As I have stated earlier, my knowledge of the good Doctor is limited, my exposure to him moreso. I know that he is a Time Lord who regenerates into new bodies (actors). Originally he was an old man having historical adventures. Peter Cushing played him in a movie. It was a low-budget children's show originally.


I saw some of Tom Baker's run. For better or worse, he's my image of the Doctor. And I have some of the Marvel comics from that time. I know about the TARDIS and the Daleks. Wasn't there a robot-dog? And the Doctor always has an attractive companion!


Are there other Time Lords?


Does he work independently or is he someone's agent?


Does he remember his past incarnations? Has he ever been reunited with past companions?


Beyond regeneration, does he have any other special abilities?


I know he's never referred to as "Doctor Who", usually it's the Doctor but does he have a proper name?


Is he fully sane, mostly sane or somewhat sane?


And where would you start to watch him now?

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It's not really what you think.

The Doctor does have a granddaughter, though, from his very first incarnation. Susan was written out of the show early in the second season (1964) and has shown up only once since. She is the titular "Unearthly Child" of the very first episode, and she will soon be reunited with her grandfather, the Eighth Doctor, in an audio adventure titled "The Earthly Child" in reference to her son.

Me, I can hardly wait.
William Hartnell once described somewhere his idea for a "Son of Doctor Who" story. The paragraph can be found here (item for July 28 2009. I think I read the interview in one of Peter Haining's books.)

In an interview in Doctor Who Magazine #124 John Lucarotti said that the Abbot of Amboise character was put into The Massacre because "Bill wanted a serial where he wasn't the Doctor". I've wondered if what the production team was responding to was Hartnell's Son of Doctor Who idea.
"...and she will soon be reunited with her grandfather..."

"Soon" meaning "last year" for those who subscribe to Big Finish's audio line of Doctor Who stories. The rest of us will be able to purchase it separately after a year, though. The same thing will happen with this year's "The Four Doctors"--free to those with a current subscription but available to purchase at the end of 2011.

As they like to say, "Subscribers get more at" Now, if only I could afford to subscribe... :-(
Quite so. I, too, am one of "the rest of us" (but I've already ordered my copy of "The Earthly Child").

For those who don't know, for "next year's" offering, the "Four Doctors" in question are the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth.

Today on Syfy, they had a Doctor Who mini-marathon (8 episodes) from 2008 featuring the Tenth Doctor, David Tennent. I watched two of them but taped them all. He is mad as a hatter, isn't he? Sometimes it seemed liked he was on another plane of exisentence than those around him. I saw the Library one, if that was Donna's final fate, it was very sad and not fitting at all. I hope the Doctor's vengeance was swift and terrible. Tennent really impressed me. Added to that was the appearance of Professor River Song who I just saw on my Doctor Who: the Complete Fifth Series. So now I don't feel quite so....ignorant anymore!

On the Fifth Series: Matt Smith made me believe that I was watching someone reboot himself. He may not be as blissfully out there as Tennent but he is uniquely eccentric and maddenning. His fits of rage are refreshing from the staid demeanors of previous Doctors, from what I hear. His affirmation of his hero-status was thrilling as was his confidence.

As for Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, the British fanboys must have went nuts for her. Too bad she stopped wearing the policewoman outfit but she looks fine with her mini-skirts! I like her fire, charm, rebelliousness, stubbornness and vulnerability. Her childhood must have been rough. Her natural beauty hides the pain and confusion she has.

"The Beast Below": The Doctor can have a "Batman" complex. "My way or the highway!" England in Space is a neat idea but they had to have left a large percent of the population behind. Press button morality. Protest or Forget. Abdicate or Forget. A stark example of what a society can let itself do to survive. One question: Did the Doctor bring Amy there on purpose? If so, his attitude towards her decisions was puzzling.

"Victory of the Daleks": My first Dalek encounter! And I get Super-Daleks, a whole rainbow of them. The Multi-Colored Lantern Corps should sue! Amy's memories seem to be important.

"The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone": The Weeping Angels are really frightening! The scene with Amy and the video loop was the creepiest thing that I've seen in a long time! And I accidently saw a piece of Bridalplasty!! River Song is an intriguing and charismatic addition to the cast. I hope there's more of her.

As for Amy's attempt to seduce the Doctor, who wouldn't have wanted to switch places with him? She sees him as a romantic figure. How he sees her is anybody's guess but he's got to be tempted!

Watched the extra scene where Amy finds out how many female companions the Doctor has had. Comedy Gold!

They are a natural couple with great chemistry. This truly is a wonderful show!

The Doctor often doesn't go where he thinks he's going...the TARDIS kinda finds places in time and space that need him.  You should check out "Blink" the first Weeping Angels story...great, great stuff.  River Song returns at the end of series five and will be in series six this spring.  Moffat promises to reveal her identity, her relationship to the Doctor, this year.  And, no, that wasn't Donna's final fate...but her ending is very happy-sad and ties into the end of Doctor #10.

I'd originally thought that starting at season 5 was a crazy idea, but now I'm glad you did.  It is a simple way to get into the Doc with a whole complete storyline and aspect of the Doctor in one go.


Some of the longtime fans found things to object to with Moffat's Doctor, but that's us grouchy old fanboys for you.  (I go all the way back to 2005 myself!) Still, it means that you can see Moffat's Doctor Who as its own thing.



A few days before Christmas break, I put a little sign on my door that said "The Angels have the Phone Box." Kids kept asking what it meant, so I told them to research it. One boy came to me with the correct answer but said he'd never seen the show. I told him to find and watch "Blink." Today was the kids' first day back at school, and he told me he's now addicted to the show and that "Blink" scared him.

Figs, you mentioned Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) as not that attractive but I found her pleasant enough. 'Course it's not fair to compare her to Karen Gillan (Amy Pond). But then, she was a model!

The Crack in the Wall is even part of the DVD menu screen. Is it trying to erase Amy? The Doctor?

They showed clips of "Blink" and I'm sure it's great but Amy's scene ranks there with the best horror films. This series does showcase several genres and themes, doesn't it?

I know Rory returns but I resent it. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I want the Doctor and Amy to be together. It just feels right. And not to push the point, Amy = WOW! 

We had our Doctor romance during the Rose years. I think Moffat will have a good time this upcoming series with a new companion dynamic. I just finished the Doctor Who novel, The Glamour Chase, and it had some great Doctor/Rory moments.

Yes, I was being rude about Catherine Tate.  A slip in standards, for which I heartily apologise.  I was spurred by your framing the question as if the companions were there just for their looks.


I know Rory returns but I resent it.


To be fair the viewers are given the wrong cues early on about Rory and Amy's relationship.  I think the individual directors of the early episodes didn't know how it would pan out between them, and played it contrary to how it eventually would go.


The crack in the wall is v important.  The geeks on the interwebz figured this out long before I did and thus watched a different series to me!!  Everything turns on it, really. 


How far have you watched up to now?

"As for Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, the British fanboys must have went nuts for her."

Not just the British fanboys. Not by a long shot.

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