Regardless of what time zone you live in, the fiftieth anniversary special is still hours away as I post this.

To commemorate the occasion, below are a couple of time lines.

The first is a list of the official (the BBC only considers televised episodes canonical) team ups between various Doctors.

The post after that is an updated list of my long running timeline/checklist of everything Doctor Who related since the series revival in 2005.


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I enjoyed it immensely.  Great interactions between the three Doctors, and plenty going on.


A huge plus for me was the absence of Rory and Amy and River blooming Song.  None of them ever struck me as real or engaging, and the logic defying twists their scripts kept dumping on their stories kept me cool on them.


Even though there was a lot of 'continuity' stuff here, it was still a self-contained story that gave you everything you needed to enjoy what was on offer.


The omnipotent bomb with a conscience was interesting...

Has the Matt Smith finale also had an international screening or was it only the UK that saw it Xmas day?
Without spoilers any initial views?

BBC America ran it last night at 9pm EST and repeated it a couple of hours later. I enjoyed it as it went, but, thinking back, I'm not sure it will stand up well to repeat viewings.

It wasn't as good as The Day of the Doctor though it had its moments.

It had the one cameo that Matt Smith's tenure needed to have at its end!

I thought Day of was quality but thought this was durge.! They should have regenerated Smith into Capaldi as the 50th and saved us this sad panromime.!

I think this will stand up to repeat viewings in the way that other Christmas specials don't for me.

I find that with other Christmas episodes there's a lot of Christmas sparkly jazz they do that gets you the first time and wears thin on repeated viewings. Singers in angelic roles for example.

The bits of Christmas jazz in this one aren't too thick and the main thread of the episode is mythology heavy. There are bits of continuity you need to understand to get how it all ties together. But I enjoy watching episodes over and over to figure out those things.

Also Clara always looks nice. And besides Jenna in fetching black stockings, there are other visuals I won't get tired of too quickly--bald man, altar that doubles for bed, funny cyber head, not roasted yet turkey, nice Gran, Christmas cracker with no joke and such bits that flew by the first time through.

Apparently Clara is staying on as the Doctor's Companion. It will be interesting to see if there's still some sexual tension now that the Doctor is now a much older man.

I've never seen this new actor in anything (or if I have I've forgotten about it). The only two Doctors that I had seen in other things before seeing them as the Doctor were Chriistopher Eccleston and Peter Davison--and of course Peter Cushing. And I think that had a negative effect on how I saw them as the Doctor. So I'm not in a hurry to look up anything else that this new guy has been in.

Physically he reminds me of Jon Pertwee. There was a lot of sexual tension between the Third Doctor and Jo Grant (Katy Manning)--one of my favourite companions. I think there was even more of an age gap between them.

Anyway, Clara has seen all the Doctors--old, young, in-between. She's the Impossible Girl.

One good thing about this last story is it leaves Matt Smith the opportunity to reprise his role as the Doctor at any time in his life. Even when he's much older, Smith can return for the 100th Anniversary playing Eleven near the end of his life.

Initial views without spoilers?

I say that Steven Moffat indulged in a great deal of “writer’s fiat” to achieve his “neat idea.”

Regarding the possibility of Matt Smith reprising his role in the future, I think “The Rebel Flesh” / “The Almost People” already set that that up. “Time of the Doctor” did set up [MILD SPOILER HERE] the means by which Christopher Eccleston may reprise his role [END SPOILER], and of course a duplicate of Tennent’s Doctor exists on “Pete’s World.”

Personally I've had enough of all these doctor-centric storylines, can't we just go back to science fiction / fantatsy / mystery stories that had an interesting lead character that gave us a little bit of ghis own history/background as he went along REACTING to plots around him...not BEING the plot EVERY time..?

When there's a regular show on every week, they do lots of episodes that aren't Doctor-centric. Unfortunately, we're in a non-season year and both shows have been specials, with important events in the Doctor's mythology, so it follows that they would be Doctor-centric.

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