It looks like DC Comics are using the Omnibus format as their current way to collect classic material in chronological order.  In the past, there have been the Archives series (hardcover, full color), the Showcase Presents series (softcover, black and white, usually twice the page count of an Archive), and the Chronicles series (softcover, full color, smaller page count than an Archive).  In the past few years, all of these lines have been quietly shuttered, and now DC is releasing Omnibus collections in both hardcover and softcover formats.

As you would expect, the Omnibus hardcovers are huge.  Two Silver Age volumes collected the first 76 issues of JLA (along with Brave and Bold 28-30 and Mystery in Space 75), for example.  Earlier this year, DC released JLA: The Bronze Age Omnibus Volume 1, collecting JLA # 77-113.  That's almost half of the original series collected in this way, which for a fan like me is great news.  The JLA Archives had 10 volumes, collected the first 93 issues, and the first volume and last volume were released twenty-two years apart.  The first JLA Omnibus came out in 2014.

DC is also releasing these collections in trade paperbacks with a smaller page count than the hardcovers.  The great thing is that these TPBs collect more issues than the Archives did!  The material collected in the first JLA Silver Age Omnibus has all been released in 3 TPBs.

I have the first JLA Silver Age TPB, and I loved it!  I also have the first JLA Showcase Presents, but I find that without color, I just don't enjoy the stories as much as I could.  Actually, I find I enjoy most Silver Age comics more in color versus reading them in Showcase Presents and Essential Marvel.

I wonder how many of the rest of you are buying and reading these Omnibus collections, and what you think of the format.

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"That's just sad."

I fact-checked myself over the weekend. It was The Creeper but it wasn't the introduction; it was the brand new contents page. Some of the original comics list both Denny O'Neil and the "Sergius O'Shaugnessey" pseudonym. Anoyone know why?

"I actually applied for the job as DC's reprint editor, but never heard back from them."

That's too bad.

Agreed. Heck, Walt Simonson's Thor proved you don't even need a reboot to make it fresh.

Captain Comics said:

I'm with you there, Fraser. I'm not much of a Sekowsky fan, but even so I admit the "Diana Rigg" era of Wonder Woman was competent and even entertaining, if nothing else.

It just wasn't Wonder Woman.

As George Perez and others proved years later, you can reboot Wonder Woman successfully without dropping everything that makes her Wonder Woman. You just have to put in the work to make her unique concepts continue to be relevant as time passes. Just dropping everything Wonder about the woman and writing an entirely different character is the easy way out.


I gave a (reluctant) pass to Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 5 because it reprinted only eight comics (Batman #38-45) which I didn't already own in "Archive" format.

I did pre-order Vol. 6, solicited to ship November 14. Although it reprints 21 stories from Detective Comics #133-153 I already have in Archive format, It also reprints 20 issues (Batman #46-55 and World's Finest #33-42) I don't have.

Now, Vol. 7 has been solicited for June 12 release. Although it does reprint 16 stories (from Detective Comics #155-170), it moves beyond that point and reprints #171-173 as well, plus 10 issues each of Batman (#56-65) and World's Finest (#43-52).

[I'll be liquidating two archives reprinting Detective Comics #136-170, eliminating duplication, if anyone here is interested.]

DETECTIVE COMICS: BEFORE BATMAN (Vols. 1 & 2): Also solicited in the new Previews (for March 20 release) is this two-volume set collecting Detective Comics #1-13 and #14-26 in their entirety.

I’m def on board for the “Before Batman” books. Oddly, it’s more comprehensive than what we have from the “After Batman” reprints of Detective Comics!

I love the concept though I doubt getting to read the initial adventures of Slam Bradley, Spy and the Crimson Avenger would be a big draw! For us, yes but for most, no.

Captain Comics said:

I’m def on board for the “Before Batman” books. Oddly, it’s more comprehensive than what we have from the “After Batman” reprints of Detective Comics!

Yeah... that's one I really want to see, but I have a hard time justifying the price. 

Of course, they'll no doubt be digital soon afterward. 

