Part One:

1)Ah, yes, Nyssa's infamous new outfit...


2)"The Federator's son is bored."


3)It's Vaal!


4)Cliffhanger #1: The crystal ball explodes! (Be funny if she'd looked into it and seen David Collins looking back!)


Part Two:

5)"The sixth face of delusion is the wearer's own."


6)Cliffhanger #2: Tegan is possessed!


Part Three:

7)"The young do not like to wait, do they?"


8)Cliffhanger #3: Nyssa screams really loud!


Part Four

9)The Federator's costume is sufficiently goofy.


10)"Find the still point."


11)"I offer you fear in a handful of dust."


12)"The Mara has been destroyed."


Meh. A retread of a story that wasn't all that amazing to begin with.

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Watched part one last night. There really seems to be a push of Peter Davison episodes lately (with another, Frontios, to be released in June), but I can see why they released Snakedance together with Kinda. It reminds me a bit of “The Ark” (recently released on DVD), a story and its sequel broadcast back-to-back. I guess by the 1980s the audience skewed a little older and could be expected to remember events from the previous season.

Who picked Nyssa’s wardrobe? The Sixth Doctor? Her blouse isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t go at all with that rainbow plaid apron/skirt thing with the bow in front and the culottes sticking out from underneath.

Be funny if she'd looked into it and seen David Collins looking back!

I thought the same thing! Great minds really do run in the same channel! (Or is it “Fools think alike”?)
I'm not sure what their rationale is for releasing stories. They're done with the Sixth Doctor, and they must be damn near done with the First and Second.

Not including entirely or partially missing stories, I count only...


First Doctor: The Sensorites, Planet of Giants, The the Gunfighters


Second Doctor: The Krotons


Fifth Doctor: The Awakening (after the release of Frontios)


I thought they did a good job animating the missing episodes of The Invasion and would like to see more of that in the future as well.

Watching all these Fifth Doctor stories makes me more sympathetic to the viewpoint that the old show never quite recovered from Tom Baker's departure.

I don't dislike the Fifth Doctor, but if I had to descibe him in one word that word would be "bland."
The Fifth Doctor was not only bland, he was also nice.

I imagine they were trying to cast someone entirely different.

The Fourth Doctor was weird so the Fifth Doctor is bland.

The Fifth Doctor is nice so the Sixth Doctor is arrogant.
I know what you mean about the Fifth Doctor, Jeff. Davison is a good actor but NOT my favourite Doctor. I found for the most part, the stories just didn't grab me. I had the choice of picking up one of 4 DVDs this weekend. Between the choices I went for Seeds of Death, my next choice would have been The Ark and the bottom two were Snakedance and Kinda. I don't find myself of the companions of the time either. Tegan with her constant moaning about not being able to get home, Turlough with trying to kill The Doctor when he is not wetting himself worrying about The Black Guardian tossing him in to the Abyss. I did like Nyssa though but even she got on my nerves occassionally. I collect the stories from that era but they definitely get less watching than others. Then again, I like Colin Baker stories so what does THAT say for my tastes? LOL
One more thing I meant to note: the showman, Dugdale, was played by Brian Miller, husband of the late Elisabeth Sladen.
The Big Finish stories with Davison and his companions, especially Nyssa, are much better than their TV adventures...except for The Five Doctors, IMHO.  Oh, and Time Crash is awesome from a fanboy standpoint.

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