I applaud what DC is doing with their covers this month: character shots and large logos against a white background. DC tends to be more inventive than Marvel when it comes to themed covers: first those “portrait” covers (10 or so years ago), then the ones that incorporated the title into the cover design, now these. Comic books are relatively expensive these days, but back in the day when they were 60 cents apiece, I would’ve bought every one. I wonder if there are any young fanboys today doing so just because of the covers?

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There are...but they ain't young.
I like the idea, and most of the covers look great -- though there are a couple of logos, like the top hat symbol on this month's Zatanna, that are kind of weak.
I come from the other end, I find them to be pretty boring myself.
I'm more in favor of covers that reflect the story within than constant pin-up/poster shots.

The white-backgrounded comics stood out on the shelves and drew my attention enough to realise that they were still publishing some of those titles.  Normally things like Teen Titans and Birds of Prey are just background noise when I scan the racks.* 


As you say, Jeff, if they were cheaper, I might even have thought of leafing through them with a view to buying.


*"Scan the racks" - such a bizarrely appropriate turn of phrase! *snicker*.

I don't really like them. Some of them are kind of cool looking, but give me a hint of what's going on inside and I'll be much happier.


However, it does beat the mid-90's "giant face" covers month. On the flipside of that, not as good as the fully-integrated title comics of the early 2000's month.


Still, pretty gimmicky no matter how you slice it.

Yes, it's pretty gimmicky and I will even admit that I prefer covers which depict an actual scene from inside the issue (maybe even with dialogue balloons - gasp!), but I consider these something different. There are good gimmicks and bad ones, and I think this one succeeds in its intended purpose, to stand out on the racks and draw attention.


I must make a note to remember to vote for this gimmick in the 2011 Cappies.

I liked the giant face covers. Though the best one was probably the Deadpool cover making fun of them. "Look, it's my head!"

I agree with Jeff of Earth-J. While I would normally prefer covers that portray action or indicate the story- and I get tired of pin-up covers month after month- I think that this is a cool exercise that helps the books to stand out in an otherwise slow time of the year.
It's also a nice counterpoint to the black covers featuring villain portraits from a few years ago. Was that called "New Year's Evil," or am I conflating two events?
I think it was Faces of Evil.

Rob Staeger said:
It's also a nice counterpoint to the black covers featuring villain portraits from a few years ago. Was that called "New Year's Evil," or am I conflating two events?

Oh, yeah, I bought one of those...


Ah, that's right -- but it was another January event -- DC likes this strategy of having its line pop out in January!

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