That darn Barry Alllen! He comes back and leaves a mess all over the place!


DC relaunches all titles post-Flashpoint

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Kent Allard said:

If they do renumber Action, Detective, Superman and Batman, in how many months will they restore the old numbering?


...What he said . :-(  Hmph .

True, how can they expect any reader support with so little info? It's hard to judge what we may want because we know next to nothing about this new direction, just some pretty costumes!
But not its days as the inspiration for the primary medium!

Rich Lane said:

Print still has a good twenty years in it, but its days as the primary medium are critically numbered.


Don Collett said:

Mark:  As far as I understand it, the current creators have had enough advance notice to be able to wrap up all current storylines.  So there will closure, or at least the attempt at same.  Then we get to unwrap the presents in September...yeah, to me it's like Christmas three months early.  That's how excited I'm getting. :)

Some new number ones I want to see...


Doom Patrol (hey, a guy can dream)

Blue Beetle (Ted or Jamie, I like 'em both)



...Was it you who commented about anticipating the next version of the DP when I posted about the recent title-ending DOOM PATROL #22 ????????? Betcha' didn't know you'd be gratified so fast !!!!!!!!! Such is life ij the Internet era , I guess...:-0...

The Baron said:

Hah! Love it. That brought me back to the mountain, I can tell you.

The main thing that concerns me most at the moment is we have a lot more conjecture than actual facts.

Of the 52 (there's THAT number again) titles that are supposed to be going forward come September, the only ones we know for sure at the moment are JLA, JSA, Green Lantern, and new attempts at Aquaman and Hawkman.

Granted there are bound to be a Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Legion title; and I'll be totally surprised if DC discontinues Action and Detective, although that doesn't necessarily mean that the big two will maintain their old homes as well as their own books.

A Titans title is a hopeful given, but Teen, the originals together again, or some combination of the two?

Doom Patrol, JSA All-Stars, and Outsiders were ended before Flashpoint started, so 40 remain unaccounted for at the moment. What of Adventure, Batman Beyond, Birds of Prey, Green Arrow, Flash, Power Girl, Supergirl, and Zatanna?

All the titles I've listed in this post pretty much covers my existing (pre-Flashpoint) reading list at the moment, not counting the forthcoming Aquaman and Hawkman.

I'll have to go home and count titles, but 52 is probably a rough number of how many DCU books exist now (when I asked my LCS guy, he said pretty much the same).


But how many of those are Batman books? As much as I love Batman, there must be at least 10 or 15 Bat-titles -- and when one of them stars Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, you know they're stretching. If DC can beef up the likes of Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, and add some variety, you'll get no complaints for me.


Ditto for some of the fringier titles, like Doom Patrol or a new Challengers of the Unknown, or Blackhawk, or  -- heck, DC's got a million concepts in its vaults, requiring only a fresh, 21st century take to make them viable again. And, you know, I would love to see them go outside the box a little, and revive, say, Lois Lane -- give me a title that convinces me she's worthy of being Superman's mate. Why not? She'll have her own title briefly during Flashpoint, so somebody's got Ms. Lane on the brain.


The more I think about this, the more I like it. DC's gotten a little stale, while Marvel's created families -- and families of titles -- for such unlikely candidates as Deadpool, Hulk and Wolverine. They've even managed to get Spidey's mug regularly in a series of books without "Spider-Man" in the title, which I think has been good for sales, and good for Spidey. Even Fantastic Four has gotten an aggressive makeover. Meanwhile, over at DC, anything that isn't written by Johns or doesn't star Superman or Batman seems in perpetual danger of being canceled, and none of the DCU books ever seem to take any chances.


And you know a dog whistle I heard in the announcement? Yes, yes, I'm sure there will be more diversity (as noted above, it looks like Justice League #1 will have an African-American from the get-go, in the form of Cyborg). But I also heard "different ages" -- and that would really be a huge change in DC's superhero universe, where all of the oldest, most popular characters seem to be perpetually 35. What if Superman was 35, but Green Arrow was 22? What if Hawkman and Atom were separated by 25 years? That would be a profound change in the foundation of the DC universe.


This is all specualtion, of course, but as I said above, the more I think about this the more I like it -- and the farther I hope they'll go in shaking things up.







Cap, I would love to see differences in age as well as race, etc. in the DCU.  That may be because I'm not tied to the idea that Superman has to be first.  He could, given his abilities and personality (whatever that may be post-Flashpoint), quickly become the standard for the super community regardless whether there were any who came before him.

Besides, who says that everyone has to start their career at roughly the same age?

There's a second DC post abut the big boom on The Source, which was also sent out as a press release. Which I have duly posted as a press release:


DC announces more #1 titles

I finally understand the POV of all those who bailed on the DCU after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. I always said I did and pretended to, but I never saw CoIE as either a beginning or an end so much as a continuation (albeit one seen through a distorting lens). And that’s what this post-Flashpoint DCU will be, too… if one decides to view it that way. I’ll tell ya, if I was 20 years old again (and if comics were still 60 cents apiece), I’d be buying every gorram one of these! From my point of view, I wasn’t ready for the DCU to come to an end in 1985, but I think I am now. There’s something comforting about knowing my had a beginning (Action Comics #1, 1938) and it soon will have an end. I don’t anticipate reading too many of these DC titles going forward, but hell… I am extremely exited for those of you who will be and I’m very enthusiastic about this upcoming reboot, whatever form it should take.


I feel like Admiral Kirk at the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

And everyone does know now?
If you read Comics Scene, Amazing Heroes, or even USA Today back then, you did.

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