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LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Walt Disney Co. says it is acquiring Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion in cash and stock, bringing characters like Iron Man and Spider-Man into the Disney family.
Under the deal, Disney will acquire ownership of 5,000 Marvel characters.
Disney said Monday that Marvel shareholders will receive $30 per share in cash plus 0.745 Disney shares for every Marvel share they own.
It said the boards of Disney and Marvel have both approved the transaction, but it requires an antitrust review and the approval of Marvel shareholders.

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I must say, I expected this to happen in the dark days of the 1990s, but now? Well, this is surprising. I'm not sure how I feel about it. There are certainly pluses and minuses to being pulled into the fold of a big conglomeration.

Ooh. Does this mean that the former Pixar guys can now do something with Marvel characters?
It means we get to hear the Red Skull sing in the next Disney musical.
0.745 shares? Really? Yeah, it's an interesting news story with long term implications but what stands out most for me is that silly number.
Wow that is interesting...My first thought was about the parks. Currently Marvel is associated with Universal, with their Island of Adventure... I wonder what that means for that? And I wonder what it means for Marvel's movie production house.
And what about Disney's current deal with Boom Studios? Talk about getting the rug pulled out from under you!
Also: I'm eager to see who's in and who's out at Marvel. I'm not saying anyone should go, but it will happen and it could be bloody if the Disney folks see some need to radically change things.
That being said these last few years have been a real high point for Marvel, so it's hard to imagine any major changes.
Hey, does this mean Howard the Duck can look like a duck again? Can Scrooge and Howard have a team-up?
Ooh, "Howard the Duck by Don Rosa" has a nice sound to it, eh?
Goodbye, Marvel. You only have yourself to blame.
I see a Incredibles/Fantastic Four team-up!

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