It looks like DC Comics are using the Omnibus format as their current way to collect classic material in chronological order.  In the past, there have been the Archives series (hardcover, full color), the Showcase Presents series (softcover, black and white, usually twice the page count of an Archive), and the Chronicles series (softcover, full color, smaller page count than an Archive).  In the past few years, all of these lines have been quietly shuttered, and now DC is releasing Omnibus collections in both hardcover and softcover formats.

As you would expect, the Omnibus hardcovers are huge.  Two Silver Age volumes collected the first 76 issues of JLA (along with Brave and Bold 28-30 and Mystery in Space 75), for example.  Earlier this year, DC released JLA: The Bronze Age Omnibus Volume 1, collecting JLA # 77-113.  That's almost half of the original series collected in this way, which for a fan like me is great news.  The JLA Archives had 10 volumes, collected the first 93 issues, and the first volume and last volume were released twenty-two years apart.  The first JLA Omnibus came out in 2014.

DC is also releasing these collections in trade paperbacks with a smaller page count than the hardcovers.  The great thing is that these TPBs collect more issues than the Archives did!  The material collected in the first JLA Silver Age Omnibus has all been released in 3 TPBs.

I have the first JLA Silver Age TPB, and I loved it!  I also have the first JLA Showcase Presents, but I find that without color, I just don't enjoy the stories as much as I could.  Actually, I find I enjoy most Silver Age comics more in color versus reading them in Showcase Presents and Essential Marvel.

I wonder how many of the rest of you are buying and reading these Omnibus collections, and what you think of the format.

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I'm usually just a lurker here, but frankly I perversely think this is a good thing, as now I'll be able to stop buying more books ;-). IMO most of the good stuff has already been reprinted, except for the lesser appreciated GA stories that are unlikely to ever get reprinted. I find myself often buying new omnibuses (for which I'm on record as hating their giant unwieldy page count), and simply just skimming through the stories which don't really require much attention, buying them only because of the completist collector gene that probably everyone here has. I'm frankly at the age now, where I'm thinking my time would be better spent rereading old stories that I know are good, than worrying about the Atom getting married. But that could just be me.

To Luke:

The woman in the pillbox hat is Carol Ferris as she standing next to Hal Jordan.

The man between Aquaman and the Flash is actually Captain Comet as Adam Blake. He was invited because of his help in Super Team Family #13. He doesn't get the floating hero treatment despite being an honorary JLAer.

Snapper Carr, J'onn J'onzz, Adam Strange and Zatanna should have been invited as well. A nice touch would have been if Al (The Earth-Two Atom) Pratt was there.
I guess Clark and Bruce went alone unless one of them was paired with Diana.

Just saw a solicitation for GA Batman Omnibus v8, through 1953.

That one was originally solicited for this spring, pulled and then recently resolicited for August. I'm glad, because I'm enjoying the run.

Me too!

Doctor Hmmm? said:

That one was originally solicited for this spring, pulled and then recently resolicited for August. I'm glad, because I'm enjoying the run.

Incidentally, I got that info from the Bud's Art Books catalog. I catch info from as many public sources as I can, and evaluate their reliability over time by how often they are correct. Bud's is a very good source, because they only offer things they can deliver, in my experience. And it often contradicts -- and undersells -- the usual sources, like Amazon and In Stock Trades.

Sometimes it offers things that all the other sources don't, as the product is in prose or is an art book. I'm not always interested, but I'm glad to know these things exist.

If any of you have a source you'd like contribute, I'm all ears!

DC has listed a bunch of ominbus/deluxe books for late 2020/early 2021, according to Bleeding Cool. I'm interested in all of it except the modern stuff (Super Sons, Detective) and material I already have in multiple formats (Swamp Thing) Here is their list:

Phantom Stranger Omnibus January 5, 2021

Collects The Phantom Stranger #1-6 (1952) and The Phantom Stranger #1-41 (1969). Also collects stories from The Saga of the Swamp Thing #1-13; Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #18; The Brave and the Bold #89, #98, #145; Showcase #80; Justice League of America #103; House of Secrets #150; DC Super-Stars #18; and DC Comics Presents #25 and #72.

