Dark Days: The Forge came out this week, and considering it's the Next Big DC Thing, I assume some of us are reading it. It brings a lot of older DC concepts back, an starts exploring some new ones, as well. And it seems wholly differentiated from the whole Button/Watchmen/Mr. Oz brouhaha, which is refreshing.

Spoilers below, BTW.

So did you read it? What did you like about it? I'm pretty jazzed about it, although less so at the just-announced variant Batmen who will apparently be showing up in the DCU from September through November. (I'd heard from my retailer that the Metal miniseries itself would be pushed back to December,so these seem like a bit of a stopgap measure to me -- although maybe I'm getting the cart and the horse mixed up, and DC is pushing Metal back to give them time to publish these one-shots.)

But regardless! The issue at hand gives us Misters Terrific and Miracle, the Immortal Men, Lady Blackhawk, and the Carter Hall Hawkman! We see the original Outsiders, and Plastic Man! Hal Jordan and Duke Thomas working together! We get a hidden connection between all the new elements in the DCU! And one of those giant Crisis tuning forks! We get hints that there's something buried beneath Atantis!

It's fun stuff, and I want to see more. Including, I'm sure, some of those one-shots that'll come out -- as details emerge, I'm sure a few of them will sound like fun to me,

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Ha! That's a great way of looking at it!

Detective 445 said:

The whole thing is starting to read like a Superhero DaVinci Code. 

By the way, do the foil cover editions include a digital code for a free copy? I've bought the non-enhanced variants, and have been happy to get a free digital version with the purchase.

With this issue, I just got the feeling if Scott Snyder had his way, this book would have no pictures in it at all, and it would just be loaded with his writing.

And I agree--his Joker is the worst.

You know...for some of my Joker problems, I blame the letterer. I mean, he's a cruel, arrogant know-it-all who lords his insane "wisdom" above Batman and anyone else... but he also does it in the horrible font! 

I haven't got much to add to the commentary here -- I pretty much agree with all of it -- but what I thought I could contribute is annotation for those who might not be as familiar with DC history (especially Hawkman history) as I am. So I did an annotation.

I didn't do it in this thread, though, because this itty-bitty dialogue box is too small for all the typing. SO I DID A SEPARATE THREAD.

I was trying to reconcile what my retailer had told me about Metal being pushed back to December (that I mentioned in the first post) with the fact that it obviously hasn't been, and it seems like either I or he got our wires crossed. It's the books spinning out of Metal, like Silencer and The Immortal Men, which have been pushed back to December. Those books were originally going to launch in September & October. 

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