Did this actually happen or am I just going insane from too many Marvel crossovers?

The other day as I was trying to sleep after reading the conclusion of the Avengers Infinity Gems/Illuminati storyline it occurred to me that there are 6 Infinity Gems and 6 sides to a Cosmic Cube so what would happen if someone put them together?

Then I vaguely recalled that in the '90s sequels to The Infinity Gauntlet, Magnus was doing something with Cosmic Cubes but I have no idea what and my brain mercifully shut down before I went insane. So has a story been written where this happened (in continuity or a What If?), or am I the first person the be crazy enough to wonder about this?

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I don't know ... but if you are the first person the be crazy enough to wonder about this, hows about spinning the whole story? It might be fun.
There were two direct sequels to The Infinity Gauntlet: The Infinity War  and The Infinity Crusade which led to Warlock and the Infinity Watch. But I don't remember any such story though my 90s comic memory is bad!

Don't forget Infinity Abyss.



I don't recall such a story, either.

I have no memory of Infinity Abyss. It may have come in that period where I dropped out of comics.
I have no recollection of Infinity Abyss and I know I was paying attention to comics at that time (I recognize the trade dress being used on the cover).  That one must have really flown under the radar.
I read all four series and I do not ever remember any association between the Infiniity gems and the Cosmic Cube(s).

Now that the subject has been broached, watch Marvel now produce "The story YOU demanded!" and never give anyone on this board any credit.

In any event: six gems, six facets to a (cosmic) cube. Seems logical to me.

But the trick will be to place the RIGHT gem on the RIGHT cube side in the RIGHT order (and maybe reveal the prize inside).

Wow, that's... 46,656 permutations!?
Well, I never did the math before I wrote that Jeff, but I shutter to think of the consequences if something went wrong during the process!

I think Infinity Gauntlet and the Silver Surfer stories that featured his return (and led into IG) was the height of Thanos as a character. With the sequel minis that followed (never heard of Abyss), Thanos seemed to drift and dwindle and wasn't as effective as he was previously. Maybe the character got over-used or burned out.

I think it could be a cool story if done by the right writer, but I don't think I could wrap my head around it to make it work. I mean by themselves the Cosmic Cube & the 6 Infinity Gems effectively make their users omnipotent right? So putting them together makes them what...super-omnipotent? (Either that or it becomes a cosmic Jack-in-the-Box and the Impossible Man pops out of it on a spring)


I do think Lee's idea that each gem has to be put on the proper facet is an interesting way to go.


If anybody on the board wants to run with making this a story you have my full blessing. (Of course if anyone from Marvel is reading this and likes the idea, I'm going to at least need a shout out in the book and a free copy of the mini series)


ClarkKent_DC said:

I don't know ... but if you are the first person the be crazy enough to wonder about this, hows about spinning the whole story? It might be fun.
Jeff of Earth-J said:
Wow, that's... 46,656 permutations!?

It will be the total number of issues of the mini an its crossovers.

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