Batman: Detective Comics Omnibus 22nd December 2020, 1280 pages

When Batman alone isn't strong enough to save the world…could a team of heroes-in-training help?Batman: Detective Comics Omnibus collects together the stories of your favorite heroes from the Batman Universe! With Batman, Batwoman, and Nightwing fighting to defend it, is Gotham safe from any potential threat? …Or is there a monster still lurking that would be able to take them down? Batman decides to recruit young vigilantes and train them to be a team worthy to face any evil that may come to Gotham–will this vision for a team of Bat-Heroes be able to take flight or will it go down in flames? And what would Batman consider threatening enough to require a team?

Batman in Brave & the Bold: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 3 Jan 12, 2021 904 pages

Batman's team-up tales 1980s as the Dark Knight battles evil alongside Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Superboy, Swamp Thing and more. In these stories from the early 1980s, Batman fought evil side by side with DC Comics' greatest–and, occasionally, strangest–superheroes, including these tales guest-starring such legendary characters as Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Superboy, Swamp Thing and more. Collects THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #157-200.

Super Sons Omnibus Expanded Edition Dec 22, 2020 888 pages

The Super Sons are back! Superboy and Robin, otherwise known as Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, continue their epic adventures in the Super Sons Omnibus Expanded Edition! The greatest superheroes of today's world, Superman and Batman, are the picture of greatness! Their sons, Superboy and Robin, are following in their fathers' footsteps and training to become the heroes of tomorrow! The Batman of Tomorrow returns to the present, revealing the dark destiny of Superboy and vowing to prevent the cataclysmic disaster that he would cause. And when the Supersons go on the run, the Batman of Tomorrow recruits the Teen Titans of Tomorrow to help him. Superboy's life hangs in the balance, will Superman, Robin, and others be able to keep him safe from the Batman of Tomorrow? AND THERE'S MORE! The Super Sons lost and secret adventures are also tied into this omnibus collection! Taking readers on an epic tale that transcends current events, as Superboy and Robin find themselves targets of an interstellar team of young badasses called the Gang. Lost in space and time–having barely escaped the Gang–Superboy and Robin will have to go through the Planet of Mystery, an intergalatic juvenile detention facility, and a lawless planet that lives like the wild wild west, in order to get home again! But will the Gang be able to play planetary smash-and-grab with Earth before the Super Sons can get back? Collects Superman #10-11, Superman #37-38, Teen Titans #15, Super Sons #1-16, DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1, Super Sons Annual #1, Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #3, and Adventures of the Super Sons #1-12

Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 9 December 8, 2020 672 pages

Batman's adventures from the mid-1950s are collected for the first time in hardcover, continuing here with Batman: The Golden Age Vol. 9. These stories from the early 1950s feature alternate versions of the Caped Crusader, as well as Batman's foes The Joker, Two-Face, the Penguin, and Catwoman. Along the way, the Dynamic Duo travel back in time to meet "The Batman of Yesterday," and encounter another Batman in modern-day Gotham City. Plus, Batman joins the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Catwoman stalks a beauty pageant, The Joker directs his own movie crimes, and more. Collects Batman #76-84, plus stories from Detective Comics #192-208 and World's Finest Comics #63-70.

Absolute Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 (New Printing) December 8, 2020 544 pages

The saga of outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem written by comics superstar Warren Ellis in Absolute format. Black humor, life-threatening situations, and moral ambiguity, give a look into the mind of an outlaw journalist and the world he seeks to destroy. The contents aren't listed, but I'm assuming it's the same as the first printing (Transmetropolitan #1-18, Transmetropolitan: I Hate it Here, VERTIGO Winter's Edge #2). The price does increase though….

Swamp Thing Noir Hardcover – September 8, 2020 416 pages

Man or monster? Discover the origin and struggles of Alan Moore's SWAMP THING. A collection from Alan Moore's iconic take on Swamp Thing! Swamp Thing Noir begins with Moore's first Swamp Thing issue — a haunting reimagining of the origins of Swamp Thing. The collection then spins into Swamp Thing's life, featuring his encounters with the Floronic Man, Jason Blood, and Anton Arcane, to name a few! Then there's Abby. Best friends…maybe more? But could a human ever really fall in love with Swamp Thing? Collects The Saga of the Swamp Thing #20-34 (1982-) and Swamp Thing Annual #2 (1985-).

Delighted to know the Batman Golden Age are continuing.

Also thrilled about Phantom Stranger — having the original series alone is a big plus.

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