As I have stated earlier, my knowledge of the good Doctor is limited, my exposure to him moreso. I know that he is a Time Lord who regenerates into new bodies (actors). Originally he was an old man having historical adventures. Peter Cushing played him in a movie. It was a low-budget children's show originally.


I saw some of Tom Baker's run. For better or worse, he's my image of the Doctor. And I have some of the Marvel comics from that time. I know about the TARDIS and the Daleks. Wasn't there a robot-dog? And the Doctor always has an attractive companion!


Are there other Time Lords?


Does he work independently or is he someone's agent?


Does he remember his past incarnations? Has he ever been reunited with past companions?


Beyond regeneration, does he have any other special abilities?


I know he's never referred to as "Doctor Who", usually it's the Doctor but does he have a proper name?


Is he fully sane, mostly sane or somewhat sane?


And where would you start to watch him now?

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Craig Ferguson just did a full show about Doctor Who (with Matt Smith as his guest). The first part of the show is embedded here, and you might be able to find the rest on his CBS site. (I haven't seen anything but the cold open yet, but the episode is saved on my Tivo).
Phillip, about two years ago I was in almost exactly the same position you, except that I knew even less about the Doctor then than you know now. I have since familiarized myself with all the Doctors, and I have my own personal favorite stories for each to recommend. If you're interested in the recent stuff, I'll echo the recommendation to start at the beginning of the Christopher Eccleston series. If you're interested in the older stuff, I recommend starting at the very beginning. Where you go from there depends on what you personally are interested in.
I am going to get the Doctor Who: Fifth Season set soon after the holidays. Is that good?
Philip Portelli said:
I am going to get the Doctor Who: Fifth Season set soon after the holidays. Is that good?

I enjoyed it - It's a sort of new beginning, under a new showrunner - there are sme mentions of previous stories, but you should be able to enjoy it.
I think that, too, is a good place to start. It's a new Doctor, a new companion, a new producer, a fresh start. I think the Fifth Series (moreso than the Second through Fourth, perhaps) made an effort to be new-viewer friendly. You can be introduced to the Doctor through the eyes of his new companion, Amy Pond. Then you'll be all set to watch and discuss the next season when it begins. Here's a brief run-down...

Series One: Ninth Doctor & Rose
Series Two: Tenth Doctor & Rose
Series Three: Tenth Doctor & Martha
Series Four: Tenth Doctor & Donna
Series Five: Eleventh Doctor & Amy

There is also a series of specials featuring the Tenth Doctor solo between series four and five (the British say "series" instead of "season"). Series one through four contain standalone episodes mixed with two parters, but each season builds upon an arc of its own, and all four series combine to tell one huge story. Any episode (or two-parter) can be enjoyed on its own, but to fully appreciate the big picture, they should be viewed in order. But Series Five is a new beginning so you should be fine starting there.
Just for fun, since it's the program's 47th Anniversary, I watched the very first episode, "An Unearthly Child", while I was eating my breakfast this morning. I've been watching the show for so long, it's hard to imagine what it must've been like to've seen that first episode with no preconceptions. Right from the very beginning, they established what the show does best - the extraordinary in the midst of the ordinary.
Every time I see this thread pop up to the top of the list, I think, "Is the Doctor going to be a daddy?"

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His daughter is still flying around out there...I hope she comes back this season.
Daughter?????? Which Doctor is the father? Who's the mother? Wait...DAUGHTER????

Please someone explain!
You should just watch the things! It's a great show. Jump in somewhere and enjoy.

I'd venture to add that you and the Doctor were made for each other!
Fourth series..."The Doctor's Daughter"

Philip Portelli said:
Daughter?????? Which Doctor is the father? Who's the mother? Wait...DAUGHTER???? Please someone explain!

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