I just now read through Previews, and I thought I'd add to Jeff's note that the listing says that the book will be scanned from the original comics. I'm sure that will save lots of money, but I hope that it doesn't end up being unreadably dark like some of the other books they've done the same way. I'll get the books anyway, as I'm a sucker for that early stuff, even though I expect that other than the "charm" most of the stories will be terrible.

Also my 2c on the Batman Omnibus: I remember reading random reprints of those 50s stories decades ago, and I thought they were awful then - I can't imagine they've gotten any better. So I think I'm done. Although I do have to give DC credit for continuing the line - the collector part of me just loves the concept of everything being reprinted. Although as others have mentioned in this forum, there's still lots of stuff left from the golden age just waiting for attention.

I actually like 1950s Batman quite a bit, so I'm happy (although I'm only up to Omnibus IV so I've a ways to go). The SF stuff is often silly, but I enjoy the stories showing off Batman's tech in more detail. And I love the villains who turn out to be pulling some kind of scam, such as the Spinner or "The Man Who Could Change Fingerprints"

Released on Wed Oct 3 2018


Collects House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing (1972) #1-13


Collects ASM #296-329 and material from Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10


Learn the hidden history of Marvel's most terrifying tome! Penned by the elder god Chthon and containing the blackest of magic, could the Darkhold be responsible for the Werewolf by Night's curse? Jack Russell's quest for the truth leads him into conflict with...Dracula! Modred the Mystic dared to learn the Darkhold's secrets, but he spells trouble for the Avengers when Chthon chooses Scarlet Witch as the vessel for his rebirth! And Doctor Strange attempts to use the Darkhold to destroy all vampires - as Thor battles Dracula! Collecting MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #3-4; WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (1972) #1, #3 and #15; TOMB OF DRACULA (1972) #18-19; MARVEL CHILLERS #1-2; AVENGERS (1963) #185-187; DOCTOR STRANGE (1974) #59-62, #67 and #81; THOR (1966) #332-333; and material from DRACULA LIVES #6; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #22; X-MEN ANNUAL (1970) #12; and DOCTOR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #9-13 and #15.


Collects Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #12-21 and Druid #1-4


Collects Tomb of Dracula #16-24, Werewolf By Night #15, Giant Size Spider-Man 1, Giant Size Chillers #1, Giant Size Dracula #2, Frankenstein #7-9, and Dracula Lives #5-7


Collects Tomb of Dracula #1-31, Werewolf By Night #15, Giant Size Chillers #1, Giant Size Dracula #2-4

I'm surprised they're not including the actual series DARKHOLD as well.

Tomb of Dracula is one I honestly don't feel I need in color. Colan's shadowy art works perfectly in B&W.

I believe that the ESSENTIAL TOMB OF DRACULA's four volumes came out very quickly. In fact, ETOD #4 arrived before ESSENTIAL FANTASTIC FOUR #4!!

Still the paper is so thin that it's better to have it in the color trades!

Fraser Sherman said:

I'm surprised they're not including the actual series DARKHOLD as well.

Tomb of Dracula is one I honestly don't feel I need in color. Colan's shadowy art works perfectly in B&W.

I'm tempted to get TOD just because I'll probably sell the floppies someday. But I won't, unless I'm sure there's going to be a volume two to finish the series. Marvel's publishing plan is baffling in that regard. Take Dr. Strange, for example -- the first omnibus and all the existing Masterworks cover essentially the same material, all of Strange Tales and some of the first solo series. Then they jump to the Roy Thomas material (the fourth solo series, I think), then jump again to the modern era, leaving huge chunks un-reprinted.

That Darkhold book is one of the things I find so awesome in this Golden Age or Reprints. If I was going to research the Darkhold, I'd have all the issues to do it, and Wikipedia to tell me which ones I want. But I have close to 300 longboxes stacked 4-5 high and I've already injured an arm once moving longboxes. And, in fact, that situation arose, when the Darkhold appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- and I didn't do it and wrote about something that didn't require so much physical labor. But the Omnibus pulls it all together for me.

I ordered the Hellstorm omnibus on the strength of a description (somewhere) that the Satana series would be included. Never heard of it? That's because Marvel balked at publishing it. So Ellis turned it into his Strange Kiss series. But the description above doesn't include iit -- or enough issues for an omnibus. What gives?

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