Tegan’s initial adventure before she becomes an actual “companion.” I feel sorry for her auntie. I remember having a difficult time figuring out exactly what was supposed to be going the first time I watched this one (until I read about it in my episode guide, anyway). Now that I know up front the Doctor materialized his TARDIS around the Master’s TARDIS which was in turn materialized around the actual police box the Doctor thought he was materializing around, it makes more sense. But what made Tegan think she was in some sort of travelling vessel? That’ seems quite the intuitive leap. I liked Tegan when I first “met” her, but after having now seen some most of the later episodes I see how annoying she can be.

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Tegan had her moments, but she could be quite grating sometimes.  Most of the time.


I've heard it said that the old show never quite recovered from Tom Baker's departure.  I think there's some validity to that, but I also sometimes wonder if it might be that the old show never recovered from Tom staying so long.  I think there are other factors - JN-T could've used someone to rein in some of his wackier ideas, for example - but I do wonder if it might've been better for the show (and perhaps for Baker, as well) if he'd done only three series, as Patrick Troughton recommended to Peter Davison.  That would've had him leaving around the time of "The Talons of Weng-Chiang", and would've allowed Louise Jameson to serve as a transitional companion. Properly written, Leela's reaction to a regeneration could've been priceless.



It's difficult to say, even with 20/20 hindsight, how things might have gone differently and what factors led to the show's eventual cancellation. Still, 26 years is a phenominal record for any show!


Which was the story (a fairly recent DVD release) in which the Doctor thinks he's going to get rid of Tegan but ends up being stuck with her again anyway? The look on his face at the end of that episode is classic!

"Arc of Infinity" - as it happened, I watched that one last night to see the perfromance of the late Michael Gough.
Ah, yes... thank you.
I think JNT should've stayed only three years.

For the record, I love brassy women and so I love The Mouth On Legs. 

I know that she's mostly out of the acting game, but I would love to see Janet Fielding reprise the role.  (A Tegan-Rose throwdown would have been mind-blowingly awesome.)

I love Tegan, too.
Janet Fielding has recently performed as Tegan for the Big Finish Doctor Who audios stories.
One more thing: I had completely forgotten that the Doctor left Adric at one point to have a private conversation with the "Watcher." Wish I had been a fly on that wall (bridge, whatever...)!
I love this episode simply because of the sheer lunacy of his plan to materialize the TARDIS underwater and open the doors. The look of pure glee on Baker's face as he relates this plan is priceless.
An interesting "What If" way to view this story is the fact that JNT considered bringing back Lis Sladen or Louise Jameson to help with the transition from Tom Baker to Peter Davison, but both turned him down. Picture either one of them in place of Tegan the next time you watch this. Especially, the scene where Tegan tells off The Master for messing with things he doesn't understand. (I could really picture Leela doing that.)
From the blog...

Philip Sandifer:
"This from a show that is increasingly obsessed with continuity - with nods to the past. But only the spectacle of the past - the montage of past characters, the nods to past stories, the return of past monsters. Never to a sense of history, to a sense that the characters change or have any sort of dramatic arcs. Never to anything that isn't chum for the narrow segment of people who give a flying %%!* if the Cybermen ever return. That's what killed the program. That's why it goes under. Because in the end, John Nathan-Turner doesn't care about the program beyond as a succession of images."

Here here. It took the virtual apocalypse (the deaths of Holmes, Marter & Troughton, the resignation of Saward, the firing of Colin Baker & the willful deceit of the BBC), before things turned around. The sort of character growth last seen with Ian & Barbara (well, and maybe Jo Grant and Romana) didn't return until Ace. When such a thoroughly unlikeable character can grow before your eyes into a firm favorite... that's magic.

"Why does Nyssa, who previously showed no particular awareness of the TARDIS, now have the capacity to send a message to it, to toll the bell for the Doctor?
Why does the Watcher appear here and here alone of all of the Doctor's regenerations?
What happened to the rules about TARDISes materializing within one another? And what the hell is the Doctor thinking with his flushing out the TARDIS scheme?
Is the Master not chaotic even as motiveless malignancies go?
Why is Logopolis mirroring late 20th century Earth technology for their brilliant plan to save the universe?
Where are the Guardians? Or the Time Lords?
Why does the Doctor think that his method of dealing with the police is remotely sensible?
How exactly does the Doctor plan on perfectly modeling the measurements of a Police Box that is obviously of a different design from the one the TARDIS looks like?
Why does shrinking the exterior of the TARDIS affect the interior? It's already bigger on the inside.
Why is the Watcher willing to send the Doctor to Logopolis when doing so obliterates a large swath of the universe, including inhabited worlds? And why is this never mentioned again?"

YEAH. Good questions.

"I have never seen this trope enacted in a situation in which the police could not possibly know that a murder had been committed. Yet here, the police are extremely hostile to the Doctor to the point of implying they don't want to see him get a fair trial ... because he was found standing next to an abandoned car with two dolls sitting in the front seat?!?"

YEAH. That too.

"And then there's Tegan, who broke down and cried in near hysteria because she got lost in a maze for about fifteen minutes. Tegan, who is prone to say things like "My Auntie Vanessa has been murdered! And what's worse, I'M LATE FOR WORK!!!""

I know that, somehow, someway, Tegan was created after both Leela & Sarah turned down invites to come back. And the BBC & JNT were looking into a co-financing deal with Australia. But really... as if Adric wasn't bad enough...

"I swear, between Tegan, Peri and Mel, I truly believe that a case can be made that JNT was a misogynist."

Strangely enough, I never knew until a couple months ago that JNT was gay. I wonder if that had anything at all to do with it?

"Perhaps he had been hypnotised by the Master to think they were corpses?"

That would have made sense. But with all the other holes in this script... gee, it really begins to look like Chris Bidmead was about 100 times better at being a story editor than being a story writer. (The exact opposite of Eric Saward.)

Philip Sandifer:
"K-9 and Company is one of the entries that will appear before Castrovalva. I have no particular thoughts on when the Doctor sent K-9 to Sarah, but if forced to think about it I'd assume it was between The Invasion of Time and The Ribos Operation. After all, if you're building one, why not build a second? And that's still close enough to when he'd last seen Sarah that the act of sentimentality makes some sense."

Makes sense. He'd been in that crate for some time before she opened it.

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