I didn’t think I was in the mood to read a Deathlok Masterworks… until I started to flip through it! I didn’t read Deathlok’s run in Astonishing Tales when it was new; it was one of those series I picked up on the cheap in college rather than, y’know… studying. This would have been right around the time (either just before or just after, I can’t remember which), the whole storyline was brought to a close in 1983. When Deathlok’s series in Astonishing Tales was cancelled (with issue #36 in 1976), the character spent a couple of years bopping around the Marvel Universe until his story was ended in Captain America #286-288.

The best compliment I can give to Marvel Masterworks Volume 127 is that it is edited exactly the same way I would have edited it myself, including individual pages of Marvel Two-In-One #28, 34 &53, plus a short story from Marvel Fanfare #4, all inserted exactly where I would have placed them. The introduction to the volume, “The Origins of Deathlok” written by Rich Buckler is highly informative. This single volume contains every appearance of the original character (any version which appeared in print since 1983 is a wholly different character), both major and minor, and is a fascinating look into the way comics used to be done in the Bronze Age.

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I would pick up Essential Deathlok in a heartbeat, but a Masterworks ... nah.
I've got my eye on this Masterworks, Jeff. I've always liked the original Deathlok character and that great Buckler Art. Nice to hear that they threw all that other stuff in, as well!
Thanks for the info, Jeff, as I've been debating buying this myself. I did read all those stories as they came out, so I don't really need it for completeness. However I'm tempted to get it (and MMW: The Inhumans) just to have all those stories in one place in chronological order -- in other words, the same reason I get books like Showcase Presents: Elongated Man.

And that's why I'm with Dr. Hmmm. I'd rather spend $15 for an Essentials rather than $55 for an MMW for books I already have. But I don't know if there will ever be an Essentials. Same quandary with Inhumans, now that I think about it.

Of course, having the originals gives me the option to wait and see! It's not like my life is suffering from a dearth of Deathlok or anything ...
"A dearth of Deathlok." HA!
The Dearthlok MMW is $65.00.

I'm willing to bet that if there's an Essentials done, it won't be for a looooong time.

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