That darn Barry Alllen! He comes back and leaves a mess all over the place!


DC relaunches all titles post-Flashpoint

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Or another way:


Reboot: "Heroes Reborn"


Relaunch: "Heroes Return"

At least as far as Green Lantern goes, it seems neither reboot nor relaunch. Simply a new storyline with a #1 on it. But we'll have to see how different GL becomes, if at all. 
DC says Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again.
I'm of mixed feelings about this, to say the least.


So am I, if it's true. But Birds of Prey is to be relaunched as a covert ops team, leader unknown, while there will be a new Batgirl title, but the only thing known about her is the promotional art shows her as a red head again.

I'm all for Barbara Gordon getting past The Killing Joke and regaining the use of her legs, but she is much more important now to the DC Universe as Oracle than she ever was as Batgirl.

But DC will put someone in the costume, at least to retain the trademark/copyright.

I don't want to sound like the only voice of Political Correctness.  (God knows I'd like a bit of company) But won't throwing out Oracle reduce DC's social representation even further?  Oracle is not only a disabled person showing that she has just as much to offer as anyone else, but also a strong mature woman who has ploughed a very strong, independant and self-defined path over the years, and showed young girls that what is above their neck is every bit as important as what's below it.


As much by accident as by design, that is what Barbera became, and her existence as Oracle was a credit to DC.  It'd be impossible to create another disabled character as strong from scratch.


And she's going to be replaced by another fit young cape-bunny in a skintight costume?


DC absolutely don't care about any of this, do they?

I'm certain DC's aware of that -- it had to come up in their conversations with Gail Simone about the character. Maybe something is being done elsewhere to compensate for this loss, although I worry it's not.


Part of Simone's statement on the DC blog was this, however: "This is classic Barbara as she was originally conceived, with a few big surprises." So maybe the solution to this is in those surprises, though I can't conceive of how that would be.

She gets a suit* that allows her to do a little field work now and then?


*Or injections/a clone avatar she can possess/a time travelling younger self/a doppelganger/a kid sister/a hard light remote control hologram/a formless protoplasmic blob that thinks it's Barbara Gordon (don't laugh)


Actually I think there were intimations in Batman Inc, that Barbara would get a virtual body to explore the virtual world that is becoming more important by the day. (Hmmm!)

Well yeah, it's comics, so all of those are possible. And I guess any of them have the possibility of being good -- but none of it sounds likely to be, at least within the context of Gotham and standard Batman stories.

An interesting tweet exchange from a couple of hours ago:


 Danielle Ni Dhighe 

Currently, Superman WAS Superboy...has been since Infinite Crisis.

Currently, Superman WAS Superboy...has been since Infinite Crisis.

I didn't know that, but I see from reports that it's mostly a technicality, in much the same way that Clark Kent on Smallville was Superboy. He had no costume and nobody ever called him that. And since they aren't writing stories about that time, it seems kind of moot.

Although I guess it does re-establish his link with the Legion, so they can go back to having a logical reason to form. That's good, it's been keeping me awake nights wondering how the Legion could possibly have existed if there were no Superboy. I sure hope the relaunch maintains that point.

As to Barbara, I agree that they turned an odd, gratuitous moment in a one-shot comic into a huge benefit by making her into a key part of the DCU or at least the Batman Family. To undo that just to make Barbara Gordon back into Batgirl seems clueless, unless those action figure revenues are really enticing.

But that's the way I felt about Barry Allen, too, and they undid his position in the DCU recently. Just because it's old doesn't mean it HAS to be revived.

-- MSA

Just to update my earlier post: From reading her tweets, it's clear that Gail's very aware of the diversity issues in DC un-disabling their one prominent disabled character -- but it seems to me that there are mitigating elements to the story she's not allowed to talk about yet. She's working with DC to see if there's something she can say that might calm people down about it -- which leads me to believe that there are things about the Batgirl launch that aren't exactly what they seem, and that there are plans for Oracle as well. Whether they're the same person any more remains to be seen.

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