In a story, it was stated that DC is cutting back their line considerably, with going from about 17 titles in January to 74 quoted. Ethan Von Schriber (Sp??) was quoted saying that comics shops were closing at a " frightening rate ".

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DC's cutting back -- here's a report on the ComicsPro meeting at The Beat, more reputable source for the information -- but not remotely down to 17 titles. 

I wouldn't trust any source that quotes Ethan Van Sciver on this -- especially at such length. (With that super-long quote at the end, the article looks like it was written basically just to give EVS a platform.) He was drummed out of DC Comics for Twitter harassment, and since then has become one of the leading figures in Comicsgate, a hate group that harasses women and people of color in comics. He makes money with youtube videos that say the sky is falling and only the regressive politics of comicsgate can save it. 

...I've heard secondary comments about Comicsgate but not first-generation comments, and mentioned that here.

Yeah, I try not to talk about it here much. It's ugly. But EVS is at the center of it, so I didn't want to dance around it in this case. 

DC - and Marvel - publish a lot of comics each month.  I don't think cutting the line by, say, 10 or 20 percenr equals the end of times.

Personally, even if money was no object, I wouldn't come anywhere close to getting every title from either publisher.  Who has the time to read dozens and dozens of comics?

From what I understand, DC is cutting its line -- although there's some dispute about how much -- hoping that they'll do better with better sales on the titles that remain, and on sales at Wal-Mart and other venues. So I agree with John Dunbar that the sky isn't falling, but I do think it's lower than it was. 

A perspective from some people who were at the meeting where Dan Didio announced the cuts; seems to be a rebuttal of how Bleeding Cool framed it.  Looks like some poorly selling titles are getting the axe and making way for new ones.  Which is pretty much how the industry has operated for decades.

Thanks, John!

Retailer Ryan Higgins just tweeted out some details from ComicsPro that were cleared for release. The first thing he mentions is the trimming of 10-15% of the line has already happened. So essentially, it was the New Age of Heroes books, and maybe a couple of others.  

Here's a link to the thread.

So instead of cutting back, they are simply diversifying? Sounds good, especially since they already tried new "regular" books with the New Age of Heroes and that didn't really pan out.

Yeah, that's what it sounds like. 

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