponderous for anything that's a flashback. There are moments in issue 5 that are completely glossed over -- a whole fight with a trash-talking Starro! -- that I wish I could have seen -- but at the same time, I can understand Snyder's desire to keep pushing the story forward, rather than get distracted with side trips. It's sprawling already. And kind of nonsense. But with the guitars grinding and the drums crashing, it's a lot of fun, despite plot events getting short shrift. I'm looking forward to the conclusion in issue 6.

Oh, and there's one more special in February, before that hits. I don't think it was originally on the schedule, so it sounds like it's meant to buy time. 

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