DC recently announced a "robust" expansion of its Digital First program -- seemingly with an aim to get a new title onto the digital shelf every day. As I mentioned in the Walmart thread, the initial stories are drawn from the new content in the Giants, and will appear in the following titles:

  • Superman: Man of Tomorrow
  • Batman, Gotham Nights
  • Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace
  • The Flash: Fastest Man Alive
  • Aquaman: Deep Dives
  • DC Superhero Girls: Infinite Frenemies
  • Swamp Thing: New Roots

But will that be enough? At a story a day, a rotation of those titles will burn through their inventory pretty quickly. 

There's also Batman: The Adventures Continue, the animated series-style comic that's being released digitally. And there's also RWBY and Gen: Lock, two non-DCU books that DC releases digital-first. (I'm unfamiliar with them, but it looks like their most recent releases where at the end of March and the beginning of April, so they could still be ongoing.) With those two, that would bring us up to 10 titles, which, without weekends, could fill a two-week rotation. Is that DC's plan? Or do they have something more in store -- as this Newsarama article suggests?

I'll be following these releases here, updating each week's entries. 


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Also recent on the DC Digital scene is Teen Titans Go!: Roll With It, which looks like an ongoing adventure of the team playing D&D. Or, rather, Basements and Basilisks. Weekly on Wednesdays! Two issues have been released so far, as well as a free preview.

Looks like Flash is back for next week's batch of Digital Firsts... and Sunday's offering is still up in the air. Here's what's on deck:

Monday, 7/6: Superman 10: "Pro Lobo" and "The Champion"
Tuesday, 7/7: Batman 12: "Five Little Robins"
Wednesday, 7/8: Wonder Woman 9: "Obsession Aggression" 
Thursday, 7/9: Titans 3: "What's Normal?" and "Cool and HIPAA" from Titans Giant 1&2
Friday, 7/10: Flash 10: "Bullet" and "Burnout" 
Saturday, 7/11: Scooby-Doo 3: "Scooby's Last Rep" from the Scooby-Doo 50th Anniversary Giant
Sunday, 7/12: Our Fighting Forces: "House Call" from Our Fighting Forces Giant 1

My pick of the week would be Batman: Gotham Knights 12 -- a teamup of all five former Robins -- Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph, and Damian -- by Tim Seeley and V Ken Marion.

Still don't know what this Sunday will bring -- I'm guessing more Swamp Thing, but I've seen no sign of it yet -- but next week will see the third issue of Harley Quinn: Make 'em Laugh. Probably on Wednesday, in place of Wonder Woman.

Also, I can't help thinking the title "Scooby's Last Rep" is an allusion to the Samuel Beckett one-act "Krapp's Last Tape," but I didn't see any evidence to that in the story itself. 

Okay, Sunday's book is Our Fighting Forces, featuring "House Call," an Unknown Soldier story by Priest and Chris Mooneyham, from Our Fighting  Forces Giant 1. I'm pretty sure there won't be a second issue of this immediately, since the Batman story in the backup has appeared in Batman: Gotham Knights already, and possibly the Batwoman backup did, too. So anything else appearing under this title would be new.

There aren't any DC Firsts available for pre-order yet this week... so I might be updating this list each day. Here's what we know so far:

Monday, 7/13: Superman 11: "Fight of a Lifetime"
Tuesday, 7/14: Batman 13?
Wednesday, 7/15: Probably Harley Quinn 3: "Escape Therapy" 
Thursday, 7/16: Titans 4? Aquaman 10?
Friday, 7/17: Flash 11? 
Saturday, 7/18: Scooby-Doo 4? Teen Titans Go 5?
Sunday, 7/19: Swamp Thing 10?

Meanwhile, the DC website has revealed that next week's offerings will include Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice 2. (Probably on Wednesday, if history is any indication.)

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