Did this actually happen or am I just going insane from too many Marvel crossovers?

The other day as I was trying to sleep after reading the conclusion of the Avengers Infinity Gems/Illuminati storyline it occurred to me that there are 6 Infinity Gems and 6 sides to a Cosmic Cube so what would happen if someone put them together?

Then I vaguely recalled that in the '90s sequels to The Infinity Gauntlet, Magnus was doing something with Cosmic Cubes but I have no idea what and my brain mercifully shut down before I went insane. So has a story been written where this happened (in continuity or a What If?), or am I the first person the be crazy enough to wonder about this?

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Well, the more I thought about my idea of uniting the two, what if once the two items are, absolutely nothing happens!

It could be the ultimate cosmic joke to neutralize the gems and the cube once and for all.

Maybe my math is all fouled up, but I think that there are 21 possible permutations of six cosmic cubes and six sides.  Pick any one side of the cube... only six possible "fits."  For the next side, there are only five possibilities (one gem is already in place.)  And so on... 1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21.  Or have I forgotten the right way to do this?


TurningPoint said:

PowerBook Pete said:
Jeff of Earth-J said:
Wow, that's... 46,656 permutations!?

It will be the total number of issues of the mini an its crossovers.

With the title The Cosmic Rubix!





Jeff's is way too high, because the Cube is monochromatic, and all 6 sides are identical to the others. The Cube has no "top" side, "bottom" side, etc, so all we can really count is the position of the Gems relative to each other, not to the Cube.


SAF's formula seems too easy to be correct, and I think it may be too few.


And I just found something on teh interwebs that shows how to determine the correct answer, which is 30!


Although, rereading it, it seems to start off with an assumption that there is a top and bottom, so we may be back to the drawing board. Let me do some thinking...


Re-rereading it shows he accounts for it.

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I always did confuse combinations with permutaions. I thought of it on the way home last week, but hoped this topic would go away over the weekend. (Oh, for the ability to edit past date posts!) Infinity Abyss was on of three self-contained yet interconnected series (the other two being The End and Thanos) written and drawn by Jim Starlin. The previous "Infinity" series were only written by Starlin but mostly drawn by Ron Lim (with a few early issue by Geroge Perez), and were the lynch-pins of companywide crossovers. Thanos was to have been an ongoing series, but was ended prematurely due to some sort of a dispute between Starlin and Marvel regarding the direction of the series which led to Starlin's departure. Keith Giffen finished the series off, and he, Abnett and Lanning picked up elements of the story from where Giffen had left them a few years later in the various Annihilation series.

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