1)Barry Letts' ghost must smile at how much better the show does dinosaurs these days.


2)"You know that I speak dinosaur."


3)The dinosaur coughing up the TARDIS was amusing.


4)"Everyone - take five." 


5)"Well then - here we go again."  a callback to the Pertwee/T. Baker regeneration.


6)The new opening is OK.


7)The scene with the Doctor speaking for the dinosaur was touching.


8)I liked the snippiness between Clara and Vastra.


9)Capaldi's a bit wackier in  this than I thought he'd be, but then, you can't really judge a new Doctor by his first story.


10)Much as I enjoy Strax as a character, I'd like to see tehm do a story with the Sontarans as a serious threat, sometime.


11)"Conk-Singleton forgery case" - a Sherlock Holmes reference.


12)"By now, he's almost certainly had his throat cut out by the violent poor."  "The Violent Poor" would be a good band name.


13)"I've seen that face before."   A reference to Capaldi's previous appearance in the show.


14)"I've gone Scottish." Well, you've been Scottish before.


15)"What devilry is this, sir?" "I don't know, but I probably blame the English."


16)"Oh, the symbolism." A penis joke.


17)"Droids harvesting spare parts."  A callback to "The Girl in the Fireplace".


18)"Rubbish robots from the dawn of time."


19)"I do not expect to reach the Promised Land".  Foreshadowing?


20)"You've redecorated."  "Yes". "I don't like it."  And the memory of the  Bristol Boys lives on...


21)"Clara, I'm not your boyfriend."


22)I didn't expect the bit with Smith at the end.  I'm glad my previous selves aren't in a position to call me.


23)So, who's the woman at the end? Another personification of the TARDIS?


24)The Daleks again already?


Overall:  Not bad. It leaves me guardedly optimistic. Still not sure what Capaldi is going to be like, but I certainly think he's got potential.  Certainly has me eager to see where they go from here.

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I read a story in the Guardian yesterday that the broadcast complaints authority were fine with the lesbian kiss on Doctor Who. Then the story mentioned that it was probably the first Lizard/human lesbian kiss on TV. It occurred to me that the old V series, with its decadent Dynasty-style scheming lizard women might have had some interspecies girl-on-girl action. Anyone remember? Maybe on the shortlived remake?

I enjoy the Victorian characters even though they do seem to try to get Clara to take off her clothes a lot.

Seriously though, it should be weird to have Clara Oswald walking in the same era where Clara Oswin lived, died and is buried nearby.

Probably just as uncomfortable when she meets the Daleks next episode.

So not all that historically accurate then, eh?  

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