Over on  Newsarama, Matt Fraction said, "Sometimes I think Defenders was doomed the minute the word Defenders was put on the cover."  I'm curious what other people think.  Is the Defenders a title doomed to fail or is it just that Matt Fraction's Defenders were doomed to fail?

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Luis Olavo de Moura Dantas said:

Sal Buscema will always be _the_ Defenders artist to me.

I have to agree with you, there. I really can't picture the book under anyone else's hands.

I mostly enjoyed Kraft's run on the title, with the exception of how he handled the "dwarf with a gun" subplot. 

Gerber is without a doubt my favourite.


If forced to pick a second favourite, I'd go with Englehart, if only for the Avengers-Defenders war.

Border Mutt said:

Just out of curiosity, if everyone were to pick their favourite Defender's writer, how many would go with Gerber?

Personally, I would go with JM Demattis, but considering the 12 year old rule comes into play, I'm probably a little biased.  However, my second favourite run was by Busiek on a later series. 

What are everyone else's favourite two runs?

Randy Jackson said:

I mostly enjoyed Kraft's run on the title, with the exception of how he handled the "dwarf with a gun" subplot.

George Poague said:

If only all subplots could be resolved by having a truck run over someone! ;)

Actually, I can't blame the guy. The whole "dwarf with a gun" nonsense was just that -- nonsense, with no point, no purpose, no aim save a bit of whimsy on Steve Gerber's part because Sal Buscema asked for something different to draw. And the dwarf was Gerber's pet character. So if Dave Kraft was uninterested, sure, get rid of him. I don't fault him for that one bit.

What issues comprise the "dwarf with a gun" subplot?  

(And technically, doesn't that deserve a SPOILER ALERT?)

Issue #46 is the last (original) Elf with a Gun appearance.

Yeah, the elf with the gun did come back in the 120s and he even got a change of clothes and showed up in DC's Countdown to Mystery #8.

Anyone else remember elf sightings after the treadmarks?

Elf with a Gun on Wikipedia

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