Doctor Who Reactions: "A Good Man Goes To War" (SPOILERS)



2)"Oh, don't give me those blank looks."


3)"We're the thn-fat gay married Anglican marines."


4)A Sontaran nurse?


5)"This is the day he finds out who I am."


6)"Demons run when a good man goes to war."


7)"We are not fools."




9)"I speak Baby." "No, you don't." "I speak everything."


10)"It's my cot. I slept in it."


11)"Where the hell were you today?"


12)"I'm Melody."  So, if she's Mrs. Doctor from the future, then Amy and Rory are the Doctor's in-laws?


13)"Let's Kill Hitler"? Yeah, whatever, Moffat, you loon.


Overall: Again, a collection of "moments" strung together in lieu of story depth, but amusing in its way. Why is the Church Militant so scared of the Doctor, anyhow? I don't recall him fighting them in the past. Or are Anglicans the new Daleks?

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12)"I'm Melody."  So, if she's Mrs. Doctor from the future, then Amy and Rory are the Doctor's in-laws?

Every guy should have such a good relationship with his mother-in-law.  (Except for the awkward Mrs. Robinson stuff.)


13)"Let's Kill Hitler"? Yeah, whatever, Moffat, you loon.

The two sides of my personality are totally at war over that title.

The Moffat Doctor is growing on me.* After the first season I said that RTD had four times as long to develop his (more or less), and consequently I liked his four times more. that ratio doesn't necessarily hold true because I can't now say that I like Moffat's Doctor (almost) half as much as RTD's. Both are fanboys (and I don't necessarily object to that in either case), but whereas Moffat provides a manic romp, I don't think he's as deep of a thinker. IOW, there's very little "there" there, as they say.


*That is to say, I've liked Matt Smith's portrayal of the Doctor from Day One; I'm refering to the show itself here.



"Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy..."


So Moffat stands revealed as a fan of Where Eagles Dare, another story where if you're not careful, you lose track of who's doing what to whom.


It's also a shout back to the Churchill episode - and Churchill will feature in the second half of the series....

Oh, I remembered the character from "Victory of the Daleks", I just was a bit surprised to see him come back.  Hadn't heard that Churchill was coming back, that'll be interesting.

4)A Sontaran nurse?

Strax the Grumpy Medic would have made a great companion.

No, seriously. 

Well, considering that the tease for the next episode when the season resumes this fall is "Let's kill Hitler!", I'll be surprised if Churchill and Danny Boy don't return.

However there has been a lot of fan based desires expressed about seeing more of Madame Vastra and Maid Jenny.

I'm not sure of a couple of things. Who this new "enemy" is for one, and what they hope to accomplish with their current actions other than getting our favorite Time Lord mad at them. At first I thought we were past the angry/post Time War Doctor, who was finally starting to come to terms with everything towards the end of David Tennant's tenure.

Now I'm not so sure. I would love to see the character become a bit more proactive, ala the Jon Pertwee era, yet while leaning towards the pacifist nature prominently displayed during the Tom Baker years, as in Genesis of the Daleks. You know, someone who would prefer to find a peaceful solution to things, but will do what's necessary if he must.

Instead we seem to be harkening back to the more mysterious times hinted at during the Sylvester McCoy adventures and issues that were never formally resolved. Makes you wonder if Steven Moffat is already foreshadowing for the 50th anniversary season in 2013.

The tease indicates we'll wind up on Earth for the start of the second half, and from there it's easy to go from World War 2 to the late 1960s (The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon). But does this mean the enemy has time travel capabilities, or was Earth just in WW2 as they arrived?

As for River Song, I'm not sure what the family tree is with the Doctor now. A lot of people, myself included, thought she might turn out to be the Doctor's future wife during Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. But we'll just have to wait and see.

However there is something else I would like to bring up.

Sunday night, I caught a rerun of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit on the USA cable network with Alex Kingston as a defense attorney named Miranda POND! Considering this episode was made in-between Tennant and Smith, anyone care to hazard a guess as to the name?

According to the Doctor Who Brilliant Book 2012, the Cybermen seen in this episode ( and in "Closing Time") are meant to be Cybermen from the "main" Doctor Who universe, as opposed to the Cybermen from the "Pete's World" timeline, hence the fact that they have no Cybus logos on their chests. I'm willing to rate the book as "fairly authoritative", since it's obviously made with the cooperation of the folks who make the show.  As to why "our" universe's Cybermen look so much like the parallel universe's Cybermen, I suppose it could be a Doctor Who variant on the old Star Trek "Law of Parallel Planetary Development", whereby so many alien planets tended to look like various parts of Earth history (i.e., "The Planet We Don't Have to Build New Sets For").  I tended to rationalize it that some surviving "Pete's World" Cybermen encountered some of "our" Cybermen and shared technologies. 

5)"This is the day he finds out who I am."


“The Last Centurion” (i.e., Rory) appears in the Stormcage Containment Facility and requests River’s help. She is just then returning from a date with the Doctor, but consults her journal, realizes (somehow) that this is the day of “Demons Run” (relative to “Rory’s Doctor”), and refuses to help. Later, she shows up in the aftermath of the battle, reveals her identity and learns the Doctor’s name (by reading it from the “cot”). On the face of it, it would appear that it’s the “same River” at the end of the episode as in the beginning, but the fact that she had foreknowledge of Demons Run would seem to indicate that the River at the beginning was from a later point in her own timelime than the one who appeared at the end of the episode. The Doctor was very angry that she hadn’t show up to help, but how would she have known if Rory hadn’t even asked her until a later point in her own timeline? Then again, how did the earlier (?) version of herself know to appear at that exact place and time?


The Baron said:

I tended to rationalize it that some surviving "Pete's World" Cybermen encountered some of "our" Cybermen and shared technologies. 

You could add the further rationalisation that if the Cybermen didn't share their technologies whenever they met cut-off groups would develop into separate species.

One thing I did take from this is that the blue guy was right. There are certain people you just don't want to push to the edge and the Doctor is one of them. When you think of how many kings and emperors owe him, how many worlds he's saved and can upon for aid... and with the TARDIS there isn't a lot of limit on where and when he can draw resources from, plus his understanding of time itself... He's just one of those guys you don't want to push into the darkside.

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